April Showers Bring Us May Something or Other! Oh Yeah! May 3rd DIRTY GERUND w/ CORRINA BAIN!

Our feature this week is visiting town for a special fund raising show for the Q Arts Non-Profit Corporation, but through the powers of persuasion, we have convinced her to stick around a couple days and help welcome May with us. CORRINA BAIN was born the year David Bowie released his version of Iggy Pop’s China Girl. She’s a lousy dancer. It doesn’t stop her. If you do not actually know her, or at least make some serious attempt at introducing yourself virtually, she won’t be your myspace friend. evah. Corrina has been a lot of things to a lot of folks including, a clinic assistant in abortion services at Planned Parenthood until April of ’09, a state certified sexual assault crisis counselor, who volunteers on the regular, an aid worker in Mozambique, from May 2006- May 2007, a member of National Poetry Slam teams in 2002, ’04 and’05, has toured the Unted States doing performance poetry.
made an album with Tom Inhaler called Distilled. Other self-professed on-line attributes include (but are not limited to…)
“* everything i do gets picked apart by my carrion-eating “art”. i hate that.
* i hate people who talk about what their “art” does.
* sometimes i go for days without talking to a man, but it’s an accident.
* i’ve done some bondage modeling, and i’m not weird about it.

* my favorite color is blue

* rose isn’t really my middle name * my second favorite is green, my third is purple. i can turn all three of those colors from a really good bruise * i try to remind myself that i’m lucky *i’m lucky.” Corrina currently makes her home in Brooklyn, New York. Raised in Worcester, she first hit the poetry stage at age 14, and has since made a name for herself as one of the most talented, intense young voices to come out of Worcester in a long, long time. You may remember she rocked an amazing set as part of our special Valentine’s Day Upstairs Show, so we’re excited to give her a look at how we do things on Monday!

BONUS RUCKUS – Return of the “IS ANYONE LISTENING GAMESHOW?” Nick and I will compile notes on the show this Monday. We’ll write up a bunch of questions and invite three Gerunders to take the stage at the end of the show and display their listening skills. First to get three questions right wins a special prize!

TICKLEBOMB ORCHESTRA will be in the house to rock some socks, so wear some if you got some! SNACK-TIME is up in the air and open for volunteers, so let us know. YOSH & CHICKEN enjoy sports and being tipped by patrons who may or may not enjoy sports. Either way it’s playoff season and the game’s usually on their TV as well as on our stage! Include us in your channel surf & turf! DANCE!

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