Monday April 26th! Hampshire College Poet CHARLEY POPE plus IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP

THIS MONDAY APRIL 26th, the Dirty Gerund welcomes CHARLEY POPE, a relative newcomer to the New England Slam Poetry scene. Hailing from Anchorage, Alaska, he now spends his time trekking around the Northeast to frequent as many poetry venues as he can. He was the slam master for the Hampshire College Slam collective during 2009, and has represented the college at three national events (as well as numerous regional competitions), including the recent College Unions National Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI) where his team was voted “Best Writers” by their performance poetry piers. For a young poet, or for any poet new to the scene, this writer’s been raising a lot of eye brows and garnering crazy respect from slam veterans for his dramatic prosetry and insightful artistry. A really original voice will be visiting us this week. Charley’s taller than your average poet and will certainly help us raise the roof this monday. Check out video of Mr. Pope’s performance of his poem, “Driving Home From the Party” as well as his piece, “Cotton Catching. Or feel free to hop online and read &/or hear more of his work at 





BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH, “DAVIS vs. CHARALAMBIDES” – Current Champion Nick Davis has challenged his mentor and yeah I guess we can most certainly go there. Chairman Yosh is gonna bring us a secret ingredient at the beginning of the evening. Nick and I are gonna go to our corners, concoct original haikus and poems about the secret ingredient, incorporate the ingredient into something we’ve read at the DG before and then come out fighting, head to head, to see who’s got the recipee for success. Three judges are gonna score us on taste, presentation and use of special ingredient and top point totaller gets that heralded thriftstore trophy.


We got it covered. Our pal BOBBY GIBBS knows a thing or two about hosting a poetry show.  And JACKIE MORRILL knows a thing or two about iron poeting. Bobby’s gonna hold things down for the open mic. Jackie’s gonna take us through the Iron Poet Competition. And Shane Hall will probably need to take the reigns on snack-time crooning! Damn, that’s some mighty tasty community.

Speaking of which? Anybody want to toss us a snacktime philanthropic bone out there? Who wants to snack us monday and get props and possibly your name shouted out during the snacktime jingle? Don’t all throw your hands up at once. 😉 contact me or Nick and we can get that in motion. SHANE HALL & TICKLEBOMB ORCHESTRA will be lighting your dance shoes afire with their tasty grooves and gentlemanly manners. YOSH SHARTIN knows how to make one helluva shot of whiskey and CHRIS “Chicken” O’NEIL has had enough of Nick’s boy wonder nick-namery. COME DOWN TO RALPH’S THIS MONDAY! WHERE IT’S ALWAYS SOMEBODY’S BIRTHDAY!!!

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