Monday 4/19/10 Show “Recap”-italism

Hello Inter-Web Worlds, this is Nick Davis with your ruckus review rundown report for the first time in many beers on schedule-ish. This past Monday at the Dirty Gerund Poetry show held every week at Ralph’s Rock Diner was one of those nights where everything just clicked and seemed to inspire one to enjoy breathing, living, loving and words. The night started with our faithfully awesome house band Shane Hall and The Tickle Bomb Orchestra dropping some killer tunes on our eager domes. I then began the first half of the Open Mic with an original piece with some amazing organ behind it thanks to the incredible Justin Bowse. I than began to introduce the readers starting with none other than last weeks feature Tony Brown who we were more than happy to see again especially after he delivered a fantastic poem about fatherly advice and darkness. Tony would be one of few veteran readers though because the first half had not one nor two but THREE NEW PERFORMERS. Kayla Ferguson, Marwan C, and Fatima Martins all stepped up, showed courage, skill, heart and owned the stage. We also had a Dirty Gerund regular reader Liz Swenson spit some fire with a new poem. The last poet for this part of the evening was Write Bloody Press published author and all-around star from Boston, Brian Ellis who was you know..okay. And by that I mean amazing. Alex Charalambides, co-host and handsome devil, than grabbed his bass guitar and dropped drawers and by that I mean jaws because for the first time ever in front of a crowd he sang and played out loud. His cover of Flea’s “Little Pea” was spot on and howling. And than we came to the part of the show where our feature does their first of two sets and our feature that evening was none other than Boston’s own April Ranger. She jammed with the band and gave an absolutely mind boggling performance. Ranging from the fun and frisky to soul shattering honesty April held captive all of us lucky enough to be in the room. After a twenty minute journey that left us gasping Ms. Ranger promised to return for the second portion and this time it would be a Capella. But first Shane Hall and Tickle Bomb Orchestra invited special guest musician, Greg McKillop, to join them for a song. After a nice musical interlude Alex welcomed us all back to the second half of the night and the second part of the Open Mic. It was a dynamic and diverse list of readers as well. We saw the likes of Bobby Gibbs, (reading an amazing addition to “The Keno Chronicles”), Danielle Paine, (second time stepping up and doing a wonderful job with a piece called “52 Pick-Up” scrawled on a deck of playing cards, each card jettisoned after a line was read!), Mandi Rackers, (a loyal Dirty Gerunder who brought the fun and dirty), Aslan King,(A local Worcester writer who knows a thing or more about filth himself) and there was also another Boston legend in the making in the house in the form of Eric Hagen back from touring with the Harlem Globe Trotters I shit you not. We also got a bonus snack time in there as well!!! At the end of the full open mic list it was time for April Ranger to once again take command of the stage. This time with just her voice and words she wrapped us in her fingers weaving us into a tapestry of tragedy and triumph. If you weren’t there Monday night Google her up and discover one of the strongest voices roaring out the belly of the North-Beast. With the open mic done and our feature complete in her work of melting our noggins it was time for the Bonus Ruckus. This week me and Alex devised an odd game show known now as META-WARS!! I won’t re-cap the rules because you can just scroll down. I’ll wait…….okay got it. We had three teams of two brave enough to answer the challenge and they were The Boston Bruisers (Eric Hagen and Brian Ellis) The Married Couple (Aslan and Katie King) and Brains and Beauty (Danielle Chamberland and Jeanette Berger). It was a hard fought battle but after the dust settled and the words had been slung the team with the quickest time where the boys from Boston winning themselves a round of drinks! And that was the night folks. We danced into the twinkle of the stars merry, our chests full of spring time and ruckus. Thanks to Yosh Shartin the sexiest hardest working bartender around and his Man Wonder Chicken. Thanks to Shane Hall, Justin Bowse, and Brian “Cutie Face” Del Signore. Thanks Jason for the dope pictures. Thanks to all that made it out. I can’t wait to see you all next week. I miss you already.

Lots and Lots (seriously though it’s kinda gratuitous amounts by now) of LOVE

Nick Davis.

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