MONDAY APRIL 19th APRIL RANGER from BOSTON! plus “METAWARS” Gameshow! and the Recap that was…

THIS WEEK THE Dirty Gerund welcomes APRIL RANGER, beloved Boston-based poet and playwright. She represented the Cantab Lounge at the 2009 Individual World Poetry Slam in Berkeley, California. As part of the Cantab’s 2008 Team she performed on Final Stage in Madison, Wisconsin. April has featured her work on stages across New England, and holds a degree in theater from Emerson College. April’s the winner of Emerson College’s Nicole Dufresne Award in Playwriting. Her elegant story telling and vivid imagery have been winning her fans and admirers throughout New England and beyond. She doesn’t come out to Worcester nearly enough. She currently resides in Jamaica Plain.

BONUS RUCKUS – Nick Davis has master”minded” a new poetry based game show for your buzzing pleasure! “METAWARS” is a team game, 4 contestants, split into teams of two, who will receive a list of words, signifying everyday objects, one designated team member will take a word, and describe it in metaphor form until their partner guesses. This will be done three times. The clock will be running. The second team then has a chance to beat their time. Winner will split $10 or have a round on us!  It’s not unlike $25,000 Pyramid, without the money… or the pyramid…. ugh.

IT’S ALL GOOD! SHANE HALL &  TICKLEBOMB ORCHESTRA will be on hand regaling us with their smooth spring sounds. Yosh & Chicken will be in the house keepin us fed. Our feature’s gonna by dynamite. Open Mic (please get there early to assure yourself a spot). I’m even gonna bring my guitar and play a tune (gulp)… gotta go practice!

AND NOW THE RECAP FROM LAST WEEK!!! Thanks for the pics Jason! (Take it away Nick!)

Thanks Alex!! This is Nick Davis “reporting” a recap from last weeks nuttiness known as The Dirty Gerund. We had quite a stellar night full of all sorts of good things from the epic reunion of Shane Hall and The Tickle Bomb Orchestra to the wonderful open mic! Alex kicked off the night after a few tunes with an inspired reading of a new poem called “Editing Process” first half of the open mic officially started we welcomed to the stage Tyler, Laura Menides, Ben Daniel, Lea D, Carle Johnson, and Bobby Gibbs. They represent a wide array of style and experience and it led to a diverse and exciting first half of the open mic. At this point in the evening Alex welcomed to the stage Tony Brown and Faro who make up the band Duende. They rocked the ever loving socks off all the patrons with an eclectic and rollicking set of poetry and music! After about three beers (or twenty minutes depending on how you measure time) they stepped down to wait for the second half of their set and let the open mic finish up. Before the open mic continued though Shane Hall and The Tickle Bomb Orchestra welcomed a surprise guest musician Dave Margario to join them on a few of Dave’s original songs! It was a pretty amazing surprise and led to some very interesting dancing. I then took over the hosting job so Alex could take over the sip drink and enjoy the poetry job. I started things off with a cover by Peter Davis than introduced to the stage our second set of open mic heads. Sarah(FIRST TIME READER!!!) Cowboy Matt, Liz Swenson, Ryan, Michel, and all the way from L.A. Film maker Gerogia Menides!! This group of readers presented a strong collection of passionate poetry for all us lucky to be in the room! I closed the second half of the open with another cover by a young writer from Worcester named Jeff Seigrest (He’s turning 21 this summer and it’s on a Monday so get pumped for that in advance) Duende took the stage for the final time that night with a second set that was just as stellar as there first. Alex I’m pretty sure I’d call it “mesmerizing”(hehehe inside jokes) If you don’t know more about Tony Brown and Faro I highly suggest you Google that shit and find out when and where they are playing again!! With the feature and open mic parts of the evening over it was time for BONUS RUCKUS!! The ruckus was conceived from the brain of Dirty Gerund Regular Danielle Chamberland and if you weren’t there well let me just tell you this. It involved donuts, strings, poetry and my face covered in powdered sugar and Bobby Gibbs sized knuckle bruises…MY lawyer wish’s for me not to discuss this any further except to say that I won. The night closed with another special musical guest when none other than Cowboy Matt Hopewell joined Tickle Bomb to rock the house as we celebrated another Monday of Wonder!!!Big Thanks To YOSH our sexy, sexy bartender and his boy wonder Chicken. Thanks to all that made it out and the band. Thanks to the sky and the earth and all the lovely feelings of SPRING!!
Can’t wait to see you next week

I think I’m falling for you..for real

Nick Davis

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