This week, the Gerund welcomes… Duende, the poetry and music project of TONY BROWN, veteran performance poet, and STEVE LANNING-CAFARO, AKA FARO, electric bass and Nylon string guitar player. The’ve released two CD/chapbook sets, “Jim’s Fall” and “americanized” on their own Loyal Weasel Productions, and perform in the New England and Eastern Seaboard regions regularly. TONY BROWN has been performing his work around New England and beyond for over twenty years. His poetry combines principles of traditional Western form and structure with ideas borrowed from jazz improvisation, punk esthetics, popular culture, spiritual traditions from all over the world; and the ongoing competitive performance poetry movement known as slam. Tony was a member of the 1999 and 2001 Worcester (MA) Slam Teams that competed in Chicago and Seattle, respectively; in the summer of 2000, he was one of 100 poets chosen for the SlamAmerica Tour bus, a cross-country rolling poetry performance that spent a month on the road, traveling from Seattle to Providence. Tony has published his own poetry in various small magazines across the country, including Syncopated City, Echoes, Omnivore, Spoken Word Poets Anthology and Worcester Magazine. He has won the Worcester County Poetry Association contest (1994), placed second in the Pawtucket Arts Council’s poetry contest (1990), and placed second in Worcester Magazine’s annual poetry contest (1996) and most recently took honorable mention in this year’s WoMag Contest. He has performed in coffeehouses, rock clubs, bars, libraries, schools, churches, and other strange places throughout the country, frequently lending his voice in support of the things he thinks are important – self determination, free expression, and the rights of individuals everywhere to decide things for themselves. He is usually found somewhere in that hotbed of poetic activity known as “the Golden Triangle”‹the area bounded by Boston, Worcester, and Providence RI, where he currently co-curates the popular Got Poetry Live Series. Duende music and poetry can be found at Or check out poems at Tony is one of the most respected poets in the Worcester scene and his work with Faro brings a whole other level of depth and breath to his work.

BONUS RUCKUS – “LITTLE DEBBY KEEPS DOIN THE GERUND!” There are still crazy snacks to be had! This week’s challenge is a new game show created by Danielle Chamberland, “Mini-Donut Poem Trivia, is making it’s debut. The premise is simple… We’re gonna read a classic poem, if you’re the first to buzz in and guess the author, you get a point. Simple right? Uhm… there’s a twist…. in order to buzz in… you’ve got to be the first to finish your little debby donut…. the real twist…. the donut’s danglin’. We’re bobbin’ for fun this week!

SHANE HALL & THE TICKLEBOMB ORCHESTRA WILL BE RE-UNITED & IT FEELS SO GOOD! Yosh Shartin will be kickin the drinks and the old school cartoons! You should maybe kinda wanna sorta be there! Open Mic! THAT IS ALL, Unless you need more… but do you? really? Really? rEaLLy?

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