Read All About it!

Check out the steamy Dirty Gerund Press Action!!! Thanks to Lara at Pulse, Bill McMillan who interviewed yours truly. Thanks to Alana Melanson for the photo that got accepted in the publication! Also – our man Yosh Shartin did not win the decisive electoral victory we all were working for in the Sexiest Bartender Contest, but you know they’re not having a sexiest bartender photo spread without him! (How many other “sexy” bartenders have the stylish guts to wear a Public Enemy T-Shirt to work!) And Thank You Mandi Rackers, for the poem that won the sexy Yosh challenge and made it into the magazine! DG Represent!!! Long live the campaign! There are still Yosh for sexy! buttons available at the bar. I’m not saying we’re definitely calling on the mayor to sanction an exploratory committee aimed at investigating voter fraud in this election. I’ve only heard a few rumors from Washington Insiders, who are sniffing and grumbling over the results. I’m just saying that the Dirty Gerund Poetry Show has just started to flex our grass roots muscles. Sure, we could probably use a personal trainer, but that’s just not the DG way!!!

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