MONDAY 4/5/10!!! JEANANN VERLEE from the N.Y.C! ~ Plus “Little Debby” does the Gerund! ~ Plus! the 3/29/10 Ruckus Time Recapsule

This week’s gonna melt faces… While the Yankees get booed in Boston, Worcester’s taking the high road and welcoming the N.Y.C.’s Jeanann Verlee! JEANANN VERLEE is an author, performance poet, editor, activist, and former punk rocker who collects tattoos and winks at boys. Her work has been published and is forthcoming in a variety of journals, including The New York Quarterly, PANK, decomP, Lung, The Legendary, and Spindle, among others. Her poems have also been included in various anthologies such as “Not A Muse: The Inner Lives of Women” and “His Rib: Poems Stories and Essays by Her.” Verlee’s first full-length book of poems, “Racing Humingbirds,” has just been released by Write Bloody Publishing. She has represented New York City three times at the National Poetry Slam under two of the most highly-regarded poetry performance series in the nation: Urbana Poetry Slam and The louderARTS Project. Verlee was the highest-scoring individual poet at the 2008 National Poetry Slam Finals, is the 2009 NYC-Urbana iWPS Champion, and most recently represented NYC-louderARTS at the 2010 Women of the World Poetry Slam. She co-curates the Urbana Poetry Slam reading series at the Bowery Poetry Club and serves as writing and performance coach for this three-time NPS Championship venue. Check out a performance of her poem, “Boy.“She has performed and facilitated workshops at schools, theaters, bookstores, dive bars and poetry venues across North America. Educated in theater performance and creative writing, Verlee was co-author and performing member of national touring company, The Vortex: Conflict, Power, and Choice!, has been commissioned by universities for a number of guerrilla theater events spotlighting domestic violence under MSCD’s Theatre for Social Change, and was a charter member of New York City’s annual Spoken Word Almanac Project. A fan of letter-writing campaigns and constructing protest signs, Verlee is also an ardent animal rights and humanitarian activist who has organized and participated in numerous social actions. See Jeanann perform “Brooklyn’s Coming, an Open Letter to Sarah Palin. ” She lives in New York City with her best pal (a rescue pup named Callisto) and a pair of origami lovebirds. She believes in you. Find more about this incredible artist at THIS IS HER ONLY WORCESTER TOUR APPEARANCE, SO LET’S MAKE IT COUNT!!!

BONUS RUCKUS – This week, snack-time and bonus challenge meet as one! as “Little Debby Does the Gerund!” presented by Melissa Worster and Danielle Chamberland. Two of our favorite Gerunders are opening their hearts and pocket books, scouring late night, convenience store, thrifty stoner-snack aisles to bring you the best in Little Debby Treats! So… in the spirit of these gloriously diabolical, madly affordable two-bite bags of wickedness, we present the SWEET & NASTY POEM CHALLENGE, bring us your best verse about something sweet AND nasty (the ying & yang of the emotional spectrum, don’t ya know?). This is not an either or deal. Sweet & Nasty folks! Winner gets an entire box of sugary madness for their trouble!

SHANE HALL IS ON TOUR THIS HOLIDAY WEEKEND AND WE WILL MISS HIM MIGHTILY! Fear not, however! Ticklebomb Orchestra, featuring Adam, Brian & Justin will be in the house to kick the party into high gear. Dancing is encouraged! I said dance!


This past monday’s show at the DG was a full circle kinda, “bring your family to work day” kinda party as we welcomed one of the most honored, prolific, beloved, veterans of this young ass poetry show series, JEFF CANNON celebrated the long anticipated release of his new book, “Eros, Faces of Love!” with two sets of sterling poetry, heartfelt, contemplative performance, book sales, hella yellow T-SHIRTS and a snack-time cake all in honor of his fine words! If you haven’t picked up a copy yet. For shame! He bought your book…. (wink). Just saying. Great open mic featuring a plethora of DG regulars. First half saw short and sweet from Michelle, singing & songing from Mark, promises of next week sweetness from Melissa, compelling verse from Raven and a Zappa-esque weird pontification on the Kool-Aid Man from Ben Daniel! The Iron Poet Gauntlet also got thrown down by our heralded bar-man, Yosh Shartin. Defending Champ Nick Davis and Providence Poetry Slam Maven, Megan Thoma were challenged to rock some writing about Yosh’s preferred choice of music receptacle, in BATTLE HEADPHONES! Shane Hall et le Bombe de Tickle (as they’re known in French New Guinea) rocked out, with drummer Brian Delsignore’s entire family reunion 2010 visiting the ruckus for the first time!  Second half of the open mic welcomed Mandi, Liz, Jackie, Michel and Bobby for another set of strong words. After Mr. Cannon’s second set, the DG buckled down, up & in for another installment of the IRON POET CHALLENGE, Championship Defense, “DAVIS vs. THOMA!” this promised to be an exciting bout indeed. Amy, Liz and a team of Julius & Dan volunteered to judge. Things went fairly even in the haiku round, with both verbal pugilists choosing to dance around the heavy punching “i’m a get you sucka!” 17 syllable diatribes that we’ve come to expect in recent title fights. Score was dead even and dead sexy at 77 to 77 after round one! Second round saw an incredible performance from Miss Thoma, earning 30’s in both taste & presentation, but Thoma faltered a bit in incorporation of the “head-phone” secret ingredient, a theme that would end up costing her the championship. Nick held on and scored steady in the short poem round, but still trailed by one point going into the last round. Do or die. Megan led off the last “Incorporation” round with an absolute megaton BOMB performance of her “I Wanna Punch a MotherF%$#er,” (one of her signature poems), reaching a crescendo that made our crowd gasp with violent delight (ironic violent that is)! Again, Taste & Presentation swayed heavily in her favor with near perfect scores. However, one judge dully noted that there wasn’t nearly enough “headphone” in her poem, thus sinking Thoma’s title hopes with a disappointing “4”. Nick still had to turn in a solid performance and he did just that with a rousing rendition of his “Bugs Bunny Decapitated” Poem. Nicks parents and baby sis’ Laura smiled big and clapped loud when the scores were tallied and Nick succeeded in his first title defense. A shirt ripping Hulkamaniac (WWE or Marvel, take your pic) title defense! “Davis vs. Thoma” 246-238…. next up on SportsCenter!

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