THIS MONDAY DIRTY GERUND GOES “EROS: Faces of Love” with a special book release party for one of our favorite local word-sters


From acclaimed author-poet Jeff Cannon comes another breathtaking poetry anthology that delves into both the tender and jagged side of love. Entitled Eros: Faces of Love, this compelling compilation opens the hearts of the lover and the beloved. According to Cannon, the word “Eros” names not only the Greek god of love, but an asteroid as well. Entering the spiral labyrinth of this paradox, this book explores love as both a vessel of empathic, compassionate fulfillment and as a hard, lifeless rocky chunk of matter. With penetratingly tender reflection and bold confessional scrutiny, the author ponders whether love is the arrival of a “longed for gift” or the disaster of “an unexpected meteor.” In this collection, sensual descriptions will lead readers to uncover the ecstatic delight of the “islands of paradise,” while passionate metaphors will unearth the rocky “hidden coves of scorn.” Other poems tell of unsettled dreams and fond remembrances. Eros: Faces of Love is packed with over sixty pieces of profound verses that probe the readers’ emotions one page after the other. Jeff’s been rocking Dirty Gerund Mic’s since the beginning. It seems every week he seamlessly unifies with the band and hypnotizes our audience with his powerful voice! Its a delivery which feels crafted and completely channeled at the same time.  We’re proud to be helping Jeff launch this book ship proper! He’ll have copies of the book on hand, will be doing two sets of poems from the book AND he’s dropping a special “snack-time” on us to boot! That’s what I’m talkin’ a-boot!” BRING SOME DUCKETS DOWN & BUY A COPY OF THIS MAN’S BOOK! LET’S MAKE SOME SUPPORT HAPPEN FOR ONE OF OUR DG FAVORITES!

BONUS RUCKUS!!!! Iron Poet Championship Bout a.k.a “Nick’s First Title Defense!” and its a good one! “Davis vs. Thoma!” Providence, RI Poetry Slam Champion MEGAN THOMA knows a thing or two about whipping asses on stages. She featured for us last fall and now wants a taste of Iron Poet Glory! The gauntlet’s been thrown, picked up, polished, loaned to a friend for photo ops, polished a second time and has been ceremoniously thrown down again! DG co-curator and current champ Nick Davis is turning 25 this weekend and looking to celebrate his quarter century of “being him” by defending his trophy! Three rounds of mayhem including original haiku, short poem & secret ingredient incorporation round! Can Nick muster up enough courage and home court advantage to stave off this truly daunting challenger? Will he keep his pants on? What will our heralded bar-man Yosh Shartin cook up for an ingredient? We’ll find out Monday!

SHANE HALL & TICKLEBOMB ORCHESTRA will be on hand to kick up the jams! DIRTY GERUND’s GOT RUCKUS T-SHIRTS for sale so your friends and bosses will understand just why you’re a little lethargic most Tuesday mornings. This night’s gonna destroy!

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