MONDAY, March 15th – The Gerund Comes Full Circle w/ SHANE HALL rockin’ the different!

Monday Night, Dirty Gerund is proud to feature a man who knows our stage only too well! Dirty Gerund Musical Director SHANE HALL is bringing us a full set of “something else” – We’re not sure what that means exactly, but F it, we don’t really care! Shane’s history with music is vast and ecclectic, having come to its beauty through the energetic ragtime rolls of his grandfather’s antique player pianos and the soulful wail of his mother’s homespun country songs. Raised by his grandparents, during the summers in a small town in Massachussets and during the winters in a trailer park in Florida, he took to learning the guitar as a way to pass the time and make friends.

As early as 12, after learning his first few chords, he began writing songs and trying to find a way to record them – settling on a very crude method of overdubs performed by using two tape recorders. This tape, while unlistenable to most sentient beings as a piece of art, shows Shane’s desire to use his music to connect with other people and examine his self in the process. This same examination of self and country folk roots finds its way into a majority of the songs of Basic Draining, most notably “Mother” and “Until You Feel”.

During his teen years, he began to take an interest in rock and metal as well as more urban types of folk music. He immediately thrust himself into the world of recording and performing in punk bands when he was 15, making lifelong freindships which only further instilled within him the xenophilic desire to meet others through the creation and performance of song. Eventually, Shane also followed his love for hip hop onto the stage as well – opening for notable indie hip hop artists Sage Francis, Mr. Lif and Aesop Rock with his close friend DJ Merf. This influence can clearly be heard in the hip hop inspired production behind his collaboration with Strange Famous Records recording artist Buddy Peace on their rendition of Eno’s brilliant “The Fat Lady of Limbourgh”. Always an energetic performer, he quickly gained a reputation as someone to watch in the Providence area, self-releasing a hip hop album titled “Malice in Wonderland” in 2001 to a warm reception.

In 2005 he formed The Rectangle Club, a band of local musicians that blazed a ridiculous show schedule in the Worcester and Providence scenes – bringing their brand of straight forward and intelligent rock to the table with Shane’s energetic performance style and witty lyricism. Now, after 15 years of searching through the world of music, Shane returns to his roots in a big way to record an indie folk album that shows his dedication to the art of music, humanity and his desire to become a part of the musical underpinnings of the world in its search for the Benevolent Spirit of The Creative Impulse.

For more info about Shane and to check out many links to his music, etc, head over to!

BONUS RUCKUS!!! DG Gamers are kinda proud, well, not ashamed to present, THE POETRY TRIVIA GAME!!! – $10 on the line, for the Gerunder who has the answers.

SNACKTIME – will be brought to you by our sassy poet pal, Mareh Labenski! Thank her! SO COME ON DOWN THIS MONDAY NIGHT! Open Mic w/ the Ticklebomb! MONDAY NIGHT! Where’s its always SOMEONE’S BIRTHDAY!!!!

One Response to “MONDAY, March 15th – The Gerund Comes Full Circle w/ SHANE HALL rockin’ the different!”

  1. Beef is comming to dominate you’re puny little poetry scene !!!!!!
    More will be known when Beef is ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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