MONDAY! MARCH 15th! “The Maiden Feature!” KRISTA MOSCA from New Hampshire! PLUS “THAT 80’s GAME SHOW!”

This Monday Night, the Dirty Gerund is amped to present the VERY FIRST FEATURE from our good friend and Dirty Gerund Booster, KRISTA MOSCA. Krista started reading at the popular “Slam Free or Die“, Manchester, New Hampshire Series in 2008 and it’s been downhill ever since. She travels and reads at open mics all over New England including the Dirty G, Port Veritas, Kitchen Sessions, Cantab, and Lizard Lounge (where she won her very first slam). Her new book, ‘Standing for Calamity’, is being released for the first time at Dirty Gerund this Monday! She will also be published this year in the Port Veritas Anthology (Portland Me). Audio work includes ‘Defenders of the Cause‘ (Manchester, NH) and her new CD “Talks With a Cross Roads Reject” by Russian Roulette Productions coming out later this year. Krista’s made a splash in her short time on the New England Spoken Word Scene, kicking honest compassionate, well crafted work to every mic she touches. Help us help her celebrate the release of her first book!

BONUS RUCKUS! “That 80’s Haiku Game Show!” – To celebrate the life & career of departed “Corey,” Corey Haim, the DG got to thinking about all them spectacularly random 80’s movie moments and how they helped shape our “nerds win sometimes too!” mentality. Nick’s feverishly working on a series of personna haikus based on 80’s movie characters. That can only mean one thing… Game Show! We’ll take 4 contestants, whoever buzzes in first & guesses the character & actor for each haiku gets a point. 3 points nets ya $10 and a drink on us! Dressing up 80’s style heavily increases the chances for you to get picked for game show glory! BONUS BONUS RUCKUS- Nick’s promising to buy a drink for a Gerunder sportin’ the best 80’s gear!

NOTE (aka friendly suggestion): Our open mic’s have been packed lately! We’d like to include as many folks as possible without running the show WAYYY PAST MIDNIGHT (i turn into a bit of a gremlin…) so just saying, try to get to the DG by 9pm to secure yourself a spot to read!

SHANE HALL & THE TICLEBOMB ORCHESTRA will be in the house to kick the jams! We could still use a snacktime benefactor this monday or its cheese in a can again! Come nurse your Saint Paddy’s Day hangover with us!

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