MARCH 1st, 2010 – Laura Yes Yes can’t say NO to THE GERUND!

This week, the Dirty Gerund is stoked and souped to welcome Laura Yes Yes on tour from California, by way of Washington DC, by way of… well, she’s been around the poetry block!

Laura Yes Yes patented making out in 1937. Her puckered mouth was used as a mold for the first latex condom. Laura Yes Yes’s poetry demands your attention and money, like a professional dominatrix. If you fail to appreciate her work, you will wake up with broken glass
and despair lodged in your sternum.” (quote from J. Bradley, Orlando FL Poet & Slam-Master)

Laura Yes Yes is one of spoken word’s best kept secrets. Her work has been described as “subversive”, “empowering”, and “absolutely hilarious”, widely praised for both its craft and dynamism. She combines progressive feminism with wit and artistry, and emanates sheer joy onstage. She was awarded both the Macarthur-Leithauser Travel Award and the Collins Poetry Prize for her writing. Laura was the first woman to represent Berkeley at the Individual World Poetry Slam in
2008, and went on to compete at the 2009 Women of the World Poetry
Slam. She competed at the National Poetry Slam as a member of Team Berkeley in 2008, and Team San Francisco in 2007. She is one of the founders of the first Bay Area women’s slam collective, which specially encourages young women to write and perform. Watch her perform “Change” in Atlanta! or  click here for video of her poem “Body Beautiful!” There are tons more video of Laura on YouTube, don’t be scurred… do your research people!

BONUS RUCKUS!!! Dirty Gerund proudly presents the first installment of the “WHAT THE HELL DID THEY SAY?!?!?!?!?” TRIVIA GAME!!! Got listening ears? Got memory banks? Got a hankering to show off these amazing skills! Nick and I are down for rewarding three contestants with the opportunity to go head to head… to head! We’re gonna create 10 questions based on things going on at the Dirty Gerund Show this Monday Night. If you’re paying attention, you’ll have the answers ready to rawk and can slap the buzzer (graciously played by Nick’s head), you can win $10 and a free beverage on us! Survey says WORD!

Ticklebomb Orchestra will be on hand and foot and musical instruments! We just got word that YOSH SHARTIN is an OFFICIAL CANDIDATE for Pulse Magazine’s WORCESTER’s SEXIEST BARTENDER Contest! Direct political action works! Our good pal, Mareh Labenski has generously volunteered to sponsor snacktime this week! Open Mic Madness! That’s some damn fine Ruckus for that Tukus!

One Response to “MARCH 1st, 2010 – Laura Yes Yes can’t say NO to THE GERUND!”

  1. dirtygerund Says:

    if you like the site, you should check out our show every monday. if you’re not in the area, you can watch online, monday’s 9pm, just follow the streaming link on the website. thanks!

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