The Ruckus That Rocked Us RECAP

Good morning everybody this is Nick Davis reporting with a review/rundown from the madness that was last Monday night down at the Dirty Gerund at Ralph’s Rock Diner.

The evening’s air tingled with magic, beer and the sweet jams of Shane Hall and The Tickle Bomb Orchestra. Yosh ,the sexiest bartender in Worcester, welcomed us with cold drinks, and hot burgers. The open mic(backed by S.H.A.T.T.B.O. improving crazy riffs and rhythms to dance with the poets.) was started by none other than this goofy mofo performing an ode to lawman nonsense and the night was officially underway. The first half of the open mic was full of dynomite showings by old and new faces of all sorts. Jackie Morrill, the new second time Iron Poetry Champ, got the night rolling with a trademark memorizing performance, followed by a new face Dave Keddy rocking out proper(New faces are awesome). We were also lucky enough to see Ben Daniel who survived his birthday last week to come back with some fantastic new poems, and speaking of coming back, we were graced by the presence of none other than Nataly Garcia who reminded all of us how much we miss her. Aimee Lucier also warmed the room with a great piece about her son which melted all the hearts in the room.

On the heels of such sweetness snack time was upon us!!. This week snack was brought by new friend Daniel Chamberland who cooked up crazy, yummy, nutty, chocolately, bars of wonder. She than performed double duty by reading in the open mic for the very first time and she did both jobs with flair, skill, and grace.  That also closed out the first half of the open mic, which meant that it was time for our FEATURES FIRST SET!!!

Our feature this Monday was none other than Marc Marcel, a road warrior scholar who swung into Worcester to kick names and take ass. When he stepped to our stage he combined a sense of humor and urgency to issues ranging from freedom to fucking that left the whole crowd blushing and boisterous. He jammed with the band which was amazing and went solo which was just as mesmerizing. After an incredible twenty minuets Marc reassured us he’d be back after the second half of the open mic.

Before the second half of the open mic got officially underway surprise musical guest “Mad Cowboy” Mathew M.K. Hopewell joined S.H.A.T.T.B.O. for an incredible version of Hopewell original “Travelers Lament” Shane Hall has been known to cover from time to time.What a rollicking ruckus indeed.

Alex C. gave me a beer breather and took over to host the second half of the incredible open mic which started with a poem by the one and only Mighty Mike McGee reading from the soul. More new faces appeared during the second half as well when we welcomed Marc Radseszewski who added some singing to the poetry(neat). Also appearing in the second half were Dirty Gerund regular rockers  Jeff Cannon, Michelle Lyons, Mandi Rackers, and making his second appearence of the night this time with hilarious poetry, Matt Hopewell, who all delivered bombastic performances of epic awesomeness. Alex C closed the open with a wonderful performance of one of his originals.

With the open mic over Marc Marcel was welcomed back to the stage with gusto. He once agained owned the room and the mic as he brought the “dirty” to Dirty Gerund performing an erotic poem that had the whole crowd moaning and shouting. He continued his set with a charisma, talent, and charisma that had us rolling along with him. An incredible performance that I for one won’t soon be forgetting. He’s on the road a lot of the time out of the year and if you get a chance to go see him in your town do yourself a favor and check it out.

With our feature finished and the audience wondering what the hell was coming next Alex hit the mic to explain and introduce the bonus ruckus: DEAD END DATING GAME – recap brought to you by Alex Charalambides and FRESCA! (not really… but yeah, Fresca’s dope!) We asked three beautiful bachelorettes to fill out 5 answer questionnaires, style to test certain levels of “compatibility” with our intrepid co-host Nick Davis. The twist to this game, was that we found three volunteers, Mike McGee, Jeff Cannon and Shane Hall to act as date surrogates and present the ladies’ answers for them, so Nick could not detect who’s answering what. HILARITY ENSUED! Nick got philosophical and metaphysical with questions such as “If I am a naked salad, how do you dress me?” and “I come to you crying about how I misplaced my dignity where is the first place you’d help me look?“Our surrogatedating reps went all out, from sultry ad-libs to straight up creepy Christopher Walken Impersonations, these guys added their own unique brand of ruckus to the proceedings. When the dust settled, Nick chose bachelrette number “C” who turned out to be none other than Nataly Garcia, who’ll be whisked away for an all expense “dream?” date with Nick to RedBox…. new release tuesday ya’ll!!! Thanks to our runner ups Mandi and Aimee for throwing down and not getting too distraught over what might have been….

Thanks to Danielle for the wonderful snacktime! Thanks Alana for the super photos. Happy Birthday Jason (pictured left)!!! Ticklebomb! I think Dave Magario saw some light as well!

Don’t walk into the light!

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