Feb 22nd, 2010 – Gerund Welcomes Marc Marcel!!!

Internationally known Spoken Word Artist Marc Marcel has toured throughout the world, showcasing his seasoned craft at colleges and venues since the year 2000. A dynamic Spoken Word Artist, Novelist, Producer and Speaker, Marcel was raised in Baltimore, Maryland and got his poetry start in Atlanta, GA. Marc originally began his career by writing novels in 98. He started writing poetry several months afterwards, merely to give a conclusion to one of his books. Since, he has published one of his Novels, a Poetry Book and 9 Spoken Word CD’s. Marcel is a true troubadour, on the road touring the world 8 months out the year, performing  in almost 40 states and over 80 cities, including international cities such as Bristol, London, Munich, and Prague. He has performed and held workshops at numerous Universities and Colleges including Harvard University, Yale University, West Virginia University, Georgia Southern University, Clark-Atlanta University and Buffalo State University. He has made appearances in many media outlets, including this upcoming season on Lyric’s Café, The Jimmy Kimmel Show, The Poet’s Corner, Rolling Out Magazine, and Good News Magazine.  He was also member of the 2004 Pensacola and 2005 St. Louis SLAM teams. Marc works just as hard off of the stage as he does on it. His commitment to his written work is taken very seriously. Throughout his career, he has written thousands of unreleased poems, several unreleased novels and has produced hundreds of underground tracks. Sleepless nights are second nature; his commitment to his craft is endless. Marcel lives as if his next second is the most important moment he has, and his devotion to his Art is reflected in his great body of work. See him perform his poem RAIN. There are more audio tracks and info right here.

BONUS RUCKUS – The triumphant return of the (Dead End?) Dating Game! If you were at our Valentine’s Day Show, you saw me clown my cohort Nick by blindfolding him and making him ask personal questions of three pretty contestants who were, well, not exactly “available…” This time, however, we thought we’d look for a few brave, I mean, beautiful souls who wouldn’t mind spending a fun filled evening, going out with Nick to the movies and awkwardly fumbling with those house keys as he walks you to the door (as I wait in the car, of course, NICK GET YOUR LICENSE!) later in the night. Nick’s gonna cook up several questions and we’ll see who’s rawkin’ the compatibility train this Monday Evening! Winner gets a corsage and their movie ticket paid for by the Dirty Gerund Lonely Hearts Club Band!

SNACK-TIME WILL BE PROVIDED BY ONE OF OUR NEWEST FRIENDS, Danielle Chamberland (who I have on good authority, may favor us with a poem Monday Night as well… hmmmm?)


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