Monday FEB 15th – STEPHEN MEADS from SanFran/BAY AREAAAA!!!

Monday February 15th, Dirty Gerund is proud to present. STEPHEN MEADS… a writer of things. His unmatched energy, incredible wit, and acrobatic performances have made him an integral member of the Bay Area’s collaborative writing and performing ensembles since 2005, and he annually serves as one of three judges for the National Poetry Slam’s legendary Nerd Slam. Stephen was a member of Oakland’s 2009 Poetry Slam team, as well as San Francisco’s 08 and 05 team, which placed 6th in the world. Stephen’s writing dances between whimsical humor, and honest revelation. He always brings excitement, and never leaves us bored. Funny, creative, nerdy chic, irreverent… and the girls think he’s real cute! check him performing right here! Thanksgiving 2005, I participated in an impromptu thanksgiving pie eating contest with this man while I couch surfed in Oakland! I don’t remember who won, but really, when we get involved in contests like this… everyone wins! Even more video of Stephen performing “Meatwad Writes a Letter to Fred Durst,” yeah, check it out right here!

ANNOUNCEMENT! We will be tinkering with the show format to make things flow a bit better! We’ll tell you more about it Monday Night!

BONUS RUCKUS – IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH TO CROWN A NEW CHAMP! Jackie Morrill vs. Jon Wolf in Battle “Something” – YOSH is cookin up a new secret ingredient and I’m keeping my eye out for a new used trophy!

DON’T FORGET! Sunday’s big upstairs show for Valentine’s Day! See Special Events page on this site for more info! Tell your friends!

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