Ruckus Review 2/8/10

Good morning all you sunshine it’s Nick Davis with a ruckus recap from this past Monday and what a ruckus it was indeed. Tickle Bomb Orchestra opened the night with some sweet tunes that got our blood pumping leading into an eclectic, electric open mic.  Our stage was graced by in no particular order Storming Ben  “The Janitor” Daniel (reading brand new great work), Greg The Killer McKillop (performing from the heart about the heart), Milly Wartown, Freight Train Deschenes (exploring language with language), The Lanky Rose Mike Rose (great to see him coming back), Jeff “Cannonball” Cannon (showing why he should run for mayor), Jon “Howling” Wolf (super dope), Alana Alcatraz (awesome job off page), Jackie The Jackhammer(a beautiful poem about ugly things), Mandi Mad Dog Rackers (she also brought an incredible snack time), Haliday “No Holiday” Nelson (so nice to see her again), Moose Marauder (aka Ryan, recent transplant from Baltimore, great job first time down at Ralphs) and closing out our open mic was none other than Alex “Baldy Dash” Charalambides. Oh yea everybody also got to have fun Roller Derby names in honor of feature.

Speaking of our feature after the madness and fun of the open mic and a few more jams by the band (Billie Jean dance party!!)  it was time! Our breaths held we watched and listened as Cynthia “Dottie Hazard” French took stage and rocked our domes off. With wild humorous takes on everything and anything plus some serious thoughts as well. An incredible set by an amazing performer and writer. If you missed her at our show she is performing in Worcester, Ma again this Sunday at Poets Ayslum at Jumping Juice and Java on Chandler St. The reading is from 6-8 so feel free to come to our madness at Ralph’s after.

Closing out the night of wild we had a Laugh Off heads up style between Mike McGee, and our feature Cynthia French. Though both busted guts like banana peel ninjas in the end it was Mikes hand raised in victory with a classic joke told in the voice of Don Knotts.

Great Monday and big thanks to all. Shane Hall and the Tickle Bomb Orcestra, Yosh (keep voting sexiest bartender), the open mic readers, the audience and Dottie Hazard herself. Can’t wait to see you all SUNDAY and next Monday.

Thanks to Jason Kjeillberg & Alana Melanson with representing strong camera style!

I miss you already,

Nick Davis

2 Responses to “Ruckus Review 2/8/10”

  1. Jessica Lovina ONeill Says:

    dude… did Shane shave his head?!? …or is that someone else on bass? see what happens when i miss one DG, now i’m all confused!

    • dirtygerund Says:

      that’s shane alright! soon we’ll all have shaved heads and will reach true cult status! “one of us! one of us!” hope you’re feeling better. 🙂

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