Monday! Feb 8th! DOTTIE HAZARD a.k.a. “Cynthia French” rolls thru Wustah!

Our feature this week at the Gerund!


The name may ring familiar with the men-folk of St. Paul, Minesota as she’s been here before. Dottie left the neighborhood years ago, when the heat of the fuzz and mob-bribes got too steep to keep her House of Ill Repute afloat. Not expecting to be back, she said good-bye to her ladies of the evening and set off for a less hazardous way of life. Life without danger did nothing for Dottie. Not being able to stay away from the big lights and city-living, Ms. Hazzard’s making her comeback as a blocker for the Dagger Dolls. But don’t be fooled, the skills of a madam are nothing to play around with. She knows how to keep the ladies in check and the men begging for more.

Okay… When the heat gets too hot and Dottie needs to leave town, she escapes under the guise of her alter-ego……… (wink) CYNTHIA FRENCH

who (wink) completed her Masters of Fine Arts in Writing from Hamline University in 2003. She is currently (wink) working on her first book-length creative nonfiction project. She is a (wink)writer, performer and organizer. Cynthia is the (wink) Slam Master for SlamMN!, the poetry slam in Minneapolis and was the (wink) event coordinator for the 2002 National Poetry Slam – the largest poetry event in Minnesota history. She has been (wink)performing poetry for 8 years throughout the country and overseas, and has won multiple awards and grants for her (wink) writing, organizing and performance. She is the (wink)2006 Minnesota Individual Poetry Slam Champion. She teaches writing and performance workshops to students of all ages, and has been bringing poetry slam to college campuses for the past six years. Cynthia lives in St. Paul with her two cats Malaki and Azriel. She would like to spend her life traveling, writing, and teaching people that poetry isn’t scary.

Don’t worry Dottie! You’ll enjoy a safe haven in Worcester while you’re on the run… I mean… on tour! phew… see (wink) Cynthia performs here.

In honor of Dottie, I mean, Cynthia’s performance, all open mic-ers must sign up under an assumed roller derby name, by which you will be called.

BONUS YUCK RUCKUS! You think you’re funny, like Joe Pesci in GoodFella’s Funny? Like “What the F is so funny about me! TELL ME!” Well here’s your chance to yuck up your fellow gerunders. Bring your funniest poem, rant, collection of jokes or Seinfeldesque “observations”! What’s up with that? (sigh…) Most belly laughs gets a prize!

The Campaign to Nominate Yosh Shartin as Worcester’s Sexiest Bartender is escalating. Jessica Lovina O’Neill has been named official campaign manager after certain (clearing of the throat) photos of Nick were leaked to the press. Really Nick? Really? (if you don’t know what I’m talking about… consider yourself lucky).

Who’s got the snacks! Hit us up if you can volunteer for snack-time glorification!

KEEP IN THE BACK OF YOUR MIND RUCKUS – if you haven’t made Valentine’s Day plans yet, fear not! TickleBomb Music and the Dirty Gerund’s got your back! And front! WOOOT! Details coming very very kinda very, well it depends on things, meh, nah, very, very soon!

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