The Ruckus! The Re-cap! The February! The First! The 2010!

Holy Ironed On Madness of a Spectacle this past Monday at the Gerund was! Me no type english good no more! Still frazzled from an incredible night of poetry and music and love and dancing! Alex here punching in with a recap. My man Nick’s relaxing after his first day at the new job, so I thought I’d update while the lasagna bakes in the oven. I had a feeling we were gonna have a great evening, but you never really know how good its gonna get until the ruckus actually starts. I wanted to kick things off in style, so me and le Orchestra de TickleBomb (as they’re known in Luxembourg) spackled together a last minute cover arrangement of Soul Coughing’s “Screen Writer’s Blues,” with a couple improv lines of “It is 9 P-M and you a re lissssssstennnnning to The Dirty Gerund”! Shane, Brian and Justin jammed along swimmingly as we dove into the open mic. Wolf went digital! Alana re-visited. Jessica kept it short and sweet!  Melissa took us for a stroll! Michelle Lyons (glad to see you back) showed us snap shots from the MBTA! Ryk did his thing! (welcome pal!) Jackie went accoustic! Whelan performed from the book of Saul! Mandi paid tribute! and Mareh took us back in style! About half way through the open mic, snacktime made a SPLASH as the good Doctor Gonzo from Uncommon Condiments Fame took our taste buds and microphone to another level, sponsoring snack-time with a flourish of cheese and crackers dipped in an array of hot and sweet sauces that morphed our usually demure audience into a pack of hungry jackals (in a good way), as we thrashed and howled to get another taste, Dr. Gonzo grabbed the mic and carnival barked a stunning display of jamboree raising / off the cuff hilarity. I was forced to grab the nearest tambourine and shake it like a goof! It was inspiring! Nick closed the open mic with a tasty tribute to our favorite local brew and Ticklebomb got the party going in full swing as we all prepared ourselves for the awesome to come!

Iyeoka Okoawo took our stage and proceeded to take us all on a journey that reached spiritual proportions. Being show promoters, it sometimes behooves us to flex our hyperbolic muscles in an attempt to amplify how good certain performers are (sometimes for the sake of show biz, sometimes because its just plain fun to spin that gab) but no lie, Iyeoka’s performance was mesmerizing! Sometimes, there’s a time and place for people to congregate to share memories, process grief, meet and celebrate life and come together as a community… Iyeoka tapped into a grief that many of us in the spoken word community felt after the recent passing of our friend and compatriot Gabrielle Boulliane, from the first soulful note of song, Iyeoka journeyed from meditating on loss to new beginnings and paid tribute to life and love and music and art and all of us coming together. To say it was electric is an understatement. Ticklebomb backed admirably. Iyeoka orchestrated the room, from inviting us to sing with her to imploring us to meet and hug someone we’ve never met before to ending the set by creating a gravitational pull that compelled us all to rise and dance and truly share in a circlular vortex that could reach the cosmos, we were all divine in that moment! So yeah… it was a helluva performance, and most in the audience would say it was something more than that… Many thanks and blessings to Iyeoka! She even wrote a piece later that night about her experience, you can find that and so much more about this amazing artist at – Remember she’s Boston based, so, if anyone out there wants to see her again, you don’t have to travel far!

The dance party continued as we tried to pick up our collective brain and get political. All evening long, a makeshift voting station was open for folks to log on and nominate our heralded bar man Yosh Shartin for Sexiest Bartender in Worcester – we even threw down on a poetry challenge, with Mandi, Nick and Jackie sharing dedication verse to the man who lets us do what we do every monday! Nick’s call and response ode was palpable, Jackie’s tribute sweet, but in the end, Eric, serving as Yosh’s proxy, voted Mandi’s salacious words as the winner! So we’re buying her a lunch date with Yosh at Coney Island Hot Dog (even though she’s a veggie… uhm…. we’ll sneak in a salad or something). If you haven’t, log onto the Pulse Magazine Website and nominate Yosh! Let’s do this!

Special thanks Jason Kjellberg (pictured left) and Naomi Christenson (pictured below) for sharing some of their pictures from the ruckusy evening! I don’t think I’ve ever been photographed or been a part of something as incredibly photographed in all my life! I gotta enroll in a scrapbooking class one of these days. Truly, another wonderfully epic night all around! Thanks to everyone who came down! Check out Doctor Gonzo’s Store! Check Iyeoka out on her site and her next gig! Stay tuned! More mad-cap and beautiful fun every week! As Nick would say, “I Miss You Already!” Peace!!!

2 Responses to “The Ruckus! The Re-cap! The February! The First! The 2010!”

  1. ok…how about this was the best review EVER. MANY, many, bouquets of thanks!

    • dirtygerund Says:

      well that was the best compliment on a review evah! 🙂 thanks again pal for turnin’ our weekly jamboree up several notches! the new poem you wrote was beautiful. permission to cover it next week! hugs

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