1/25/10 Ruckusy Recap Rap… without all them ill rhymes!

Alex coming at ya with a (slightly) belated ruckus recap for this past Monday’s show at the Dirty Gerund. The audience keeps coming out in FORCE!!! and we get all warm and squishy when we welcome new friends, romans and/or countrymen (and/or country women) to our gaggle! The open mic was the biggest we’ve ever seen with over 12 readers hitting our stage like they were mad at it! Nick held things down, host style as we welcomed Ben Daniel, Luke Knowles and Dave Keddy to our list of rambunctious rabble rousing regulars, all reading for the first time! COME BACK! We also got good words from local favorites Alana, Jackie, Kirby, Bobby, Michel, Mike and Jessica Lovina, yet still managed to make time for an Iron Poet Challenge opening ceremony. Like any good executive, our heralded bar man Yosh delegated authority and placed Eric in charge of presenting BATTLE “SALAD IN A DIAPER…” no shit… or pun intended… there were salad makings… wrapped in a disposable diaper. We all hissed a collective groan and trudged on bravely with help from Shane Hall and the Ticklebomb Orchestra! We were also happy and sad to give Jessica Gray extra time on the open mic to read and say good bye as she makes her way across country to relocate in California! Sad to see her go, but glad to have gotten to know her and watch her writing grow and prosper and kick many asses! West Coast… prepare yourself for an eventual Dirty Gerund Franchise… over 100 people SERVED!!!

The open mic ended with a campaign announcement and an impassioned plea from myself on behalf of Yosh Shartin… the man who works hard to feed and booze us and has supported the idea of this poetry thing taking off at Ralph’s Diner. He’s been nothing but awesome to the Dirty Gerund and we’re making a humble attempt to reward him through DIRECT POLITICAL ACTION!!! That’s right! We are going to VOTE YOSH as Central Mass’s SEXIEST BARTENDER!!!

Official Campaign Propaganda Machine Starting Soon! Supporting ART is SEXY!

FEATURE TIME – We were incredibly fortunate to welcome BLAIR and his band THE BOYFRIENDS from Detroit, Michigan to our stage. They’re just starting out on a three month plus national tour and we got a chance to rock out to both Blair’s spoken word and his musical stylings Monday Night! Chris (drums) and Ken (upright bass) are super good house guests and bad-ass musicians and we’re proud to have given them a place to crash, some late night drinks and a stage to rock! I gotta say though, Blair’s gutsy, honest, impassioned words deserved a bit more attention. I had to shout down some excessive crowd noise… I’m glad folks are coming down. I’m glad folks are having a great time. But when a poet can’t hear themselves, I’m gonna regulate. So I make this online plea! Please keep the conversation down a bit. Especially when a poet steps to our stage without benefit of an amplified band, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep loud conversations up front in the diner. We do our best to bring AMAZING talent to our stage from all over the country. The reason we do what we do, is because we want to be heard. So…. DON’T MAKE ME COME OVER THERE! Thanks. I love you, but it may be the kind of love I augment with a BRUTE SQUAD!

IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP CHALLENGE!!! Newly crowned champ Jessica Gray’s only title defense had to come soon because of her new address in California. Jon Wolf is a hungry, talented, veteran poet who wants to drink cocktails from the trophy cup! There was salad in a diaper and two hosts who weren’t sure these stalwart competitors could make it happen! BATTLE “SALAD IN A DIAPER” commenced with the haiku round, where Jon took a commanding lead, reaching almost perfect scores in all three categories (taste, presentation, and use of the secret ingredient). Jessica hung in there, trailing by 11 points going into the second head to head round. The short poem category saw Jessica rocket back into contention, taking the lead. Some say her poem was great, others say Jon dropped it…. literally, like the stanza that contained the secret ingredient slipped out of his hands… and he couldn’t find it amidst the pressure and cheap draft beer! OUCH! Jon trailed by 4 points in a stunning turn of events. Both poets finished strong in the incorporation round, but at the end of the day Jessica came out on top by a final of 251 to 244, retaining her title and forcing us to go trophy shopping soon. (she wanted to give it back… but come on! I paid a buck for it at a flea market in Vermont!) Me and Nick are scheming on creating a tournament to crown our next champion! Think WWE… or don’t…


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