Ruckus Recap Slap! Jan 18th, 2010

Good Morning everybody this is Nick Davis with your Dirty Gerund ruckus recap for this past Mondays madness. The returning Tickle Bomb Orchestra who had just finished up an east coast tour, invited their tour mate Matt Hopewell(AKA The Mad Cowboy) up on stage to begin the show with some inspired jams that brought the house down.  The night was off to a rollicking start for sure.

After the audience (over 50 strong!) and the hosts recollected their collective shit after getting it blown away the opening ceremonies for the Iron Poet Challenge were held. Iron Poet Champ Jackie Morrill and challenger Jessica Gray stood bravely on stage while the secret ingredient was revealed, sending them both off to begin BATTLE SNOWBALL!!!

Lively and lovely host Alex Charlambides rocked out an incredible version of his “Cracked Plate” Poem w/ the band to kick off an open mic that was just jam-packed with fantastic performances from familiar faces such as Jeff Cannon bringing the epic, and Jon Wolf bringing the funk & Alana Melanson bringing the light.  Plus we saw some incredible debuts from Brandi, Mike Rose, and Chris Dino who showed how to make a great first impression.  Also on the mic was Anne O’Neil who read from the heart and Mike Whelan who dropped jaws stepping up for only the second time.  We also had a surprise guest from Lowell, Anthony Febo who was a beast on stage. Thanks to all of them and those I didn’t mention.

Before the dust had even begun to get settled after the simply awesome open mic, Tickle Bomb Orchestra jumped into a frenzied set that ignited an impromptu dance party unlike any seen at oury show before. If you haven’t checked out there website, bought their CD or seen them live do yourself a favor and make sure you do. They are one of the greatest pure rock and roll experiences to be found.

Transitioning from rock and roll dance party to poetry would be a difficult for any poet but our feature was the one and only Mighty Mike McGee and as soon as he began a sans band set of hilarious observations, prose and poems the audience was right along with him. We laughed till our tears had to pee as Mike waxed poetically about all sorts of topics from pudding, to liking, to Neil Armstrong. After a brief performance he left the stage with a promise of coming back for a second set but this time with the band.

But before that could happen Iron Poet Challenge was ready to be held. BATTLE SNOW BALL was to begin with the haiku round with the champ Jackie Morrill bravely going first. Though the round was fought stoically by both, Challenger Jessica Gray took an impressive lead by bringing a haiku which explored all the meanings of “snowballing”. With bated breath we wondered how or even if Jackie could make up the lead in the second round, the short orignal piece round. Jessica came strong comparing frustrated male manhood to snow balls but Jackie stepped up and delivered a thought-provoking poem about the tricky process of warming souls closing in on the lead by a mere handful of points. The third round, incorporating the secret ingredient into an already written poem, would be the decision maker and the air was tense. Jackie stepped up first followed by Jessica and they both gave it there all but after the calculations of points the lead Jessica had after round one was too much for Jackie to make up. So by one tiny point a new champion was crowned  IRON POET CHAMPION JESSICA GRAY! Jackie Morrill defended the title bravely, courageously and with pride. She defeated strong challengers for many months so with great respect I say Jackie Morrill you were a hell of a champ and I’m sure to see you back with the title in the future.

Following those fireworks Mike McGee once again stepped to the mic to complete his feature, this time backed by Shane Hall and The  Tickle Bomb Orchestra to give the crowd a performance we soon won’t forget. The band and the poet danced gracefully and powerfully swinging from emotion to emotion giving the audience a rollercoaster of a ride. Mike McGee showed us all once again why he is considered by many as one of the top performance poets in the country. Please follow the link here to his to learn more about this incredible man.

The night closed with Tickle Bomb Orchestra jamming proper as the drinks flowed.  We danced and sang and loved and showed Monday night who’s boss. So to the audience, to the open mic-ers, the special guest bartenders, the hosts, the band, and to The Mighty Mike McGee, thank you so much for the unforgettable  fun we had at The Dirty Gerund this week. There is no other way I can describe but pure magic. I can’t wait to see you next week. I miss you all already.

With all the love I can muster,

Nick Davis

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