Come down to the Gerund Monday!

Our feature this week is Sierra DeMulder. DeMulder is a member of the 2009 St. Paul Minnesota Team that won the National Poetry Slam Championship! She was awarded the Spirit of Slam award at 2007 National Poetry Slam and has been taking part in College Union Poetry Slam since 2005 as part of the team from Oneanta in upstate New York. If that isn’t enough she is a member of the Intangible Collective, has gone on several poetry tours, and one of the newest  authors, published by Write Bloody. While dividing her poetry between New York and the Twin Cities, she enjoys goosebumps, cranberry juice and feminism. Sierra has been trying not to trip since 1986.

Check out a powerhouse version of her “Werewolf” Poem right here! She’ll be in New England for a limited time, so make sure you don’t miss out!


“F%&^ MY NEW YEARS RESOLUTION!” Poem Challenge – Prize is on the line for your best spoken word piece about resolving to do things, like during a new year, and maybe something happened and you didn’t keep your resolution, or maybe you hate resolutions and want to let folks know why, or maybe you don’t know what resolutions are and want to find out more about them, so you can make one someday!!! One poem round! Regardless, resolve to make 2010 uber bad-ass by coming down and hanging with us!

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