Heya! Alex Charalambides coming at ya with ye olde ruckus recap from this past monday night’s show at the Gerund! Usually Nick writes the recap, but it just dawned on me the he can’t this week, cause he wasn’t actually there! (It’s all good, for those of you who were worried about Nick and his absence Monday Night, he’s alive and well, his phone died and he was unable to get in touch with anyone to pick him up at the house he was house and dog-sitting for…) We somehow managed to trudge on with the show, fortunately, our good friend Mike McGee was in town and more than down for hosting the show something proper. Mike opened the reading with a advertisement for 2010, selling us all on the idea! Mike kept the good energy flowing all evening with yuks and hilarious haiku! The open mic was jumping, backed admirably by Shane, Brian and Justin a.k.a. The Tiklebomb Orchestra! Mark, Sher (pictured above) and Tyler, joining a cast of regulars and not so regulars, including Kirby, Jessia O’neill, Jessica Gray, Jackie, Melissa and Jeff Cannon. Jessica Lovina O’neill (pictured left) brought the house down by joining Ticklebomb on stage for a raucous version of “I’m Clean”!

The original plan was for me and Nick to split a feature, in an effort to donate proceeds to the band to help them buy some bio-diesel fuel for their upcoming east coast tour! I attempted to hold things down, both through a hot snacktime (corn dogs and pretzels stayed kinda warm) and with a 20 minute set of stuff I haven’t kicked at the Gerund. The band was tight, pushing me to the limit on versions of “Mentor”, “T-Shirt” and “Drugs” – Mike McGee filled in for Nick and threw down on musically infused versions of “Like” and “Midnight”.

We had a really decent crowd that stuck with us into the Wedding Haiku Battle Challenge. Jessica Gray, Dave Keali’i and Jessica O’Neill brought the brevity through four rounds of competition, bringing fresh variations on something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. We had three judges using a 1-10 point scoring system, The first round was close with Jessica O’Neill going thousands of years back on a cover, that edged out the other competitors newer haiku’s. Second round saw a slight increase in O’Neill’s lead as her “switch” haiku warning seperated her further from the pack. It looked like O’neill was gonna run away with it after killing an Emily Dickinson haiku in the borrowed round (it was zombified for our pleasure), but the blue round saw one of the biggest comebacks this side of the 2004 Red Sox! Jessica Gray overcame a 7 point deficit to tie things up with a wickedly naughty haiku that made the crowd groan and make faces (decorum prohibits me from elaborating further) Gray rocketed from outta no-where to force a one on one sudden death round. The haikusters were given a few minutes to compose a new haiku dedicated to weddings and Jessica O’Neill came through to take the top honors and the $10 prize! We closed the night by singing happy birthday to out winner who got a year older right before out very eyes! MANY THANKS FOR HELPING US START THE YEAR OFF RIGHT!

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