MONDAY JAN 4th – Your Co-Pilots try to fly! Plus: HAIKU BATTLE “For Better or for Worse!”

This monday, Jan 4th, throw the snow shovel down for a minute and come hang at the DG to keep on celebrating 2010!

Your feature will be your co-boozy bozo wordy word for nerd-meisters, Alex Charalambides and Nick Davis. Apparently co-hosting the show every week just ain’t enough stage time for this intrepid duo! But seriously, a couple traveling poet’s schedules’ didn’t match ours, so we’ve decided to throw down on some extra groove time with our friends in the Ticklebomb Orchestra! We’re gonna try to kick the new year off right and have Monday’s pass the hat donation donated directly to the band to show our crazy appreciation for all the work they’ve put in over the last couple months! As Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski would say, “they really tie the room together!” So join us and give big to the band! They’ve got CD’s and T-shirts for sale, so come on down to hand over some of that holiday bank you got from gram! 😉

Alex Charalambides co-runs this ish! He’s been in the poetry slam game for several years, having represented Worcester, Boston and Providence at the National Poetry Slam. He’s also founder and director of the Worcester Youth Poetry Slam. He enjoys classic movies, espresso shots in his coffee and all the bad-assness found at Ralphs! Nick Davis also co-runs this ish! He was a member of the first Worcester Youth Team that Alex ever took to the national youth festival, and they’ve been uncle/nephew, cousins in words ever since. He’s since repped our fair city at the National Poetry Slam, fronted some musical projects and kept throwing down, wherever there are words to be had, he’ll be there, or somewhere near by… He enjoys leftovers, jumping jacks, long walks on water, and messiah imagery! (photo of me & nick with our fan, we got a fan!)


Nick’s sister got married last week! My brother’s getting married in a few months! Yay! To celebrate all things nuptial, the DG’s looking for a few good Haiku! “WEDDING BATTLE HAIKU!!!” Bring at least 4 haiku, SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW, SOMETHING BORROWED, SOMETHING BLUE!!!! Use them beautiful imaginations. We’re taking several competitors with a $10 prize on the line! The winner may even be allowed to place, or remove a garter from Nick’s leg!

You haven’t had this much fun since that wedding reception you still can’t remember!

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