This last Monday was the last Dirty Gerund of 09 and we sent it off in style for sure. Tickle Bomb Orchestra kicked out the jams leading into our opening ceremonies for the Iron Poet Challenge. With a flip of the coin Jessica Gray was chosen as challenger to Iron Poet Alex Charalambides. Our resident chairman Yosh Shartin emerged from behind the bar to unveil the secret ingredient, SOUR PICKLE! With that Alex and Jessica went off to begin there creations for later in the evening in BATTLE SOUR PICKLE! With that taken care the open mic commenced and what an open mic it was. With appearances by Micheal Fisher, Jessica O’neil, Sarah Guimond, Victor Infante, and many other fantastic performers and writers hitting the stage and wowing the crowd. Closing out the open mic a surprise guest all the way from Rhode Island, Strange Famous Recording Artist, Bernard Dolan delivered a mesmerizing performance of “Joan of Arcadia”. He proved once again you never know who’s going to show up at the Dirty Gerund. After the open mic, Tickle Bomb Orchestra played some killer songs and got the room grooving and moving.

With the audience all sorts of riled up it was time at last for Miss Dirty Gerund, Iron Poet Champ, Jackie Morrill, to take the stage for her first ever feature. Though it was her first extended time on the mic one would never know by her grace, charisma, and rock solid delivery of wonderful pieces of poetry, including a deadly cover of a classic Alix Olson poem. She bravely went without the band to drop an a cappella set of riveting spoken word like the rock star she is destined to be.

After her set it was time for the Iron Poet Battle Sour Pickle to begin. The winner would be the future challenger for our current champ, so stakes and tension was high as Iron Poet Alex Charalambides and Challenger Jessica Gray stepped out on the stage to share their poetic variations. In round one, the brand new poem using the ingredient, Alex took a slight lead over the challenger but in the second round, haiku, Jessica brought the funny and made up the ground bringing them to a tie meaning all was riding on the final round, incorporating the secret ingredient into an old original recipe poem. Alex took the stage and brought passion and laughs but then Jessica Gray hit the mic and rocked a side-splitting performance. Once the dust settled (the narrowest margin we’ve had at an iron poet competition (241 to 238) it wasJessica Gray whose hand was raised in victory and Alex’s head that hung in defeat. It was an incredible showing by both though and they will always both be winners in this writers heart.

With the next challenger for Jackie Morrill chosen Tickle Bomb Orchestra closed the evening with some inspired tunes. Dancing, drinking, and partying into the night with dreams of next week’s 2010 ruckus in our heads, we all had to stop and realize just what a great show it was. A big thank you goes too all who contributed, the dynamic open mic heads, the chairman bartender Yosh, Alex and Jessica for being brave warriors, Tickle Bomb Orchestra for the best jams this side of Taco Bell, Jackie Morrill for bringing a superstar performance, and of course the audience for just being you. Until next week take care, check the website for updates on the next show, and don’t do anything you wouldn’t write a poem about.

See you soon.

We miss you already.

Nick Davis

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