Take a break between christmas gorging and  new years binging this Monday Night at the Gerund with our special guest feature!!! Your very own, Miss Dirty Gerund 2009, current Iron Poet Champ and overall homegrown bad-ass Jackie Morrill taking on her first feature evah! We here at the Dirty Gerund love to take credit for stuff we didn’t really do! In the spirit of grinchin the credit, we are proud to plant a flag and claim this young woman word warrior in the name of all Gerund’s Dirty! (We discovered her and own 10% of her subsidiary rights and future earnings! not really…) Jackie’s young, fierce, talented and has been consistently been kicking ass at our reading since the very beginning! She earned the Miss Dirty Gerund Crown and beat slam papa Bill McMillan to become the first Iron Poet, then successfully defended her crown versus co-host Nick Davis a few weeks back, so you know she’s quick on her feet, quick on the draw and gunning to bring her passionate, intelligent words to us! We are proud to present Jackie for a full poetry set! Can’t wait to be rawked proper, holidaze style!

BONUS RUCKUS ~ Since our current champ is gracing us with a full feature set, we thought we’d give her a taste of what her next challenge will be. Nick bellowed something about me defending his honor when he got beat, so in the spirit of holiday giving, I’m throwing the proverbial gauntlet down! I, Alex Charalambides, will be taking on a challenger (sign up early, challenger will be chosen at random), to see who will be the next to face our champion!

IRON POET CHALLENGE goes like this! At the beginning of the open mic, our benevolent chairman (resident bar-tender Yosh Shartin) will present his secret ingredient for the evening. The two challengers will run off to concoct three entrees using the night’s ingredient. 1.) Short (1 minute or so) original poem dedicated to our ingredient. 2.) Haiku on secret ingredient. 3.) Incorporate ingredient into a poem that you’ve read at the Gerund before! The poets have to do this fast and be ready to present their work for three judges who will give scores based on 1.) taste 2.) presentation and 3.) use of the ingredient. The winner will get a prize and a chance to face our champion in the near future!

TICKLEBOMB ORCHESTRA! – if you don’t know…. find out! kicking the jams! BONUS BONUS RUCKES! see them at the Raven this Sunday Evening, December 27th for a jam-packed show! Find Shane Hall online through face book or myspace for more details!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! If You’d Like to Donate Snack Time this Monday! Contact us!


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