This past night at The Dirty Gerund held every Monday at Ralph’s Rock Diner was quite a ruckus indeed. The evening began with some inspired jams by the house band of epic-ness Tickle Bomb Orchestra. (drummer Brian pictured to left) Our distinguished host Alex Charalambides kicked the poetry off right with an inspired take on what the future holds for music while his co-host was busy being his designated drinker off in the back. This led into a loaded with awesome open mic. With all sorts of crazy fantastic voices being heard it’s hard to mention them all but a shout out goes to all that entertained. From Jeff Cannon mesmerizing the crowd with his wisdom and power to Mandi Rackers love poem to Old Number Seven than switching gears to save Christmas, to Jessica Gray(pictured below) bringing the rollicking good times proper to two new brave souls who graced our stage for the first time Dr. Julie S and our photographer of many talents Alana Melanson (pictured above).  Also joining the mix were old friends Jackie, Aslan, Liz and Jon! An incredible showing by all as they melded and jammed with the Tickle Bomb Orchestra.

After the wackiness that was the open our special guest feature all the way from Denver, Colorado Paulie Lipman hit the stage hard. Going bravely without the band he had the audience in rapture with his manic, mad, and magnificent spoken word showcase. Whether he had us gasping at the beauty and wildness of travel or rolling on the floor with his wild takes on geek love the entire performance was awe inspiring. If you missed him perform please check out his other shows in this area for he is not to be missed. He will be performing  12/22 at Got Poetry in Providence, RI, 12/23 at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge, MA and on Jan 3 he’ll be at the Poets Asylum back in Worcester than the same night he’ll be performing at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge Ma. There is no reason to skip any of these shows. If you want to see what a true word and road warrior look, sounds, and performs like I highly suggest making a serious effort to check out one if not all the rest of this mans shows before he takes off to blow away another region.

Now back to the Dirty Gerund recap. After Paulie was done destroying our domes with amazing-ness, Alex and Nick welcomed the band back on stage for the bonus ruckus, The Father/Son Rap Picnic Battle Part 2!!!! The band kicked off some fresh beats as barbs were thrown like spears from the hands of brave Spartans. (Alex hooked up the fresh chains featuring name-plate from his last corporate job & a vintage Gansett Beer Can from the 1960’s, ya boyeeeeee!) Egos weren’t spared and neither were the virgins as the blood flooded the stage. Before a winner was declared though Shane Hall, musician extraordinaire, put down his bass and grabbed the Mic to demolish all and stand proudly closing out the show with wild freestyles and verse. Alex and Nick licked there wounds and went to search for a beer. The night concluded with quite a ruckus of party to celebrate Alex’s upcoming birthday so thank you to all that braved the cold and made the night truly memorable. Special thanks to the audience for being you, the open mic heads for being brave, honest and beautiful, the bartender Yosh for dealing with the madness, the feature Paulie Lipman for his extraordinaire talent, and of course the band Tickle Bomb Orchestra for doing an incredible job bringing the funk for all the poets week in and week out. Good night everybody. Can’t wait to see you next week. Stay tuned for further details.

We miss you already.

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