The Ruckus Recap December 14, 2009

(Humbly submitted by one Nicholas Davis, photo taken as he wrote this… no, really…)

This past show known as the Dirty Gerund held every Monday at Ralph’s Rock Diner was quite a ruckus indeed though details still remain a bit foggy for this haggard writer. Thankfully up to fifteen people were watching our live stream safely in there homes who were able to explain some of the details.
The evening began with jams being laid proper by the house band extraordinaire Tickle Bomb Orchestra which led right into a very exciting open mic indeed. Ginsberg was covered to a funky beat by our man Jake Da Snake. The fantastic Tac read an epic sea shanty and a lot of our fave regulars rocked shit right. Included but not limited to the famous sisters Jessica and Sarah, the talented Jessica Gray and the return of the mighty Melissa Worcester of the Worcester Worcester’s.  We also were lucky enough to celebrate the  birthday of one of our out of control, talented rock and roll regulars, Mandi Rackers. She not only rocked the mic she also brought snack time and a crazy, crazy party.
After the fireworks of the open mic our feature, Max Kessler,  took the stage to jam with the band on an incredible performance. It was passionate and intense and ranged topics wildly careening through emotions and experience. After the first set Max took a breather and let the band get a drink or two.
This meant that it was time for the “WE F&%#ING LIVE HERE CHALLENGE!!”. There were two brave souls ready to discuss there love for this wonderful city of Worcester. Mellissa Worcester of The Worcester Worcester’s defended her name bravely and rocked an insane ode to the Wor Town but she came up just short to the power house known as Iron Poet Sexy, Miss Dirty Gerund herself, Jackie Morrill who won a Coney Island Gift Certificate and Coney Island mug. Big Congrats to both combatants.
The night closed off with a second set by Max Kessler who once again melted all sorts of minds with his courageous performances. The band played us into the night filled with bad choices, good times, and great booze. Thank you to all that made it a magical night, Max, the band, the readers, Yosh the bartender, and of course our wonderful out of control audience. We can’t wait to see you next Monday. We miss you already.


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