The Ruckus Recap Dec. 7th 2009

Last night down at Dirty Gerund held every Monday night at Ralph’s was quite a show indeed. The evening kicked off with tunes provided by the fantastic Tickle Bomb Orchestra which led right into an exciting open mic. We saw the debut on our stage of a very talented writer and performer, Casey Whirl, who assured us he’d be back. We were also treated to stirring performances by regular Gerunders Jeff Canon, Mandi Rackers, and of course Ms. Dirty Gerund herself Jackie Morrill. Boston poet extraordinaire Chris O’Carrol also wowed the audience.

After the open mic our venerable house-band kicked the jams to lead us into our intense and thought provoking feature, Sou Savoy from Boston, MA. She delivered a set with the band backing that was utterly captivating. Painting pictures of every day moments from missing out on that Clash Concert to Rising Mass Transit, moments, too often over looked, she illustrated the beauty and hilariousness of these situations. Thank you very much Sou for visiting us.

The Ruckus closed out with the “Shiny Happy People Challenge” a direct challenge to the cold, long months ahead for us all. We had three challengers set to bring the joy, Jessica Gray, Chris O’Caroll, and Jackie Morrill. The first round brought the smiles as Jessica read of the wonders of travel, Jackie read of the bliss of love, and Chris chimed in on the sam sex marriage debate?? After the dust settled on that round we went right ahead into the second, opening with Chris coming back to deliver a humorous lamentation about internet spam. Jessica had the crowd roaring along to an original ode to boys of all kinds. Jackie closed the challenge with a poem about the most undeniable joy, the pleasure of pleasuring ourselves. After the scores were calculated though we could only have one winner though all competitors made the audience feel like kindergartners on a mountain of cupcakes. Chris O’Caroll walked away with the title The Captain of Chipper. Great job to all the soldiers of sun shine and congrats to Chris. Tickle Bomb Orchestra played us off into the night. Another great fun and fantastic show under our belts. Thanks to all that came can’t wait to see you next week, We miss you already.

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