Monday! Dec 7th! December’s Cold – Come on get HAPPY!!! DG Welcomes SUE SAVOY!

People are neurologically incapable of forgetting Sue Savoy.  She’s been an irreplaceably unique voice since she began on the slam scene in 2002.  You know how sometimes you laugh when listening to a particularly amusing performer (especially if other people are laughing around you too)?  Sue isn’t that kind of funny.  She elicits the kind of laughter that makes you notice the sound of your own voice because you don’t always feel it pouring out so natural, so big and so free.  And sometimes you laugh not because she’s being funny per se, but because she’s hit on something so profoundly accurate about life and experience.  What’s better is how it’s often in relation to topics that, in lesser poetic hands, would merely be burned as fuel for purely cynical and vitriolic rants.  Sue is saying something else under the surface.  It might be hope (or not), but it might not be despair either (or maybe it is, but it’s all going to be OK anyway).  Besides being dangerously humorous and thoughtful in her work, she is adroit at illustrating the everyday in unexpected ways. She is the custodian of those moments where you cock your head to the side and say, “Huh, that’s odd/sad/funny/weird/interesting/meaningful.”  Ms. Savoy can be found as a much-enjoyed regular open mic performer at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge, as well as having featured at Stone Soup, Tapestry of Voices, Boston University and Emerson College.

BONUS RUCKUS it’s real easy for us artist types to get a bit gloomy with winter fast approaching and random family members questioning our life choices around the holiday table. SO THE DIRTY GERUND BRINGS TO YOU:

“THE SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE CHALLENGE” bring us some bright sunny words to make us forget about that sliver of daylight we’re forced to subsist on. Be in love, or in love with the idea of love, or just bring us something about puppy dogs that’ll deprogram stressed out moods and make us go “awwww……” I mean that darn smiley face was invented in Worcester!

Bring two happy poems. Depending on how many contestants we get, we’ll either do two rounds or one.

Winner gets a drink on us! Now that sounds warm, fuzzy & happy!!!

TICKLEBOMB ORCHESTRA (House Band Extraordinaire!) Will be on hand to lay the groove to all poets in need!


Come on! Get happy! DG STYLE!!!

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