Ruckus Review 11-30-09

O my Jebus the ruckus was brought tonight down at Ralph’s Rock Diner. Tickle Bomb Orchestra was amazing through out the show and snack time was a hit brought by Peter the Giant With A heart of Gold.

The night kicked off with Iron Poet challenger and Dirty G co-host Nick Davis performing a poem followed by the reigning Iron Poet Champ Jackie Morrill rocking one of her own creations. Before the open mic commenced officially the opening ceremonies for the challenge where had. Yosh the fabulous drink slinger and chairman unveiled the secret ingredient as A Losing Scratch Ticket. The gauntlet dropped the competitors scurried off to the dark corners to create their “dish’s” leaving co-host Alex C to run he open mic.  The incredible jams of Tickle Bomb Orchestra rocked the crowd along with the brave, creative and lively readers featuring the surprise return of one Mareh K!!

Followed by the Open Mic our feature Brian Elliss!! His first twenty min. set  he was backed up by the band in a freewheeling, energetic, orgasmic explosion of talents. He performed from the heart and shot from the hip leaving the audience gasping and sweaty. If you haven’t seen this man read before find him on for latest updates on shows he’ll be performing.

After the first set was over and the dust had settled the competitors, Nick Davis and Iron Poet Sexy Jackie Morrill, emerged to take the stage in “Battle Scratch Ticket”. The opening round was the orignal creation challenge with Jackie drawing first blood with a humorous take on Nick Davis’s genitals. She than delivered the knock out blow in the haiku round with Nick Davis losing his cool and having a melt down. The final round (incorporating the ingredient into an already created poem) Nick Davis had a lot of ground to make up as he was far behind. He put in an earnest effort with an all out performance jumping off bars, and breaking his dome. But in the end Jackie Morrill emerged after a great showing in the last round as the proud victor, still holding the crown as Iron Poet Sexy. In his defeat Nick Davis vowed to kiss the feat of Miss. Dirty Gerund, Jackie Morrill until she is dethroned.

To close the night Brian Elliss graced the stage on more time this time without the band. He once again performed like the titan he is. Dropping jaws, breaking hearts, and melting minds. From the bottom of our vocal box thank you Mr. Elliss for the amazing show you delivered.
Our bodies sweating, we danced the evening away as Tickle Bomb Orchestra took us out. Much gratitude to all that came can’t wait to see you next week we miss you already.

Check us out if you can’t make it at we stream live there every Monday

3 Responses to “Ruckus Review 11-30-09”

  1. Alfonso Ambross Says:

    Hi there

    I´m an american citizen leaving in Sweden and I would like to congratulate you for the fantastic program you run both on line as live.

    Your program and pics have inspired me to start up an Open Scene program here in Stockholm and I ask permission to use the Mark Palos-the colonel Poetry Slam 2008 pic in one of the flyers. This will be used one time only.

    Thanks in advance and keep up with the good work (welcome to Sweden)

    Alfonso Ambrossi

    • dirtygerund Says:

      That’s really wonderful that you watched our show! I asked Mark and he said you could use his photo. Maybe if you make a digital promo flier, you could email it to me and i can pass it on to him. I think he’d like that. Best of luck Alphonso. I’m really honored that you like our website and our show. We found that poetry with the music and a little comedy and craziness really works. You should start a show at home. I hope it works well. It’s a lot of fun. If you ever find yourself back in the United States, look us up!
      Alex Charalambides

  2. Alfonso Ambross Says:

    Hi there Alex

    Thanks for your answer and the suggestion to start a show like yours here in Sweden. Maybe Scandinavia is ready by now… who knows it?

    Here is the swedish verision of Open Scene

    I hope you guys have fun and success for you deserve it

    Sigtuna har talang
    Öppen scen

    Fredag 19 februari kl. 19:00 – 20:30
    Sigtunastiftelsens Bibliotek

    Om ”du tror” att du har talang
    utmanar vi dig att komma hit och visa vad du kan

    Dansa, sjung, spela instrument
    läs poesi, stand up comedy
    eller bara kom som publik

    Regler: Fem minuter/deltagare
    Kapacitet: 60 platser
    Anmälan: 592 589 35

    Fri entré

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