Nov. 30th – Shake off them Turkey Day Calories with BRIAN ELLIS!!!

BRIAN ELLIS lives in Jamaica Plain, a part of the the city of Boston. He reads poems of his own devising to friends and family and strangers. On Wednesday nights you can usually find him at the Cantab lounge. On Friday nights you can find him at the Whitehaus Hootenannies. Multiple Boston Cantab Poetry Slam Teams, Nationally Touring and published author will be bringing work from his book……..
Brian S. Ellis

Uncontrolled Experiments in Freedom

Uncontrolled Experiments in Freedom is a manic and shimmering account of the life of Brian Stephen Ellis. His words shiver, babble, rant and constantly threaten to fall apart under the weight of their own gravity. His narratives come from and carry the images of a world where many believe no poetry to exist. This is a second-hand microscope examining the fuzzy science of survival.

Brian is seriously one of my favorites in the spoken word scene. He truly brings a unique voice wherever he goes & I am sooooooo glad he’s paying us a visit! It’s been too long! check him out at


The triumphant return of “IRON POET CHALLENGE!!!!” This week! Nick Davis is challenging reigning Iron Poet Champ & Miss Dirty Gerund, Jackie Morrill to battle in Dirty Gerund Stadium. Yosh Shartin, our resident bad-ass barman, is cookin’ up a new secret ingredient that will be unveiled at the beginning of the show. Jackie and Nick will have to devise three entrees using the secret ingredient. An original haiku, an original short poem, and of course, incorporating the ingredient into a poem they’re already written.  They will present their succulent lyrical dishes in a head to head competition, where 3 judges will give points based on taste, presentation and use of the secret ingredient.

SNACK TIME – (volunteers? email us!)

TICKLEBOMB ORCHESTRA!!! bringing crazy good improv music and mixing seamlessly with our poetry, super house band style!!!!



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