NOV. 2nd!!! – HOWL AT THE FULL MOON with “The Mission from Zod” TOUR!!! PLUS – FIRST EVER “IRON” POET MATCH!

Mark Palos - The Colonel - Cantab Lounge - Cambridge, MAMark “The Colonel” Palos is the host of Open Mic Poetry @ the Bridge Cafe in Manchester, NH and a co-founder, 3 year veteran, and 2-time coach of Slam Free or Die, the NH Poetry Slam Team.  His work has appeared in several literary journals, collections, and reviews, such as “Paraphernalia”, the 2008 and 2009 Jazzmouth Festival Review, “Stray Rounds”, and most recently, “The Great American Rodeo Massacre” through Sargent Press.  Mark has performed his work on stages, in classrooms, bar rooms, backrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, backseats, basements, sub-basements, on mountaintops, rooftops, front stoops, fire escapes, beaches, street corners, sidewalks, park benches, and in back alleys all over New England and beyond.  He dreams of some day roaming the wasteland of a post-apocalyptic future in a modified Mustang on an endless search for gasoline.NHSLAM

Ryan “Two Belts” McLellan is a performance poet, singer/songwriter Ryan McLellan - NorthBeast Slam Regionals - Cambridge, MA (1) English teacher from Exeter, New Hampshire.  His poems have appeared in a few dozen journals, such as “Essence”, “Literary House Review”, “Bird’s Eye reView”, “Dance to Death” and a forthcoming publication in the “2010 Poet’s Guide to New Hampshire” anthology.  The recipient of the 2009 Esther Buffler Fellowship, he works to bring slam and spoken-word into the classroom and challenge students to look at poetry in new ways.  2009 was his first time competing in the National Poetry Slam and he could not have been more honored to be a part of team Slam Free or Die.

Folks Say Cool Things About Them!

In my opinion, the most exciting new scene in spoken word poetry right now is in Manchester, NH, and Mark Palos & Ryan McLellan are at the heart of it. They are both a product of, and one of the reasons behind, Manchester’s exuberance and unabashed love for poetry, and they are sure to bring a piece of that city’s freshness, zeal, and humor with them wherever they travel. Viva Manchvegas!” – Christian Drake, poet, member of the 2009 Albuquerque, NM Slam Team
Ryan McLellan and Mark Palos (aka The Colonel) together create a mighty one-two punch of rock star poetry. They’ll come at you guns blazing, not letting you go until you’re walking with a limp… and that’s just their intro.” – Charles Lacerte, Cauldron Literary Magazine
“Mark Palos and Ryan McLellan are poets with voices bigger than their bodies. Set in punk shows and classrooms alike, their poems blast the audience with Real Life.” – Jeff Stumpo, author of The Icarus Sketches
Mark and Ryan try so hard to act like big tough poets, but they’re not fooling anyone – clearly they are sweethearts. Clearly their hearts are sweet. Possibly edible.” – Robb Q Telfer, write bloody
Mark Palos - The Colonel - National Poetry Slam 2008 - Madison, WI (1)On The Colonel:
Watch out for this incisively smart, funny ball of energy. At once literary and accessible, he’s one of the good ones. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll propose marriage.”  – Anne Reynolds, editor – Fiction International
On Two Belts:
McLellan? He’s a punk…and coming from me, that’s a high compliment Ryan McLellan - Brickhouse - Dover, NH (1)indeed…because that punk spirit of DIY, in your face, do it in spite of those who tell you you can’t, reach out and touch someone HARD is my idea of what this stuff should be about. He’s got it.
Tony Brown, poet
This is the sort of poetry and the sort of poet that makes life–my life, anyway–worth it. He burns it down to the ground and all that’s left is the gold.” – John-Michael Albert, editor of Poet’s Guide to New Hampshire
Ryan McLellan’s poetry is like reading a philosophy textbook in the middle of a mosh pit.” – Michael Mlekoday, National Poetry Slam Champion

Okay – here’s the scoop. In the spirit of stealing good ideas, we’ve decided to steal an idea.
THIS MONDAY – one of our veteran “Iron” (aluminum? nah!) “Iron” Poets who throw down regularly at the Gerund will word battle a plucky upstart challenger.
BREAKDOWN: We will ask one neutral party to choose & unveil a secret ingredient. The challenger will be chosen by random draw, they will be given 15-20 minutes to prepare an original haiku employing the secret ingredient, a short improv poem, AND incorporate the secret ingredient into a poem they’ve already written. so three pieces in all, they will face off against the (uhm) “master” and 3 judges will choose the winner of each round. Best 2 out of 3… wins a snazzy prize! simple… right?
I don’t know… let’s find out!

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