febo4Anthony Febo, or just Febo, has been on stage since the seventh grade, first embracing the emceeing aspect of writing. Febo did nothing but rap for five years, he has now moved on to spoken word poetry and has been focused on it for two years. Febo takes truth and sugar-coats it with metaphors and witty word play.

Febo is a member of the spoken word trio L.I.F.E. which consist of Masada Jones and Joey B. They include their diversity in not only life, but in poetry to combine and create some of the most captivating performance poetry in all of Lowell. For more info on L.I.F.E. visit www.myspace.com/life62207 Febo is also a member of the first Lowell Adult Slam Team. febo2

The only thing that Febo enjoys more than performing, is teaching. He teaches poetry at an organization that he co founded with his fellow L.I.F.E. members called FreeVerse! (freeverseword.blogspot.com).

febo3He, along with Masada Jones formed the first Lowell Youth Poetry Slam Team and brought the team to the Brave New Voices Festival in Chicago during the summer of 08′.
He has had the pleasure of opening and/or sharing the stage with: Saul Williams. Carlos Andrés Gómez. Maya Del Valle. Buddy Wakefield. Lemon. Shihan. Gina Loring. George Watsky. Jared Paul.

2 Responses to “OCT 19th – ANTHONY FEBO from LOWELL!”

  1. This dude is sick, I’ve heard him do his thing many times, it would be a shame to miss this show!

  2. dirtygerund Says:

    thanks for the positive comment. i’m looking forward to hearing a full set from febo! if you’re 21 plus, come on down!!!

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