MONDAY 9/28/09 from Chi-Town, J.W. BAZ!!!


J.W. BAZ is a guy who never learned to shut up. Equal parts poignant and perverse, hilarious and heart-wrenching, his career as a writer-performer is defined by duality. While some critics can’t stand him, countless others have offered considerable acclaim, even going so far as to call him, “his generation’s Lenny Bruce.” Due largely to his raucous live shows and uncanny ability to engage an audience, Baz has garnered a reputation as one of the most exciting figures in the world of spoken word. His work has appeared on NPR, in the Chicago Tribune, and in hundreds of venues across the United States and Canada.

As a slam competitor, Baz was a finalist at the 2007 Individual World Poetry Slam and twice finished in the Top Ten at the U.S. National Poetry Slam as a member of Team Chicago. To date, he has released two full-length albums of poetry, “Poet Laureate of Apt. 2E” (2006) and “Love Crimes, Etc.” (2007), and has completed two national tours in their support. All things considered, he’s doing pretty well for a guy who failed Creative Writing in high school.

Listen to Baz here:

MONDAY – J.W. BAZ will be performing work from his One Man Show!!!

No One Can Fix You is a raucous one-man dramedy about ill-advised sex, shameless liver abuse, and the poetry that made none of it better. Laced with poetic verse, humor, and some extraordinarily awkward stories, No One Can Fix You is a hysterical and moving account of the one man’s trials in love and addiction. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be glad none of it happened to you.

No One Can Fix You is the most exciting thing to come out of the performance poetry community in years. The script is raw without being clumsy, deliberate without feeling contrived; Baz’s performance matches the vulnerability of his words in stride, ripping his ribs wide and untangling his heart in front of a mirror. No One Can Fix You tears down the fourth wall and pulls the audience on stage…It is crass, uncensored, and offensive. It has to be. No One Can Fix You makes no apologies for its honesty, Baz makes no amends for the err that is human. It is, put simply, one man sharing a story you’ve already heard–and you, never wanting to stop listening.
-Ronnie K. Stephens

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