perhaps due to last monday’s patriots season opener, we did not enjoy our usual turnout for monday’s reading. we will re-book Jade Sylvan in the future, but are glad we got a chance to meet & hang with her. she even favored us with a short, off-mic set of work fom her fabulous new book, “The Spark Singer,” check out to catch a bit of what you missed!

THIS MONDAY!!! 9/21/09

JimCarroll1994 COME DOWN TO THE DIRTY GERUND at RALPHS DINER to celebrate the memory of poet indie rock legend JIM CARROLL – (8/1/40 – 9/11/09). Read Jim’s work in the open mic. We’ll try to have some of his books on hand.

check out if you don’t know his work.

Afterwards – join us for THE DEAD POET’s SLAM – 2 rounds, bring poems by someone who ain’t exactly “with us” anymore. $10 cash prize for the winner! This isn’t the greatest night of poetry in the world, this is just a tribute!!!

8:30 sign-up and jukebox dance party –

9pm open mic, followed by the slam!

cheap drinks, great burgers, fun times! monday night football? really?

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