Monday, July 16th! Northampton Poetry Slam Team visits! Plus! “Drunk Text or Poem?” Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: The 2018 Northampton Poetry Slam Team will compete at the National Poetry Slam in Chicago, IL this August. They’re team consists of: Cori Stenning-Barnes, Huimin Wan, Rowan Indigo, and Tara Jean Bernier. Three of the four team members will be competing at NPS for the very first time, and we’re excited to hear some fine, new work from out west. Northampton Poetry Slam & open mic takes place every Tuesday Night. We strongly encourage you all to take a trip out some time!

BONUS RUCKUS: The “Wait, is that from a drunk text, or from a poem?” Listen & Guess Challenge! One of our favorites, Nick will cull the internet in search of dazzlingly (hiccup)! deep and prophetic lines, both from popular poems and from his own inbox, to share in his best spoken word delivery voice? We’ll take three competitors. Your job? Take a best guess and tell us whether that beautiful metaphor was penned by a poetic great, or screen shot from a n’er do well with a tmobile account and no friends to tell them to publish that ish! Guess correct. Get a point. Get three points, get a cold, frothy prize on us!

Shout out to JOE M for making snacks happen this past week! Great job to guest house band MEAN SPIRIT, you can catch them at Woochella festival this weekend. We’ll have more open mic (please sign up at 8pm, we’ve nearly doubled our open mic list size in recent weeks) as we’re trying to start this show at 8:30pm sharp! Join us on the patio!


Monday July 9th – RYK McINTYRE New Book Release! Plus! The Dog Days of Summer Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: RYK McINTYRE has been a legendary presence on the New England poetry scene for decades. He has toured extensively around the continental United States and Canada, appearing at countless poetry venues, festivals and house parties. He has been published widely, most notably, in The Worcester Review, Off the Coast, Short Fuse- An Anthology of New Fusion Poets, and Aim for the Head – An Anthology of Zombie Poetry. His second full length collection of poetry, “The Man at the Door” (Broken Head Press) was recently released and this will serve as Worcester’s book release party! Ryk is breaking his own record for Dirty Gerund Features, and he never disappoints! Come thru!

BONUS RUCKUS: Dog Days of Summer Challenge: Earlier than usual, we’re feeling this heat and want to give gerunders the opportunity to rant at the thermometer like we know you can. Bring your best original poem about summer or dehydration or sun burns or gross portopoties at the music festival and let the rage fly! Best poem as decided by the audience get’s a cool beverage of wash down that fire!

SAMI WISELL will be our guest visual artist this Monday and will be bringing some art to showcase, so bring those art buying dollars! I believe someone volunteered snacks, but you know we forget, please remind us! More information soon about Dirty Gerund sponsoring a poetry slam team for FEMSLAM this fall! If you’re looking for a fun poetry field trip soon and want to support youth poets, the 2018 Brave New Voices Youth Poetry Slam Team will be competing against the House Slam Boston adult poetry slam team on July 14th at Makeshift Boston! Get tickets for SQUAD UP! and watch the brilliance! Road trip! Let’s go!!!!

Monday July 2nd! LULU HAWKES BONVOYAGE FEATURE! Plus Holiday Pie-klue Face Dunk Challenge!

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LULAMA MOYO (aka LULU HAWKES) is a Clark alumni. She gained a B.A. in International Development and Social Change in 2016, and in 2017 she  graduated from the Accelerated Master’s Degree program where she studied Community Development and Planning. Using her academic career to explore her passion of education development, she focused on access advocacy, decolonizing the classroom and curriculum, and African Diasporic achievement. As a nationally competitive slam poet, and visual artist, Lulama has also utilized art as a vehicle for education and social change. She has had works published in newspapers, and academic journals such as the Journal of Progressive Human Services. Lulama has facilitated writing and performance workshops for elementary, middle school, and high school students in different parts of New England, focusing on art as a means of social justice. She has also run art expression workshops in Eastern Cape, South Africa. Lulama formerly worked at the Worcester Youth Center where she built curriculum and ran three major programs, one of which was a a social justice oriented arts workshops for youth ages 14-18. This experience was a source of light that motivates her to continue working hard for young people. She currently works more behind the scenes in education advocacy as a Grants Coordinator and Teacher Support Specialist for ASSISTments which is an organization operating under Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Lulama remains to be a diligent community organizer and activist dismantling the legacies of white supremacy. Her socially conscious writing style encompasses a longing for her home culture as well as a deep love letter to the diaspora. Bitter-sweetly, Lulu will be leaving Worcester to pursue new opportunities and we will miss her excellent words, so it’s doubly vital we hear them this Monday!

BONUS RUCKUS: Holiday Pie-Clue Face Plant Challenge! Is our excuse to get a little messy outside! America digs gluttony, so we thought we’d insert some dessert themed haikus at the bottom of pies. Contestants need to face plant, risk sugar comas and read their haiku out loud. We’ll time it. Whoever finishes fastest, get’s a drink on us to wash down all that shame, I mean, fame. Bring your own moist towelette! BENJAMIN DAVIS will be rocking the visual arts! We could use a snack volunteer! Worcester fire works will also be starting around show time, so , you know… finally. ALSO NOTE: We’re going to try to begin the open mic at 8:30pm as these mic lists have been filling up ever so quick! Be there at 8pm to assure yourself a spot! 

Monday June 20th! SARA MAE from FEMS SLAM! Plus

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FEATURED POET: SARA MAE is a Taurus sun and crystal witch currently trying to ground herself in Boston, Massachusetts. She is known to be a public cryer, otherwise known as a slam poet. She is the 2017 IWPS rep for Slam Free or Die, a 2018 Emerson College CUPSI team member, and a 2018 Boston Poetry Slam NPS team member. She is a head organizer for the Feminine Empowerment Movement Slam (FEMS) Organization. Her work is published or forthcoming from Tinderbox, Peach Mag, Breakwater Review and elsewhere. Her first chapbook, Priestess of Tankinis is out in July via Game Over Books. She believes in the magic of blue bicycles and orange lipstick. She hopes you think her bangs are not too long.

BONUS RUCKUS: PROMPT & CIRCUMSTANCE CHALLENGE – yup, we’re back with a bag (or box?) of zany items that will serve as both your writing prompt and writing surface! Best performance nets you a drink on us and all participants get to keep their junk we found in our house!

Oh to be back out on the patio! MARK LEIGHTON leads the band, ASHLEY FERENCIK will be back as guest visual artist (champion of the miniature sculpture!) Anyone on snacks? Share your kitchen art with us this monday and get a bag of swag from Nick! Let’s art party summer style! ALEX CHARALAMBIDES will be featuring at Listen! Poetry Reading at Nick’s Bar this Sunday night!

Monday, June 18th! ERIC SIROTA from Chicago! Plus Iron Poet Qualifier!

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FEATURED POET: ERIC SIROTA is a spoken word poet, author, and do-gooder lawyer residing in Champaign, Illinois by way of Chicago. He is a two-time Grand Slam Champion – of Chicago’s Mental Graffiti in 2013 and Chicago’s Lethal Poetry in 2014. In 2013, his team competed in semi-finals at the National Poetry Slam in Boston. Eric was the 2015 co-Champion of the Great Plains Poetry Pile-up. His work has been widely featured on Button Poetry, gaining him the number 1 Best of Button spot in January 2016 for his poem “Written in Real-Time” and the number 2 Best of Button spot for multiple weeks as well as on the Best of Button August 2016 album for his poem “Virginity, Lost.” Eric‘s notable page publications include his recent chapbook, Holy Days, was recently published as an ebook by FreezeRay Press. His poems about Chanukah, Cookie Monster, and The Lion King were also published in FreezeRay. He has two poems featured in the Not Our President anthology recently published by ThoughtCrimes Press. Eric was the winner of the 2015 Springfield Writer’s Guild Humorous Poetry prize for his poem about Cookie Monster. Eric is a proud member of the Midwest Interfaith Poets. Eric currently supervises students who provide free representation to borrowers in foreclosure at the University of Illinois College of Law. You can’t miss him. He’s the tallest Jew for miles.

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER – we’re looking for two poets to compete for a chance to dethrone reigning champion ASHLEY WONDER next month for the Iron Poet Championship? What happens during this contest? Two poets received a special ingredient at the beginning of the show. Then they write 1. original haiku, 2. short free form poem and 3. incorporate the ingredient into a poem they’ve read before. After the first half of the show, poets battle. Three judges give points on taste, creativity and use of the secret ingredient. Trust us, it’s a hoot!

Newcomer MIKE has promised some songs and a plate of home baked cookies for snack time! We’ll have the house band and visual artist in two. Let’s hope for glorious weather, so we can bask in the patio glow (Disclaimer: Glow generated by artificial lights, and sometimes, the moon.). Rock with us!

Monday June 11th! LEWIS MORRIS “ALIVE” Worcester Album Release Party! Plus “Prose Cuddle” Challenge

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FEATURED ARTIST: LEWIS MORRIS is a Providence Based Poet, beat maker, teaching artist & rapper, dropping a third full album release this weekend, “Alive” is the highly anticipated new work and we’re incredibly grateful that our friend is premiering the work in Worcester this Monday! Lewis made a name for himself, bringing sharp, image rich, honest, verbally intricate work through Providence Poetry Slam, since then, he founded the Mass Art Poets Alliance, co-founded and toured extensively with Flatline Collective and performed his poems at conferences, schools and galleries across New England and beyond! Get ready to stand up and move!

BONUS RUCKUS: The “Prose Cuddle” is our response to the rap battle. Instead of rhyming and tearing apart your opponent, you just need to poetically compliment your opponent, winning “awwwws” from the audience! Whoever’s literally the “nicest” will win prize!

MOLLY ROSE is our guest visual artist! Expect music, open mic, visual arts and hopefully, some snacks (we need a volunteer, get at us through the FB event invite). If the weather’s decent, we’ll be back outside on the patio at Ralph’s!

Monday May 28th, OPEN CASH POETRY SLAM “Dirty Gerund Rules” – Plus! Guest House Band MEAN SPIRIT!

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(Due to unforseen circumstances, our scheduled feature from out of town needed to cancel and we’ll need to re-schedule them at a later date. That means, we’re turning the mic over to you!) OPEN CASH MONEY POETRY SLAM with special “Dirty Gerund” Rules will be in tap for this Monday Night. Bring your two best poems that run under 3 minutes in time. ROUND ONE – “Perform with the band, you may instruct the band on tone and feel, or leave it to fate, but you must perform with them backing you! ROUND TWO – “Nick’s bag of tricks” expect the unexpected. Nick might give you a prop, a stage direction, a random hype person, a blindfold, we don’t know, Nick’ll figure it out when he gets there! Winner of the two round slam will get $50, count em, $50 american dollars for their trouble!

Guest visual artist LAM NGUYEN is one of our favorites! MEAN SPIRIT is your guest house band and we hope to hear a few of their originals as well. We hope the weather cooperates, as outside patio shows are THE place to be this Spring into Summer! Anyone volunteering snacks? Nick has instituted a bag of random swag (books, cd’s, ephemera) while we literally sing your praises from stage! MARK LEIGHTON & MILO BOY WONDER’s new musical project THE LOVE GODS are making their debut this weekend at Ralph’s for MATTHEW FLYNN’s ThoughtBomb show featuring Bibbe Handon and Jacqueline Frances, and is sure to be a kick ass time!