Monday! Nov 12th! Taylor Liljegren Book Release! Plus, Iron Poet Qualifier!

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POETRY FEATURE: TAYLOR LILJEGREN is a poet and educator from Lunenburg, Massachusetts. She received her undergraduate degree in English Literature and Secondary Education from Lesley University, and is a candidate for her Masters in English Literature through the Breadloaf School of English at Middlebury College. Her work has previously been published in Best Indie Lit New England, Vol 2, (Black Key Press) as well as Nixes Mate Review: Anthology 2016-2017. Slapstick – The Lucy Poems (“invites us into the intimate life of Lucy Ball-Riccardo”) is her first published book of poetry ( and we’re beyond excited to celebrate it’s release in Worcester! Taylor currently teaches English and coaches slam poetry at Lexington High School. She was an anchor member of the 2010 and 2011 Worcester Youth Poetry Slam Team which advanced to semi-finals that the Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Slam. While very literate, she’s still pretty metal!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER: ASHLEY WONDER is STILL champion! Who, we ask, who DARES to approach the nerve it might take to challenge her triumphant reign next month? Well, we will accept two open mic regular challenges who have the gall to compete. Three rounds, three judges, three scoring criteria and one diabolical secret ingredient, will make our half-time show sizzle like the tastiest steak! Get at us if you want a shot at greatness! (NOTE: actual greatness NOT guaranteed by the Dirty Gerund Poetry Show Staff, Organizers, Ralph’s Diner, Audience or anyone who comprehends words, sorry, you could be great, but we’re protecting ourselves from lawsuits, you understand, you don’t? oh well…) just by reading this, you’ve waived any such claim… nooooge!

Visual artist DWAYNE GLAVE (check his stuff on instagram, @guitars_n_gang_signs) returns to create live at the show! We’ll have more music, more open mic, more amazing burgers and cheap drinks and dang it, bring some $$$$ to buy some books from our special local based guest super star author! Oooooh! shout out to MAYA for making copies of our new amazing flier designed by LUKAS THERIEN! Grab one to paste on your boss’s office door! Yes on everything!



Monday Nov 5th! CATHERINE WEISS w/ a new book! PLUS! Holiday “Leftover” Frankenpoem Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: CATHERINE WEISS is a poet based in Western Massachusetts. They were the 2017 Grand Slam Champion and the 2018 WOWPS rep of Northampton Poetry. Their work has been published in Freezeray Poetry, Gravel Mag, Voicemail Poems, Jersey Devil Press, Drunk in a Midnight Choir, Buck Off Mag, Noble/Gas Quarterly, Slamfind, and elsewhere. Their favorite hobbies include crying (Cancer Sun), starting unrealistic projects (Capricorn Moon), and complaining—usually in the form of memes and subtweets (Scorpio Rising). Catherine writes about stuff like mental illness, fatness, trauma, sexuality, and adolescence. Sometimes their poems are funny.

BONUS RUCKUS: Holiday Times Leftover “Frankenpoem” Challenge! Do you think it’s worth going through the tedious tasks of preparing an entire thanksgiving meal JUST so you can rock the turkey samiches the next day? Then you’re into leftovers, so are we! Nick Davis is going to scrap together word fragments from magazines, classic poems, recipes, court ord… I mean, other documents and hand you a smattering of clips. Your job, take them and frankenpoem a new piece to be read at halftime. Gerunder who does it the best, get’s a drink on us!

TODD GALVIN will be rocking some “Yes on 3” live art on the eve of the election! Still time to finish line VOLUNTEER this weekend! We’ll have live music, live art, open mic and all the zesty best for you as we enter November with a-plumb (aploom?) We don’t know and frankly, aren’t concerning ourselves! Yay!

Monday Oct 29th! LIN PANG features! Plus Halloween Persona Poem Costume Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: LIN PANG is a queer/trans Asian American poet, youth worker, and teaching artist based in Boston. They are a 2018 Pink Door Fellow, 2017 FEM Slam finalist, and founding member of Disrupt Slam at Tufts University. Lin is a poetry instructor & slam team coach at GrubStreet, and previously coached youth slam teams for A-WAY (Allies Working with Asian Youth). Lin’s writing is anthologized in Crab Fat Magazine: Best of Year Three. Their work explores family histories, diaspora, (gender)queerness, and belonging. Find them on Instagram @lin.pang

BONUS RUCKUS: Halloween themed costume / persona poem performance challenge! That’s right! $25 grand prize on the line for the gerunder who comes with a costume and performs a poem, from the point of view of the costume you’re wearing!

GUEST VISUAL ARTIST: Return of SORANA GATEJ one of the biggest talents who’s ever rocked a canvas at the DG! We’ll have live music, live art, open mic (which have been superb lately) and all the thrills of a Halloween Gerund! Fly your freak flag and come howl at the moon with us!

Monday Oct 22nd! EMILY O’NEIL new book Worcester Release! Plus! IRON POET Championships!

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POETRY FEATURE: EMILY O’NEILL teaches writing and tends bar in Boston, MA. Her second poetry collection, a falling knife has no handle, is out this fall from YesYes Books. Her debut poetry collection, Pelican, was the inaugural winner of YesYes Books’ Pamet River Prize for women and nonbinary writers, as well as the winner of the 2016 Devil’s Kitchen Reading Series in Poetry. O’Neill is also the author of four chapbooks, most recently baby on bar from Ghost City Press. Her recent poems, stories, and essays have appeared in CutbankGrammaPinwheelRedividerSalt Hill, and Washington Square, among many others. Check out the site

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS “Wonder vs. Schlitzman”! International travel has forced us to wait for this amazing matchup, but current champ ASHLEY WONDER defends her title vs. former champ MALT SCHLITZMAN in what promises to be an amazing matchup!

SARAH SAINT GEORGE will be rocking some art. Might we see MARK LEIGHTON handsomly back on the guitar? We’ll have Ralph’s all to ourselves this Monday, so let’s turn up, turn out and turn up!!!! Rock with us this rocktober!

Monday October 15th! VOX-POP Indie Champ NICK SIMMONDS from Providence! Plus – Autumnal “Hai-clue” Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: NICK SIMMONDS is a Providence-based writer, technical consultant, game designer, programmer, and recovering whiz-kid attempting to be a whiz-adult.  Nick is the 2018 VOX POP individual poetry slam champion and a staff member at the Providence Poetry Slam. You can find videos of his work at Slamfind, and his writing can be found at McSweeney’s, Drunk in a Midnight Choir, Dragon Magazine, Polyhedron, 3AM Facebook posts and

BONUS RUCKUS: (Part Deux) – Autumnal “Hai-Clue” Challenge! We forgot to do this a couple weeks ago. All the more time to hone our skills at configuring 17 syllable challenge haikus that raise awareness for the seasonal changes that we’re all dealing with at the moment. There’s only about seven changes that happen during autumn that most people notice, so, this should not be terrible difficult. First to guess three correctly get’s a drink on us! Woot!

Open mic, live art and live music – all to be had for the price of… whatever you can throw in the bucket. Get your hoodies ready, we’re hoping for one more outdoor show. (there’s another rock show upstairs this Monday, let’s make more noise them them regardless!) woooot!

Monday October 8th – MUGABI BYENKYA from Toronto! Plus! The Era”sure” Performance Challenge!

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FEATURED POET: MUGABI BYENKYA is a writer, poet and occasional rapper. Born in Nigeria, to Ugandan parents, he is currently based between Kampala and Toronto. Mugabi was longlisted for the Babishai Niwe Poetry Award in 2015. His essays, articles and poetry have been featured on The Good Men Project, African Writer and Arts and Africa, amongst other publications. Mugabi has been insightfully interviewed on Voice of America, NTV Uganda and Brittle Paper amongst other media outlets. Mugabi’s writing is used to teach international high school English reading comprehension. His debut novel, ‘Dear Philomena,’ was published in 2017 and he recently concluded a 30 city North America/East Africa tour in support of this. He is currently on a second tour aptly titled, “Is That A World Tour or Your Girls Tour?” which will take him across an additional 25 cities. Mugabi wants to be Jaden Smith when he grows up.

BONUS RUCKUS: ERASURE CHALLENGE – Ok. We’re bringing down these funky animal trading / learning cards. Your job? Choose one at random, use a sharpie or pen to erase certain words in order to create an original poem. Best poem that captures this spirit animal will win a cold beverage on us!

There’s a concert upstairs on Monday, so we’re hoping to be outside if the weather behaves! We’ll have music, live art, open mic and all the fun you can handle this monday!

Monday, October 1st – LEON LEGACY farewell feature! Plus! Autumnal Hai-Clue Challenge!

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FEATURED ARTIST: From a scrappy kid with a notebook and a dream to young man fighting to find his place, LEON LEGACY‘s knack for creativity and out of the box thinking are both a gift and a curse. While gifting him with a unique artistic insight to make creative music with depth and though provoking lyrics that often challenge the statues quo of cool; it simultaneously leaves him to battle the throws of severe depression and anxiety, as he searches for comfort and acceptance in a world all to quick try to and hammer down those who stand out. While at times his music is littered with the dark undertones of a man who gets carried away by his own thoughts, his lyrics are often insightful, And inspirational, speaking to his belief that regardless of where you are from, with enough heart, you can become anything you want, Challenging all who doubt the trajectory of the hardworking young man, who was once just a Scrappy kid with a dream and a notebook. With stints ranging from opening for Cash Moneys, Caskey, as well as Bishop Nehru (Famed MF Doom collaborator, and signee to Nas’s Mass Appeal records), to playing several dates on the 2013 Vans Warped tour, and the recent release of his Self Produced Debut Album Falling with Style, Leon is Amassing a massive and dedicated fan base across different generational gaps and social groups as he goes. One fan, one stage, on song at a time. We’ve just learned that Leon’s been invited to become part of an arts collective in Atlanta and is taking the plunge to follow his path! We wish him all the best, hopes he visits often and look forward to the day when we can say, we remember back when…. check out

BONUS RUCKUS: Autumnal Hai-Clue Guess Challenge – ya, we know… seasons right? We’ll write up some 17 syllable clues, you buzz in and guess what autumnal tradition, event or experience we’re talking about and win a point. First to three points, get’s something with pumpkin in it.