Monday May 29th – Hip Hop Feature! GHOST of the MACHINE! Plus! Prompt & Circumstance Challenge!

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Featured Guests: GHOST OF THE MACHINE Its been a while since we had a featured musical guest and oh boy do we have a doozy. Ghost of the Machine is 1/3 of Mastermind Alliance and 1/2 of The Verbal Vizion. Mastermind Alliance is a blue collar indie HipHop group from Upstate NY and Central Mass that was formed in 2012 whose members include Ghost of the Machine, James Green, Jay Bernard, Fredo Crespo and Death Over Simplicity. Ghost of the Machine’s music paints a picture of activism, struggles, and the day to day triumphs of his life over gritty boom bap beats. Ghost of the Machine harnesses sharp lyricism in every song to contradict what is lacking in the current state of this medium of HipHop.

Gaining a great response from the local scene and the respect of many musicians from his region, Ghost of the Machine began working with Mastermind Alliance on their debut album “Lost Generation” in 2013. All throughout the album’s creative process, they worked hard to maintain their reputation of brandishing a heavy arsenal of lyricism while continuing to be a representation of the roots of Hip-Hop in a time in history where the media often misses the mark on what HipHop truly is. Lost Generation is currently on iTunes and online stores everywhere and has features from Reks and Termanology. Ghost of the Machine is currently working on a solo project with production from Cyrus Tha Great, James Green, ILLa Truth and Jon Glass. And features from Red Pill (Ugly Hero’s) and Death Over Simplicity (Mastermind Alliance).
check em out at

Bonus Ruckus: Prompt and Circumstance Challange
The return of a favorite game of ours and it seems pretty simple. Contestants get an object and must use it as their prompt for a poem plus the writing surface for their poem. Winner gets prize!

Visual Artist: Deanna Marie Degon
its been a while since this great artist graced us so bring them auction bucks and take home something incredible


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POETRY FEATURE: RUSHELLE FRAZIER is a permaculture designer, gardener, herbalist, teacher, spoken word and visual artist based in Worcester, MA. Born in Queens NY, Rushelle’s been involved with poetry since 2001, hosting readings, workshops and other cultural events throughout the East Coast. Members if the 2002 and 2015 Worcester Adult Slam Teams, she was voted best female poet at the 2006 Savannah Spoken Word Festival. Rushelle founded Savannah, GA’s Tongue! Open Mouth and Music Show, as well as Worcester MA’s Dirty Gerund Poetry Show. Currently, she is the host of the Hot Spot at Nine Dot Gallery in Worcester, MA. Rushelle has been facilitating permaculture workshops and teaching design courses, has published eight chapbooks and recorded one poetry CD. Ms. Frazier is president of the Worcester County Poetry Association.

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP “MorrilL vs. Schlitzman!” Newly crowned Iron Poet Champ JACKIE MORRILL seeks to defend her crown vs. the irascible pun-ster MALT SCHLITZMAN. It’s sure to be an epic matchup! More music, more snacks, more visual arts, hoping we’re outside! Is it Monday yet?

Monday 5/15/17! ZENAIDA from HOUSE SLAM BOSTON!

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POETRY FEATURE: ZENAIDA is a fire starter, a green witch and a queer of color who likes the wind chimes outside her window and baking gluten free things for her 6 housemates. Zenaida has competed in 4 collegiate and national poetry competitions placing in the top ten each time. Zenaida is currently on the Haley House Slam Team and is simultaneously organizing the first slam tournament for feminine people. She believes they are silenced to often. She also believes everything she hears so you shouldn’t lie to her. Zenaida unwrites the lies she’s been given. Zenaida also unwrites violence, misogyny, racism and her ancestors curses.

Bonus ruckus, snacks, music, open mic, and the rest of the best are all on tap and ready to serve this Monday!

Monday May 8th! JOHN QUINONEZ from Arizona!

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POETRY FEATURE: JOHN F. QUINONEZ is a Resident of the ever complicated state of Arizona, Educator, Community Events Coordinator and poet. He has been published in Drunk in a midnight Choir, Maps for Teeth, the Yellow Chair Review, Write on Downtown and has two previously limited printed chapbooks Left for 17 & Birds of East Saint Anne.
// Is truly just a Queer, Latinx desert Wild Thing on the Hunt for Candy almost Always.
There will be bonus ruckus, snacks, live art, music and more shenanigans! See you monday!

Monday! May 1st! HILLARY KOBERNICK from CHICAGO! Plus! Birthdays all over the place!

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POETRY FEATURE: HILLARY KOBERNICK: writes poems for both performance and page. She has competed at the National Poetry Slam six times, representing Atlanta and Chicago. She holds a master’s of divinity and currently pastors outside of Chicago. Her poems have appeared on Button Poetry and in literary magazines in the U.S. and Canada including DecomP, Bellevue Literary Review, Barely South, and FreezeRay. She hosts the Spilled Milk Open Mic at The Corner House coffeeshop in Lombard and is the slammaster of Chicago’s Mental Graffiti Poetry Slam.”

BONUS RUCKUS: It’s AMBER TORTERELLI’S BIRTHDAY MONDAY SO WE’RE PROBABLY GOING TO THROW PIES AT EACH OTHER TO ACCOMMODATE HER REQUEST, WE’LL SEE IF WE CAN JUSTIFY TURNING THAT INTO A CHALLENGE SOMEHOW! Music from DEADSTICK AND HAMBONE. It’s also YOSH SHARTIN‘s birthday Monday and he’s making the quality decision to not work, so if you see him out and about, tell him he’s rad! MIKEY & DORIAN will be joined by the effervescent CELESTE behind the bar, so be your very best ordering, tipping, selves! We’ll probably have an artist making art too (not my dept). Oh and another SNACK from CATERED BY EMILEE who’s taking step after step towards that full time dream catering life!

Monday April 24th! CATHERINE WEISS from Noho Slam! Plus IRON POET QUALIFIER!

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POETRY FEATURE: CATHERINE WEISS is a very charming donut. Or a pterodactyl with attitude. Or the brightest goddamned firefly you’ve ever seen on mid-summer’s eve. But more than anything, Catherine wants you to know she loves poems. And Lord of the Rings. And crying jags. Sometimes she loves them all at once. Catherine is known for her signature poetic mix of humor and heart, and definitely not for punching through walls like the Hulk when she doesn’t win a slam. Her work has been published in such journals as Voicemail Poems, Melancholy Hyperbole, Jersey Devil Press, Yellow Chair Review, and Gravel Mag. More about Catherine can be found at PS-Catherine lives in Western MA with her husband, two dogs, and a cat. Catherine also doesn’t know how to prioritize a bio.

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER – if interested in being the next challenger to JACKIE MORRIL’s IRON POET CROWN, let us know! 3 original concoctions (haiku, original poem, incorporation round) 3 judges, 3 criteria for dopeness and one diabilical ingredient provided by the chairman YOSH SHARTIN! We’ll have music from DEADSTICK & HAMBONE! We’ll have snacks from EMILEE. Hopefully we’ll be back under the stars outside! Wanna make Alex Smile? Take a field trip to Boston for Louder than a Bomb Finals Showcase on May 6th and see what Alex leaves Worcester for work all the time. If you can’t get off your duff for the poetic field trip of the year, you can always support the non profit Alex co-founded by going directly to and making a donation! Do it!

Monday April 10th NORMY CHAPLIN BOOK(s) RELEASE(s)!!!

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POETRY FEATURE: NORMY CHAPLIN is a (Dirty Gerund Poetry Show RUCKUSY) Award Winning poet and writer currently residing in Orange Mass! Author of books Shitty Boyfriends and their new books Vignette and Mister (both of which will be available this Monday) that’s right TWO books! Normy’s raw, poetry noir was been gracing the musical landscape at the DG for over a year now! This is their first feature, so you know you’re gonna want to be able to say you were there!

check the FACEBOOK INVITE  expect live art, snacks, bonus ruckus and an open mic that tries damn hard! Short post this week! If you want to hear some amazing poems before Monday, head to Boston for Louder than a Bomb Youth Poetry Slam 2017 and watch these young people put adults to shame! Or if you gotta stay local, you gotta hit up EM’s EASTER EGG HUNT for grown ups! which promises to be the party of the year!