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POETRY FEATURE: CHRISTIAN ARTHUR is a poet, recovery advocate, and community organizer currently living in Quincy, MA. He’s been published in the literary journals Meat For Tea and The Watermark, and in 2016 he competed on the UMass Boston College Poetry Slam Team. This past summer he participated in The Poetry Incubator, run by The Poetry Foundation and Crescendo Literary. Christian is currently an organizer for LOUDER THAN A BOMB MASSACHUSETTS Youth Poetry Slam Festival and also handles social media for Mass LEAP. First feature in Worcester, let’s hear it for him!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER – just who will be the first challenger to face the newly crowned IRON POET CHAMPION ASHLEY WONDER? Hit us up on facebook if you’re interested in competing this monday. You know the drill, create three original poetic concoctions based on one diabolical secret ingredient. Winner gets to challenge the champ in January! Visual arts, music, open mic and all sorts of pre-holiday fun to be had!


Monday, December 4th! PAULIE LIPMAN returns from DENVER! Plus! Iron Poet Qualifier!

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POETRY FEATURE: PAULIE LIPMAN is a Jewish/Queer/Writer out of Denver, CO. He has toured the U.S. extensively (and a little bit of Canada) performing poetry. He is the voice of Neal Cassady in the documentary ‘Neal Cassidy: The Denver Years’, is a two time National Poetry Slam finalist, has had work appear in The Legendary, Radius, Borderline, Drunk In A Midnight Choir, and pressure gauge, He has also appeared in the Write Bloody Publishing anthologies ‘The Good Things About America’ and’We Will Be Shelter’. and the University Of Hell anthology ‘We Can Make Your Life Better.” A 3-0-3 Mile Hight Poetry Slam Legend, Paulie spent much quality time in Worcester over the years, but it’ll be so amazing to catch some new work! Prepare to get rocked!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER – just who will be the first challenger to face the newly crowned IRON POET CHAMPION ASHLEY WONDER? Hit us up on facebook if you’re interested in competing this monday. You know the drill, create three original poetic concoctions based on one diabolical secret ingredient. Winner gets to challenge the champ in January! RICE CAKE ALERT – someone’s gotta reach out and volunteer snack time this Monday or it’s the dreaded rice cake! It’s getting cold but we’re just starting to heat up this winter!


Monday November 27th! ADAM GRABOWSKI returns! Plus! “Prompt & Circumstance!” Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE:  ADAM GRABOWSKI’s writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Off the Coast, Beech St. Review, Drunk in a Midnight ChoirVoicemail Poems, Black Napkin, Meat for Tea,Wilderness House Literary ReviewThe Naugatuck River Review, and elsewhere.  His poem “‘And I’ll Love You Forever’” was recently featured in Poem of the Moment at  Adam received his MSW in 2012 from Westfield State University and is poet and organizer with the mighty Northampton Poetry Open Mic, where he runs a poetry workshop.  He has been a featured reader at the Massachusetts Poetry Festival, the New York City Poetry Festival, the Amherst Poetry Festival, and elsewhere.  His latest chapbook, The Washing Our Hands EP, is available through his website.  Adam lives with his wife and daughters in Holyoke, Ma.

BONUS RUCKUS: Return of the Prompt & Circumstance Challenge: One of our favorites, we’ll bring 5 super random objects and some sharpies to the show this Monday. We’ll take 5 competitors who are willing to use the object as both writing prompt AND writing surface! Whoever’s best at dealing with the circumstance get’s the prize! SHANNON DONNELLY is taking a second week to finish her visual art piece, that means it’s gonna be double great! Bring those dollars! Snacks! Music (possible return for new drummer AKIBA DAVIS who did an incredible job his first time with us!

Monday November 20th! Dedham poet & story teller TIM GAGER! Plus! “ThanksLiving” Hai-clue Guess Challenge

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FEATURED POET: TIMOTHY GAGER is the author of thirteen books of short fiction and poetry. His most recent, Chief Jay Strongbow is Real (Big Table Publishing) is his first book of poetry in four years. He’s hosted the successful Dire Literary Series in Cambridge, Massachusetts since 2001 and was the co-founder of Somerville News Writers Festival. He has had over 400 works of fiction and poetry published and of which eleven have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. His work has been read on National Public Radio. Timothy is the Fiction Editor of The Wilderness House Literary Review, the founding co-editor of The Heat City Literary Review. His last two books, the novels, The Thursday Appointments of Bill Sloan/ and Grand Slams: A Coming of Eggs Story drew rave reviews.  A graduate of the University of Delaware, Timothy lives in Dedham, Massachusetts and is employed as a social worker.

BONUS RUCKUS: “ThanksLiving” – HAI-CLUE Guess Challenge – Nick and Alex have plenty to be thankful for this holiday season. They have…. uhm…. each other (dear G#D). Well, they’re creatively write their way into gratitude. Your job? Guess at what these 17 syllable messages are referencing and get a point. First to three points, gets a drink on us! That’s thanks enough! Congrats to new IRON POET CHAMPION ASHLEY WONDER!!! All Hail! MARK LEIGHTON has got guitar licks and guest musicians for days! EMILEE MORREALE was back at snacks! She’s currently catering snacks and frozen meals at Worcester Worcshop! Get at Nick if you’d like to visual art before the end of the year.

Monday November 13th! Write Bloody Author NICOLE HOMER from New Jersey! Plus! IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP!

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POETRY FEATURE: NICOLE HOMER is a full-time faculty member at Mercer County Community College in NJ, with an MFA from Rutgers-Newark. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in MuzzleThe OffingWinter TangerineRattleThe Collagistand elsewhere. A fellow at The Watering Hole and Callaloo, Nicole serves as Editor and regular contributor at BlackNerdProblems, writing critique of media and pop culture, and as faculty at the Pink Door Writing Retreat for Women and Gender Non-conforming Writers of Color. Her first full-length collection of poems, Pecking Order, was published in spring of 2017 by Write Bloody Press. Nicole Homer’s first full-length poetry collection, Pecking Order, is an unflinching look at how race and gender politics play out in the domestic sphere. Homer challenges the notion of family by forcing the reader to examine how race, race performance, and colorism impact motherhood immediately and from generation to generation. In a world where race and color often determine treatment, the home should be sanctuary, but often is not. Homer’s poems question the construction of racial identity and how familial love can both challenge and bolster that construction. Her poems range from the intimate details of motherhood to the universal experiences of parenting; the dynamics of multiracial families to parenting black children; and the ingrained social hierarchy which places the black mother at the bottom. Homer forces us to reckon with the truth that no one―not even the mother―is unbiased. She can be found online at or @realnicolehomer on twitter and other things.

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP “Schlitzman vs. Wonder” – they were once poetry slam teammates, now the gauntlet has been thrown down as defending champion MALT SCHLITZMAN attempts to hold off challenger ASHLEY WONDER. Two competitors, three poetic concoctions, three judges scoring on three criteria, plus one diabolical secret ingredient from chairman YOSH SHARTIN. Snacks, visual arts, open mic, live music from the duct tape band and more! This show PROMISES to smash atoms, just in time for a world where nuclear de-escalation is preferred! (insert “Krusty the Clown ughhhhhh” here.)

Monday November 6th, DEXTER GARCIA CASTRO Book Release! Plus! Leftover Candy Hai-clue Challenge & ANA SOL Paints!

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DEXTER CASTRO GARCIA is an afro-latina poet who explores love and how it intersects with other topics such as family, race, pain, and magic. She prides herself on being a poet who speaks of passion and real life experiences. She is the author of For Blackmail: A Compilation of Love Poems and has released her first full length work P.S. I Too Am Magic in early October of 2017. Her newly released book centers mainly around the magic of the black woman and how she spreads it in every facet of her life. Dexter is very active within the Boston poetry community but never forgets her roots in the small city of Lynn, MA. She has recently run workshops with RAW Artworks’ Spoken Word division. She is developing a series of workshops which, with the help of a few local teachers, she hopes to bring to the Lynn public schools. Overall Dexter is just a poet who cares a lot about spreading love and living out loud in a way she had never been able to do until she found poetry.

BONUS RUCKUS: The leftover Halloween Candy Hai-clue Challenge! Nobody came through and grabbed candy from our house this year (I mean, sure, we weren’t there, but still). We’ve got oodles of leftover fun size candy bars and we’re going bard on them, developing 17 syllable odes to tooth decay to share with you this Monday. Competitor’s job is to guess which classic candy we’re talking about. First to guess three correct, gets a big bag of corn syrup and a frosty cold drink to wash them down! Skittles! You can share with your friend! GUEST VISUAL ARTIST: ANA SOL is back doing what she does best, bring them auction dollars! More music, more open mic, more snacks! Come kick it with us!

Monday Oct 30th! JELAL HUYLER from Oakland, CA! Plus! Costume Persona Poem Challenge! Plus! Sorana Gatej Paints!

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POETRY FEAUTRE: Y. JELAL HUYLER is an Oakland, CA. born, Massachusetts residing, poet and emcee who does not believe in time.  He spends most of this not-believed-in concept scribbling into notebooks. His voice and work have been featured in several documentaries, including Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequality, which explores race and restorative justice in the United States. Jelal has recently published his first book of poetry Fractals with The Gorilla Press ( Previous and forthcoming publications include Eleven Eleven, 3Elements Review, 580 Split, Drunk in a Midnight Choir, as well as numerous other “here and there”s.

BONUS RUCKUS: COSTUME PERSONA POEM CHALLENGE: Cash prize for the Gerunder who wishes to get meta, by dawning a costume, then performing a poem from the point of view of that character. Poems don’t necessarily have to be of your creation, we’ll allow covers. Dress up like a squirrel and rock an ode to nuts! Dress up like a nut and lyrically rant about squirrels! It’s all good!

SORANA GATEJ is rocking the oils on canvas this week! Snacks by Emilee! Open mic and all the rest of the best!