Monday Feb 19th! Manchester NH’s EMILY EASTMAN plus! IRON POET QUALIFIER

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POETRY FEATURE: EMILY EASTMAN is a genderqueer poet & organizer who hails from Manchester; New Hampshire’s loudest middle child. A longtime community & staff member of the Slam Free or Die poetry series, they have helped to facilitate countless events & workshops on both a local & national level. They have represented Slam Free or Die at many national tournaments, including the Individual World Poetry Slam (2014, 2015) the Women of the World Poetry Slam (2016, 2017) and the National Poetry Slam (2015, 2016, 2017.) Interests include strong coffee, dismantling the white supremacist cisheteropatriarchy, & spending dinner dates talking about radical softness. Their greatest review to date came as a text from their 11-year-old sister: “Adequate.”

BONUS RUCKUS: We’re looking for a challenger to face current champ ASHLEY WONDER next month. 3 rounds, 2 competitors, 3 poetic concoctions, 3 judges, 3 criteria for scores and one diabolical secret ingredient! Get ready! The band’s gonna get presidential on Monday, with MARK LEIGHTON bringing back facial hair as a symbol of a good leader (credit Mike McGee on that line), snacks and visual arts and open mic and no public school, so we’re hoping to see some teachers in the house, kicking back and enjoying the winter with us!


Monday Feb 12th! NATHALIE IRMER from CHICAGO! Plus! DEAD-END DATING GAME Bonus Ruckus!

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POETRY FEATURE: NATHALIE IRMER is a poet from the Southside of Chicago whose art explores the intersections of her identities  and experiences as a queer, black woman. Believing in the power of voice and individual narrative to catalyze radical change, she has led youth workshops and open mics both in Chicago and Western MA. Nathalie is the 2017 Chicago Grand Slam Champion and has represented Chicago at the 2017 Individual World Poetry Slam, the 2017 Women of the World Poetry Slam, and at the 2017 National Poetry Slam. She was a member of the 2016 Northampton National Poetry Slam Team, as well. She is a certified knick-knack enthusiast, lowkey awkward, and watches slime videos in her spare time. Nathalie is currently on her first your — EVER– across New England and New York, and isn’t freaking out at all.

BONUS RUCKUS: The “DEAD END DATING GAME” is back! Clown Princess of the Gerund & No Fux Given award winner AMBER TORTORELLI is a great artist and excellent sport and has agreed to act as Bachelorette for the evneing. Amber’s filled out our questionnaire survey, and we’re gonna see what Gerunder has the poetic answers for an “un-likely” chance to win a date with Amber. Amber won’t know who’s answering the questions because we’re going to disguise the contestants by having proxy readers provide their responses. Let’s see if someone wins a date (all expenses paid trip to Wendy’s drive thru & Redbox) and see if we can avoid the dead-end date this Valentine’s Day Week. Believe in love? We kinda don’t, but we believe in loving the chase!

Join us for open mic, live band, visual arts and snacks this Monday! Bring your loveliest love poems, or your angstiest love lost poems. We promise to love them all, or love you for spending your Monday with us!

Monday, Feb 5th, MARSHALL “GRIPP” GILLSON from House Slam Boston! Plus! Winter Olympics Hai-clue Guess Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: MARSHALL “Gripp” GILLSON is a nerd by day and an artist by day also. He has been active as a spoken word artist since 2008, representing six different venues in four different states in national competition. In 2016 and 2017, as a member of the House Slam team, he appeared on back-to-back National Poetry Slam final stages and won back-to-back Vox Pop slam tournaments. He also placed 15th in the 2014 Individual World Poetry Slam. His work has appeared in several self-published chapbooks and electronic art installations as well as being featured by Button Poetry, SlamFind, Everyday Feminism, and SlamChop. In 2011, Marshall officially founded glassEyeballs, an artist services company. Under the brand, he provides workshops, poetry shows, and technical artist services, including overseeing the web-based scoring systems for six national poetry tournaments. In his spare time, he enjoys shuffling awkwardly, hiding from his problems, and writing biographies in the third person.
BONUS RUCKUS: OLYMPICS IN WINTER? OKAY! Hai-clue Guess Quiz Show Challenge! So, apparently there are “winter” sports. Who knew? Oh, you did? Great, don’t know why you need to make us feel bad about it. Like, they should advertise that? We figured we’d help get the word out and offer original 17 syllable, poetic clues that describe the various events. Your job? Take a guess at what we’re talking about, win a point, first to three points gets a drink on us! Top shelf! THERE WILL BE SNACKS, LIVE BAND, VISUAL ARTS, OPEN MIC, and references to the big Sunday game and adjacent commercials! Watch us not sell out this Monday! Big announcement soon regarding our upcoming 500th show! Like us on social media platforms to make sure you’re in the know, you know?

Monday, Jan 29th! LULU HAWKES features! plus ” The Prompt & Circumstance” Challenge!

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FEATURED POET: LULAMA MOYO (aka LULU HAWKES) is a Clark alumni. She gained a B.A. in International Development and Social Change in 2016, and in 2017 she graduated from the Accelerated Master’s Degree program where she studied Community Development and Planning. Using her academic career to explore her passion of education development, she focused on access advocacy, decolonizing the classroom and curriculum, and African Diasporic achievement. Her Master’s research focused on the multicultural children’s literature gap and it’s impact on achievement for young learners of African Diaspora. Lulama presented her research at the African Literature Association Conference. As a Zimbabwean immigrant, it is important for her to use her platform to dispel negative and inaccurate tropes about Africa and African cultures. As a nationally competitive slam poet, and visual artist, Lulama has also utilized art as a vehicle for education and social change. She has had works published in newspapers, and academic journals such as the Journal of Progressive Human Services. Lulama has facilitated writing and performance workshops for elementary, middle school, and high school students in different parts of New England, focusing on art as a means of social justice. She has also run art expression workshops in Eastern Cape, South Africa. Lulama formerly worked at the Worcester Youth Center where she built curriculum and ran three major programs, one of which was a a social justice oriented arts workshops for youth ages 14-18. This experience was a source of light that motivates her to continue working hard for young people. She currently works more behind the scenes in education advocacy as a Grants Coordinator and Teacher Support Specialist for ASSISTments which is an organization operating under Worcester Polytechnic Institute. She supports efforts to bring free tutoring technology to schools to increase student achievement. Lulama remains to be a diligent community organizer and activist dismantling the legacies of white supremacy. Her socially conscious writing style encompasses a longing for her home culture as well as a deep love letter to the diaspora.
BONUS RUCKUS: Return of the “Prompt & Circumstance” Writing Challenge – we bring the weird objects, you bring the talent! We’ll randomly give you an object that serves as both your writing prompt and writing surface! Winner gets a drink on us! We’ll be back at ya with visual arts, snacks, music and one of the cookiest open mics in the business!


Monday, Jan 22nd! KFG from Grand Rapids MI! Plus IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS “Wonder vs. Lizzard!”

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POETRY FEATURE: KFG is a potpourri of queerness hatched from the Great Lake State.  An award-winning poet and spoken word artist who has been featured on NPR, worked with youth programs across the country; co-organized the re-installation of Slam Poetry in Grand Rapids, & was on the first team to represent the team at the National Poetry Slam in over a decade in 2017. KFG goes by “they” because most days they feel more like a planet than just one person.  They are perhaps too passionate about ice cream & feel most alive dancing like they’ve got no bones. One half of the “Unpacking Poetry Tour,” first time performing in Worcester, so let’s.go.

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP, “WONDER vs. LIZZARD”! It’s the first title defense for new champion ASHLEY WONDER, and what better way to test her defense skills than pairing her with plucky upstart challenger and “Ruckuteer of the Year” NARK LIZZARD! You know how this goes, 2 poets, 3 rounds, 3 judges judging on 3 criteria, 1 trophy and 1 diabolical secret ingredient from the chairman!

This Saturday, the show pre-party is happening at Worcester Worcshop Speakeasy! with food by EMILEE, and performances by NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS, SHANE HALL and more! We’ll have more live arts, music, open mic and a ricecake alert get at EMILEE to volunteer snacks or else!

Monday, Jan 15th! Author KRYSTEN HILL from Boston! Plus the “State Your Business!” Writing Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: KRYSTEN HILL is an educator, writer, and performer who has showcased her poetry on stage at The Massachusetts Poetry Festival, Blacksmith House, Cantab Lounge, Merrimack College, U35 Reading Series, and many others. (photo credit: Jonathan Beckley). She received her MFA in poetry from UMass Boston where she currently teaches. Her work can be found or is forthcoming in apt, Word Riot, The Baltimore ReviewB O D Y,  Muzzle,  PANK, Winter Tangerine Review,  Take Magazine and elsewhere. She is the recipient of the 2016 St. Botolph Club Foundation Emerging Artist Award. Her chapbook, How Her Spirit Got Out, received the 2017 Jean Pedrick Chapbook Prize. Her chapbook is available through Aforementioned Productions and can be purchased here. Or head over to

BONUS RUCKUS: The return of the “STATE YOUR BUSINESS” Palm Pilot Writing Challenge! Sometimes we’re about business! This is a more refined form of the prompt & circumstance writing challenge. Competitors will receive a really random business card at the start of the show. Your challenge? Write a VERY short poem on the back of that business card, with the occupation as your prompt. Best short poem performance at halftime wins a beverage on us! 2017 DG Visual artist of the year, LAM NGUYEN begins her 2018 reign by dropping some excellent visual arts on us this monday. RICE CAKE ALERT contact us by Sunday afternoon to volunteer snacktime, or there will be RICE CAKES on the HORIZON! DG House band leader MARK LEIGHTON is always on the lookout for a few good musicians. Hit us up if you’ve got the musical dexterity to keep up. KEEP UP with us on Facebook! 2018 has been good to us thus far and we expect to keep burning down the house all winter!

Monday! Jan 8th! CHARLOTTE ABOTSI from Prov Slam! Plus! “I Re-solve” Hai-Clue Guess Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: A former Providence RI Youth Grand Slam Champion, CHARLOTTE ABOTSI has taken on a directorship role at her home  venue, the Providence Poetry Slam. There, she serves as a youth director, booking coordinator, and slam master. She has competed in several international slams, and placed in the top 20 at the 2016 Women of the World Poetry Slam. Charlotte is a 2017 Feminine Empowerment Movement Slam winner. She 1/2 of The Rush Hour Poetry Tour Collective, a collective demanding intersectionality at every avenue. Her poems have been written about in The Huffington Post and She is a poet and writer who lives in Providence.

BONUS RUCKUS: “Yeah, Resolutions are kinda cool,” Hai-Clue Guess Challenge! To be honest, we’ve already broken any possible resolutions that we’d even pay lip service to making, so let’s fake it up real nice and glib. We’ll have a whole new slew of 17 syllable clues about the things that most functional people do to try to make the new year, uhm, not as garbage as the last one! Your job, take a guess at what we’re talking about, win a point, first to three will win the heralded “drink on us” and up their game in the running for Ruckuteer of the Year 2018!

Expect MARK LEIGHTON to be back at the live band helm! GABRIELLE ROSE promises to bring the best in mandala live visual arts! Word has it there’ll be a Vinco holiday party upstairs, so things should be extra lively at the show this Monday! Stay warm(ish), as in, stay inside, until Monday that is! You may even receive that ruckusee award you won last week, but failed to appear to accept it. Failure! I can change the name on that certificate