Monday August 29th! FLATLINE POETRY storms the DG! Prompt & Circumstance Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: Founded on the belief that poetry is stronger in flatlinecommunity, FLATLINE POETRY is a group of six spoken word artists (Lewis M., Lissa Piercy, Guillermo Caballero, Kaleigh O’Keefe, and Oompa, and Febo) who write, perform, and teach workshops throughout the United States. Since their formation in 2013, Flatline has performed everywhere from traditional poetry slam venues to the United Nations to protest sidewalks.  The group won the 2013 Poetry Award for Best Poetry Group, was featured at Wheelock College’s 2014 Half Year Program, and were speakers at TEDxVail 2015. In addition, the poets of Flatline Poetry have performed, hosted open mics, or provided workshops at various venues and conferences internationally, including: The Apollo Theater (NY), The Villar Performingflatline2 Arts Center (CO), the United Nations Headquarters (NY), the Opportunity Collaboration (Ixtapa, Mexico), the Skoll World Forum (Oxford, England), and on TEDx stages. The poets of Flatline Poetry write on topics of identity, family, love, loss, and social justice. Combining their skills and experience in community organizing, social work, political science, visual art, spoken word poetry, entrepreneurship, music, activism, and education, the members of Flatline present challenging poetry and innovative workshops that foster dialogues where all voices are valued.

BONUS RUCKUS: The return of the “PROMPT & CIRCUMSTANCE”sharpie Writing Challenge! Always a popular event. We give you the prompt & the writing surface all in one specially selected, randomly chosen item! Got a shoe? Write about it and write on it! Got a rocking chair? Same deal! Winner gets a drink on us and everyone gets to keep their poem! WOW! $1200 raised for EMILEE MORREALE last week! Thank you thank you thank you! If you weren’t able to make the show, or just want to support more, check out the GOFUNDME page for Em’s Food Truck Biz! YOSH & MIKEY & DORIAN lament the end of summer, but if the weather keeps up, we might stay outside for a good chunk of September! Let’s go! Visual arts, music, open mic and all the rest this Monday!

Monday, 8/22! FOOD TRUCK FOR EMILEE FUNDRAISER w/ Special Musical Guests!

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This Monday’s Show is gonna be a spectacular! NOTE: EARLY START TIME of 8:30pm!

FEATURE: EMILEE MORREALE has been artistically snacking us for emyears now! She’s a caterer by trade, but is looking to work for her own boss-self! She’s beginning a campaign to buy and operate her own FOOD TRUCK and to show just a hint of our gratitude, we’ve helped put together a monster fundraising party to help get her started! ALL PROCEEDS will go to CATERED BY EMILEE! To help bring the ultimate party to this fundraising party, we’ve called on past Dirty Gerund musical luminaries to lend their talents to the cause. We’ll be featuring musical sets by RUUNE (aka Greg McKillop of SFTD & DG Musical Director fame), CHA CHA CONNOR, (of Bolero & Mack the Knife fame), SHANE HALL (outlaw country, emcee & first ever DG Musical Band Leader) and LOVINA (siren songster, poet and amazing graphic artist responsible for past DG promo posters!)


Monday August 15th! Worcester Youth Slam Alum ANNA MEEHAN! Plus! Olympic-ture this! Guess Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: ANNA MEEHAN is a poet based out of Western anaMass who loves words and cheese in equal measure. She spent three years on the Worcester Youth Poetry Slam Team, competing in Brave New Voices 2010-2011 and Louder Than a Bomb: Massachusetts 2012 where the team took first place. To celebrate this fantastic achievement with a group of dearly beloved people, Anna then promptly disappeared into the Pioneer Valley where no one heard from her for the next few years. Oops. In November 2015, she put out her first chapbook, “What I Have Fled, Where I Have Worshipped,” and her latest project is Zodiac Haiku, which can be read on

BONUS RUCKUS: Olympic themed Hai-klue Guess Challenge! We’re soooo topical at the Gerund (some say un-original, we say topical olympicdang it!) If we can’t have gold plated pens, hearts of gold, or gold flakes in our cinnamon liquers, we might as well celebrate Olympic gold and the sacrifice it takes to be the best. We don’t sacrifice all that much on the mic, so we thought we’d celebrate through a haiklue challenge. Check it, we’ll write original haiklues, you buzz in and guess which event we’re talking about. First to get three correct, wins the golden frothy prize that’ll make you sing the anthem on a podium!

Another snack coming from Catered by Emilee as we blaze ahannaead to our big fund raiser party on the 22nd in support of her food truck biz! We’ll have some visual arts, open mic, band and the best in food and drinks from YOSH & MIKEY! Great times on the patio ahead, promise! Our feature gave us a baby photo to include in press promo. We didn’t have space up top near the bio, but you know, we try to accommodate the best we can whenever we can! Yay! they grow up sooo fast! Awwwwwwwwww…

Monday August 8th! FORREST PROPER from Noho Slam! Plus! “Handle your biz (card)” Writing Challenge!

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Let’s get your best “anti-rain” thoughts going this Monday. Two weeks in a row of raw weather forcing us indoors, got us feeling stir crazy!

POETRY FEATURE: FORREST PROPER writes poems in his Poetry forrestCave somewhere in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, and inflicts them weekly on the audience at Northampton Poetry, where he is the co-director & co-host. Forrest once tried slamming, concluding that career successfully at a local summer slam by coming in 9th in a field of 8. His work has been called “imaginative”, “kind of funny”, and “deeply troubling”. His favorite sayings are, “There might be a poem there”, and “never let the truth get in the way of a good story”, and he will often repeat these phrases at random on the street, in the grocery store, or when ordering from the drive-thru window at McDonalds. He self-published a poetry collection called ‘Hot Poet Sex on the Floor of T.S. Eliot’s Kitchen’ in July, 2015, and will probably recite the title poem to you if you stand still for longer than 15 seconds. Forrest is deeply grateful for the opportunity to read poems to a live audience, the existence of Kim Novak movies, and liverwurst.

BONUS RUCKUS: Return of the “HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS (card) Writing Challenge! We like this game. Sign up, get a random business card to start the show. The business card is not only your writing prompt, but the blank back side is also the only area you have to write the original poem on. Best in the biz get’s a drink on us!

AUGUST 22nd, we’re helping to launch CATERED BY EMILEE food truck enterprise into orbit with a fund raising party, in anticipation of this special night, EMILEE‘s is saving you all from rice cake alerts for the next couple weeks! We’ll have the band, live arts, open mic and all the rest this Monday! Hope to see you on the patio!

Monday, August 1st! DEXTER GARCIA from Lynn! Plus! Return of the “Tweet or Poem?” Guess Challenge

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POETRY FEATURE: DEXTER GARCIA is a spoken word artist deeply involved in her home community of Lynn as a former member of and a dexterCo-coach for the RAW elements Slam team. She is the author of “For Blackmail: A Compilation of LOVE Poems”. She has performed at some amazing events such as 2014 World Aids Day Boston and The American Voice 2015. She prides herself on being a poet who speaks of passion and real life experiences and hopes to bring about the same in others. Although a bit cynical Dexter considers herself a love poet. Her main goal is to give a little bit of her love to each audience member and hope they cultivate and grow it so they can spread it themselves. She believes cupid has no wings, just a few good poems.

 BONUS RUCKUS: “Tweet or Poem” Guess Challenge! Can you guess which line is from a poem and which is from a celebrity tweet? We’ll see!

Band is ready to go! TODD DEAL back on paints! Too hot to type much else! See you Monday on the patio!

Monday 7/25! “Get Well Soon” Tour Kickoff w/ VEDA LEONE & BRENDA SNYDER

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POETRY FEATURES: VEDA LEONE and BRENDA SNYDER are two kindred vedapoets who found their way to each other and the greater poetry community through the back room of “the Deuce” in Northampton, Massachusetts. These two writers, trauma survivors, spoken word poets, and organizers mirror each other’s work across state lines. Veda is the co-founder and host of Collinsville’s Spoken Word on the Square at Downright Music in Collinsville, CT and Brenda is the founder and slam master of Witch City Poetry Slam in Salem, brendaMA. The two of them found inspiration, community, and each other as regular contributors on the mic at Northampton Poetry in Northampton, MA. Brenda’s work has been published on and you can find her ramblings, poems, and inspiration at; and, Veda’s first chapbook, Cellar Door, was released this January and can be found through her website

BONUS RUCKUS: DOG DAYZ OF SUMMER HAIKU CHALLENGE – 90 degrees? 90 da-pleeeez…. It’s hot. Do we need a reminder of that in haiku form? Maybe not, but we feel the need to give you the opportunity to vent. Bring 2 haikus or write 2 on the spot. One about how the heat is terrible, the other about how you deal with it. Whoever brings the best, wins a coool drink on us!

Snacks, visuals arts, all that happening this monday! I’ve got a summer cold, so this blog post if getting cut short and it short on pith and wit. So hopefully we’ll see you Monday!

Monday! July 18th! Asheville’s BRIEF AWAKENING return! PLUS! IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS!

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Short post this week (still away in DC, by the way, support our Mass LEAP youth team!

I’ll be back next week ready to rock! returning to the DG (remember when we dances our asses off last year?)

FEATURED ARTISTS: BRIEF AWAKENING is a small tribe of fairy briefawakeningcreatures who can only effectively communicate through art, song, and dance. Mandolin, ethereal vocals, synth, piano, avant garde heart drums and harmonious overtones- swirl, bubble,and trail wherever brief Awakening wanders. The Siren that is RYN ARRANTS magically dances with strange synth noises spatially mixed with rhythmic piano. The tiny beast that is KAY FOX PETRUCCI stomps on the kick drum at the same time as flying around on their red dragon mandolin. Together their whipping tendrils of rhythm and harmonic melody build a character of sound that is colorful and masked in emotion and spirituality. They just released their sophomore EP “Excelsior” with Pillow Fort Recording in Asheville, NC. The creatures are tour this Summer 2015. Brief Awakening has been featured live on UnRegular Radio (Boston, MA) , City Wide Blackout (Boston, MA) ,Three Strange Women (Boston, MA), and Daddy O Radio (Spartanburg, SC). check em out at


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