Monday Oct 3rd! indie-outlaw-country from JULIE CIRA! Plus! “The Great Debate Take 2” Poem Improv Challenge!

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SPECIAL GUEST FEATURE: JULIE CIRA, formerly known as Dead ciraLetter, traverses across Americana, lo-fi indie rock, and alt-country genres. Combining a healthy dose of grit with an appreciation for timeless song and poetry, Julie Cira delivers stormy, textured vocals over driving rhythms.
Formerly a vocalist and drummer in post punk bands, Julie started Julie Cira as a solo project when work brought her from her hometown of Baltimore to western Massachusetts. Suddenly alone in the country, she pursued a long-time dream of writing indie rock inspired alt-country songs (or vice versa) and officially launched Julie Cira in 2015. She is currently working on a collection of harmony-driven songs with keyboardist and vocalist Kathleen Mahoney, whom she met while volunteering for Girls Rock Campaign Boston. In winter 2016, Julie and Kathleen were joined by Nadia Elle Levin and Ruune. Femme fatale and punk at heart, Julie Cira turns struggle and heartbreak into siren songs for those who seek a better world. They released their first EP in July 2016! dig these tracks!
BONUS RUCKUS: “THE GREAT DEBATE TAKE 2” Poem Improv debateChallenge! Ok, check it. We weren’t entirely happy with last Monday’s debate. (and not just because it ran during our show, leaving our crowd a bit more depleted than normal). We just feel like these candidates can do better to call on the great voices of our poetic past and present to explain their dreams and set their vision! So here’s how it’s gonna go. We’re gonna take classic lines from poems, jumble them together, hand several lines to our contestants, then we’re going to stage our own debate, taking questions from the usual channels, pose them to you, and you get to answer by quoting one of these classic lines. Bonus points for major candidate impersonations (past and present). Win the debate, win a celebratory drink on us to wash the victory down!
AMBER TORTERLLI is handling the visual arts! We felt bad about that dgrice cake alert real life realization, but shit’s real, you know? EMILEE should be back at the special snacks! Red Sox are in the playoffs again and Alex couldn’t be more excited. Speaking of playoffs, we need 4-8 stalwart poets who wish to take part in a run off playoff, winner take all Iron Poet Championships! YOSH, MIKEY & DORIAN are dying from the suspense, actually, like all of us, they’re dying because of time, and fun life choices! Maybe the last outdoor show of the year, ya hear?

Monday Sept 26th! Alt-Noise-Rap band MOODIE BLACK from Minneapolis! Plus! Magic the Gathering Prompt Challenge! RICE CAKE ALERT!

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MUSIC FEATURE: MOODIE BLACK on a national tour in support of moodieblacktheir latest self titled EP, marks the band’s debut release on Fake Four. A band birthed in the deserts of Arizona, forged by a friendship since childhood, Moodie Black (formerly GAHEDiNDIE) have been blazing a trail in the the unfamiliar and exciting world of noise rap for the last several years. Moodie Black’s EP arrives two years after the most recent full-length album, Sana Sana, earned them public attention as pioneers and innovators of hip-hop. On the five-track album, Moodie Black have resurfaced with the most polished and mature genre-melting material to-date. Preserving the beautiful and devastating noise for which the duo is best known, they have placed an emphasis on mood and melody that speaks volumes of the ever-evolving and innovative nature of the band. The band’smoodie2 front, K. (C.Martinez), takes a commanding approach to emceeing and production in this newest release. A very capable lyricist and live performer, K. puts his penchant for original lyrics and monstrous production in the spotlight, stepping out as one of the most unique vocalists and producers in the scene today. The beats are pulsating, expansive, dark, tribal, yet contemporary and industrial. Synths and pulsating drums meet distortion and Robert Smith-esque hooks. Moodie Black make no apologies for their unorthodox approach to every aspect of the sound and live performance.

BONUS RUCKUS: MAGIK THE GATHERING Writing Prompt magicChallenge: NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS gets these ideas and sometimes he calls it on stage, and sometimes we just go with it and trust that the inspiration will take us to a place we don’t mind going. This Monday, Nick will offer participants Magic the Gathering Cards that are blank on the back. You’re job? Write a poem using the image as a prompt. That simple. Best new poem wins something. Maybe Nick will think of a prize by then. (end passive aggressive passage). Fun!

RICE CAKE ALERT! EMILEE MORREALE has spent entirely too muchricecake time offering us the best in snacks all summer! Your turn, community! Please respond to the facebook invite or write Emilee directly by Sunday afternoon to volunteer some noms or else!!! Ya’ll get the dreaded saltless, generic, paper tasting rice cakes from Price Chopper. And don’t say we would never, cause we have! Looking for a few good poets to join the iron poet fracas, tournament style, we’d like to get 4-8 signed up soon so we can bracket and find our next champion! stART on the Street this Sunday! Gerund Monday (hoping for an out door bon voyage to summer) let’s get crispy! YOSH MIKEY & DORIAN got pumpkin carving on the brain!

Monday, Sept 19th! 2015 7 Hills Slammer COLIN KILLICK! Plus! Rush’s 90’s Music Hai-clue Challenge!

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These past 7 years have been amazing everyone! Thanks to everyone who made out anniversary shine shINe SHINE! We venture fourth into our 8th year!

POETRY FEATURE: COLIN KILLICK is a poet and community colinorganizer based in Somerville, MA. His work has been published in Freezeray and Oddball Magazine, and he’s featured at venues including If You Can Feel It,You Can Speak It, Stone Soup, and The Lizard Lounge. He was a member of the 2015 Worcester 7 Hills team at the National Poetry Slam. When not performing poetry, he advocates for the civil rights of people with disabilities, and obsesses needlessly over the wording and tone of his bio.(photo by Marshall Goff)

BONUS RUCKUS: That 90’s Hai-clue Guessing Game Show bbdChallenge! Good friend and DG founder RUSHELLE FRAZIER knows the 90’s and still rocks out to the music. She’s agreed to compile, create and deliver 15 original hai-clue’s to 3 stalwart competitors this Monday night. Your job, is to name that band or solo performer. Guess correct, get a point. Guess wrong, lose a point. First to three points wins a drink on us and maybe my NKOTB fan mail newsletter from 1990. If, IF you’re lucky.

Ralph’s Rock Diner Worcester, MA April 23, 2012

Going to stART on the Street this Sunday? You oughtta! Hope to see you there! We’ll see what’s in store for snacks and visual arts this week! Along with YOSH, MIKEY and DORIAN, we all hope to see you and be outside this Monday! It was incredible to see JEFF CANNON this Monday, our valued community friend and mentor is experiencing some health challenges. We have a LIST of very doable, low impact ways that we might all be able to pitch in and help while he’s recovering. Private message me at and I will share. THANKS!

Monday Sept 12th! DIRTY GERUND 7th ANNIVERSARY w/ Chicago’s DR. EVE EWING! Plus! Ms. DG PAGEANT

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That’s right! SEVEN YEARS in the faking, merry making, cookie baking, question taking, records (LP) breaking, ground shaking, conservatives quaking, and my goodness saking! Since September 2009, NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS and I have been ringing every bell we can find to get people to give us weekly art attacks! Ya’ll have made our Monday dreams come true. We promise SEVEN MORE (weeks? yeah, at least)! Let’s go!

POETRY FEATURE: the return of DR. EVE EWING. Eve is a sociologist of eveeducation whose research is focused on racism, social inequality, and urban policy, and the impact of these forces on American public schools and the lives of young people. also an essayist and poet. Her first collection of poetry, essays, and visual art (photo credit RJ Eldridge), Electric Arches, is forthcoming from Haymarket Books in fall 2017. Her work has been published in many venues, including Poetry Magazine, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Nation, The New Republic, Union Station, and the anthology The Breakbeat Poets: New American Poetry in the Age of Hip-Hop. She has been a Pushcart Prize nominee, a finalist for the Pamet River Prize, and a scholarship recipient for the New Harmony Writers Workshop. She currently an editor and staff writer for the website Seven Scribes. She also co-directs Crescendo Literary, a partnership that develops community-engaged arts events and educational resources. Eve is one-half of the writing collective Echo Hotel, alongside Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib. She loves her family and friends, music, art, cartoons, traveling, reading, and food (especially fried chicken and carne asada tacos).

queenBONUS RUCKUS: The annual M(s). DIRTY GERUND PAGEANT: We realize we’re a bunch of dopey dudes, hosting this show. We think beauty pageant’s are incredibly sexist, asinine and reflective of a patriarchal society that we wish to smash! The Ms. Dirty Gerund Pageant means to shine a light on the incredible women in our community. Whether ball gown, or martial arts gi, scuba gear or hero cape, we host this pageant, offering DIY punk tiaras and sashes and cash, to the contestant who best brings it to our stage! Categories include TALENT (rock a poem, bring your craft and tell a story, juggle, flip drunk dudes over your shoulder). PANDER DG HAIKU (like most men, Nick & I are quite insecure, your haiku honoring the show let’s us know we’re maybe doing okay as humans). INTERVIEW (Nick has so many questions, be quick witted and win! Let’s put on a true pageant! Let’s change the narrative people! Dress to impress…. but only if it brings you joy.

ANA SOL PEREZ for the original visual art win! EMILEE for the alwaysana snack win! (hope Poppy finds you soon friend!) Thoughts are with JEFF CANNON during a difficult health time. We’ll be in touch soon with ways the community can help pitch in. We told YOSH its been 7 years and he shed a tear (not sure why… joy? yeah, must be joy…) MIKEY & DORIAN came on board later (because the large crowds at the Gerund CREATE JOBS! take that trumpf!) House band…. activate!

Monday Sept 5th, SCOTT WOODS from Columbus, Ohio! Plus! “LABOR DAZED Hai-clue” Challenge

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We’ve had a couple weeks of incredible shows! Let’s see how long we can stay outside!

POETRY FEATURE: SCOTT WOODS is the author of Urban scottContemporary History Month and We Over Here Now (2016 and 2013 respectively, Brick Cave Books) and has published and edited work in a variety of publications. He has been featured multiple times in national press, including appearances on National Public Radio, and was recognized in 2015 as a curator’s choice winner at Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival. He was the President of Poetry Slam Inc. and currently emcees the Writers’ Block Poetry Night, an open mic series in Columbus, Ohio. In April of 2006 he became the first poet to ever complete a 24-hour solo poetry reading, a feat he bested with seven more annual readings without repeating a single poem. This is the second of two nights of features in Worcester, check him out the night before at 7 Hills Slam (new location, Loch 50), and if you’re worried about hearing the same poems two nights in a row, I’d say, don’t fret too much, this poet’s got DEEP pockets!

BONUS RUCKUS: The return of the LABOR DAZED Hai-clue guess challenge! We’ve jobbed some of the jobbiest jobs that ever jobbed, you jobknow? We work, whether it’s behind the bar, behind the mic, behind the blinking screen, or behind the times, Dirty Gerund get’s it done! To celebrate Labor Day, we feel particularly qualified to jobs in pithy 17 syllable increments for your hearing pleasure. Contestants (3) will buzz in and tell us what kind of job we’re jobbing about! First to get three correct, wins a drink on us! SPECIAL BIRTHDAY SHOUT TO MILA & JASPER this week! Let’s see who’s arting us this week! Snack donations anyone? Get at Emilee! House band activate! YOSH & MIKEY & DORIAN will be working their positions this Monday. How about you? Do your job!

Monday August 29th! FLATLINE POETRY storms the DG! Prompt & Circumstance Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: Founded on the belief that poetry is stronger in flatlinecommunity, FLATLINE POETRY is a group of six spoken word artists (Lewis M., Lissa Piercy, Guillermo Caballero, Kaleigh O’Keefe, and Oompa, and Febo) who write, perform, and teach workshops throughout the United States. Since their formation in 2013, Flatline has performed everywhere from traditional poetry slam venues to the United Nations to protest sidewalks.  The group won the 2013 Poetry Award for Best Poetry Group, was featured at Wheelock College’s 2014 Half Year Program, and were speakers at TEDxVail 2015. In addition, the poets of Flatline Poetry have performed, hosted open mics, or provided workshops at various venues and conferences internationally, including: The Apollo Theater (NY), The Villar Performingflatline2 Arts Center (CO), the United Nations Headquarters (NY), the Opportunity Collaboration (Ixtapa, Mexico), the Skoll World Forum (Oxford, England), and on TEDx stages. The poets of Flatline Poetry write on topics of identity, family, love, loss, and social justice. Combining their skills and experience in community organizing, social work, political science, visual art, spoken word poetry, entrepreneurship, music, activism, and education, the members of Flatline present challenging poetry and innovative workshops that foster dialogues where all voices are valued.

BONUS RUCKUS: The return of the “PROMPT & CIRCUMSTANCE”sharpie Writing Challenge! Always a popular event. We give you the prompt & the writing surface all in one specially selected, randomly chosen item! Got a shoe? Write about it and write on it! Got a rocking chair? Same deal! Winner gets a drink on us and everyone gets to keep their poem! WOW! $1200 raised for EMILEE MORREALE last week! Thank you thank you thank you! If you weren’t able to make the show, or just want to support more, check out the GOFUNDME page for Em’s Food Truck Biz! YOSH & MIKEY & DORIAN lament the end of summer, but if the weather keeps up, we might stay outside for a good chunk of September! Let’s go! Visual arts, music, open mic and all the rest this Monday!

Monday, 8/22! FOOD TRUCK FOR EMILEE FUNDRAISER w/ Special Musical Guests!

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This Monday’s Show is gonna be a spectacular! NOTE: EARLY START TIME of 8:30pm!

FEATURE: EMILEE MORREALE has been artistically snacking us for emyears now! She’s a caterer by trade, but is looking to work for her own boss-self! She’s beginning a campaign to buy and operate her own FOOD TRUCK and to show just a hint of our gratitude, we’ve helped put together a monster fundraising party to help get her started! ALL PROCEEDS will go to CATERED BY EMILEE! To help bring the ultimate party to this fundraising party, we’ve called on past Dirty Gerund musical luminaries to lend their talents to the cause. We’ll be featuring musical sets by RUUNE (aka Greg McKillop of SFTD & DG Musical Director fame), CHA CHA CONNOR, (of Bolero & Mack the Knife fame), SHANE HALL (outlaw country, emcee & first ever DG Musical Band Leader) and LOVINA (siren songster, poet and amazing graphic artist responsible for past DG promo posters!)