Monday! August 6th! ERIC DEVENNEY Comes of Age! Musical Guest: SISTER MARY from Rhode Island! Plus “The Bro-etry, Oh No-etry!” Challenge!

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So supremely super excited!

POETRY FEATURE: ERIC DEVENNEY – This Lexington native is celebrating his 21st birthday party by finally gaining entrance to THE SHOW! Eric Devenney burst onto the Worcester Youth Poetry Slam and Clark University Poetry Slam Scenes back in the fall 2009, spinning whimsically humorous, rhyming couplet zingers! Member of 2010 and 2011 Worcester Youth Teams (the second of which made semi finals) at the annual Brave New Voices Festival, he also started organizing events and clubs at Clark University, where he’s now a senior! A few workshops later, this youngster, made a left turn and started delving deep into metaphor and imagery to become one of the best kept secrets in New England right now! (Mainly cause he wasn’t old enough to get into most venues)! But all that changes this Monday! Eric’s gonna rock out proper with former mentors and new fans alike. He’s got a chapbook, a winning personality and word craft that’ll make you wish you didn’t binge so much when you were in school….

MUSICAL GUEST: SISTER MARY is the monicker used by Westerly Rhode Island Native, Indie Folk Songwriter-Songstress MARY T.S. BROOKS. Elegant lyrics, mixed with banjo, acoustic guitar and bewitching melodies will hook you this Monday! Currently in the midst of a seventeen date NorthEast Tour in support of debut album, “Nothing More, Nothing Less,” she’s making some time to swing through our spot to haunt the rafters with sweetly dark siren compositions! Get a listen and check out more at!

BONUS RUCKUS -The First Ever “Bro-Etry?, Oh No!-Etry!” Guessing Game Show! Maybe we’re paying ironic respect, or reaching out to our bro-dudes with an olive branch bong hit! But since we hear that college crowd might be coming out in droves to see our resident big man on campus perform poems this Monday, we thought we’d get a little Belushi wacky in homage to the bros! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS & I will re-interpret classic poems by classic dude-bro’s, you buzz in and tell us who’s legacy we’re butchering with our slurred words and strategic “seriously” plants… no, seriously… dude…. bro…. seriously….  First to reach 3 correct guesses wins a frosty prize on us! Who will play buzzer?

Last week’s extended open mic was awesome! DUCT TAPE BAND‘s summer residency line-up may be coming to an end soon! Catch the hot fire while you can! YOSH & CHICKEN will be working that hot burger fire between witty remarks and drink orders! Visual artistry will most likely not involve baseball caps! Snack Time will beirut you under the table! So much innuendo! BRO! DO! NOT! MISS! THIS! SHOW! BraaaappPPPPPPP!

Monday July 30th! Canada Performance Poetry Duo “DEATH BY PEDESTRIAN!” Musical Guest: Boston Burlesque Poetess JOJO LAZAR Plus! Olympic Haiku Game Guess Show!

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POETRY FEATURE: DEATH BY PEDESTRIAN – Collectively these two touring Canadian Performance Poets, have been mucking things up in the Montreal and Vancouver poetry slams since 2007. Their work explodes theatrical and literary traditions. Producers ofOne-man spoken word play Pathos, Punchlines & Painkillers which has been performed in cities across the continent, founded the radical literary collective and micro press, Migratory Words. have produced a trilogy of collage poetry books are Graphic Love Body, O the Brief Eternity and Country of Big Nowhere. Edited Love Letters: from the Lives of Canadian Poets. Their work captures the mind at work, the soul in transit, the world on its constant brink. These two cats are on a mini US tour and are sure to spark your imaginations with wit, energy and performance chops!

MUSICAL GUEST: JOJO LAZAR’s mission in life is to be herself completely, and in doing so inspire others to break free from the chains of unnecessary judgments. Lazar is a performance artist known as “the burlesque poetess” and is an active tenor ukulele player in the circus band “Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys.”Lazar’s voice is unique and her writing of her young life is inspiring; it offers a reminder to live each day exactly as you are. (Moxie Magazine Interview) She rocks out on ukelele, performs often at Club Passim in Cambridge, and can even workshop your uke skills if you wanna!

Check out more at

BONUS RUCKUS: OLYMPIAD HAIKU QUIZ SHOW! We’re gonna brew up some original haikus about your favorite Olympic Events, guess right, be the first to guess right three times and win a drink on us! Go for the Gold! ~ WILLIAM THOMPSON FUNK EXPERIMENTS us as the House Band! Yosh and Chicken miss the 92′ Dream Team! Visual Arts and Snacks to be determined! This is gonna be a high flying international style show this Monday Night! You don’t need a map! Do you?

Performance Footage from our Musical Guest! Enjoy!

Monday! July 23rd! DIRTY GERUND sets the bar high w/ Boston Cantab Grand Slam Champ KEMI ALABI! Musical Guest: World Travelers LOBO MARINO! Plus! IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS!

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Things keep heating up in Dirty Gerund Land! This Monday promises to bring more amazing to our stage! Renaissance Sauce Style! POETRY FEATURE: KEMI ALABI is a writer and amateur political scientist living in Boston, MA. She facilitates workshops as president of Boston University’s Spoken Word Collective, Speak for Yourself, and performs her poetry in venues throughout New England. Most recently she is the current Boston Cantab Poetry Grand Slam Champion, Kemi will compete on the Cantab’s 2012 slam team at the National Poetry Slam this August in Charlotte North Carolina! First time performing in Worcester, this talent young rising star’s performing in our town for the first time, so let’s welcome her and her words!

MUSICAL GUEST: LOBO MARINO is the musical response to the travels and ongoing spiritual journey of members JAMESON PRICE and LANEY SULLIVAN.  During a year long trip in South America, Price and Sullivan encountered one of their many spirit guides, the enormous Pacific Sea Lion, also known as “el lobo marino”.The first album “keep your head up” was written on that first sojourn.  The group’s second album “The Reincarnation EP” was recorded in Richmond, VA in 2011.  It is a powerful and experimental musical composition with philosophical lyrics pondering ideas of industrialization, war, and home.   Since the release of “The Reincarnation EP”, Price and Sullivan have been mostly on the road, both playing music and just exploring. At the end of June 2012 Lobo Marino released their third album, “Kite Festival”, which was recorded in front of a live studio audience. It is a meditative musical reflection of their time in Puerto Rico, Spain and the Untied States. Check out more at

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP: “QUDDUS vs. ZAJON!” That’s right! We’re scouring all the way to the end of the alphabet and them difficult highly prized Scrabble Tile Letters to bring you the first ever intercontinental Iron Poetry Championship! Current Champ DR. JEN MAHON does not live here anymore. She’s run off with our trophy and we need to replace the champ! NICOLE ZAJON & YUNUS QUDDUS have stepped up and won their prelims to earn a shot at the title! 3 new poetic concoctions based on chairman YOSH SHARTIN’s secret ingredient! 3 judges. 3 categories for scoring, one champion poet left standing! It’s gonna be a summer thrill ride worthy of popped corn!

NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS wants to informally mentor you… in a bar! Nick’s the current poet in residence at NICK’s BAR on Millbury Street in Worcester! This Saturday, your intrepid curator is gonna knock back a few and talk writing and poetry with anyone who wants to walk through that door. He calls it the CABERET POETS GROUP (just cause he can’t spell doesn’t mean he can’t write!). 3:30pm until you run outta beer money! Monday will see snacks, visual arts, live backing band music, the best in drinks and burgers, and of course some dancing may ensue! Viva la Monday Night Life!

Remember Music Videos! Me neither! Apparently our musical guests have produced a “video” to go along with their “song”! Outstanding!

Monday! July 16th! Boston’s Back w/ ZEKE RUSSELL! Musical Guest: Brooklyn’s Back w/ VALERIE KUEHNE & JOEY MOLINARO! Plus More!

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POETRY FEATURE: EZEKIEL “Zeke” RUSSELL grew up in an artist’s community in Central Maine surrounded by poets and lumberjacks. He has been writing poetry for the last 20 years, but has only been performing for the last seven or so. He helps to organize the Untitled Open Mic and Mill City Slam at Brew’d awakening in Lowell. He was a member of the 2011 Lowell National Poetry Slam competition team and was the Grand Slam Champion that year. He has self published three chapbooks, and expects no one to be impressed by that. He works for Homestart inc., trying to end homelessness. He lives in Jamaica Plain with his pug PJ and usually needs a hair cut.

MUSICAL GUESTS: Double Shot of Brooklyn Return Experimental Awesome! VALERIE KUEHNE & JOEY MOLINARO are on tour again and will haunt you with their wicked string section sorcery… again! VALERIE KUEHNE has been described as an “electrically charged virtuoso of all purpose cello.” Her work shatters genre and expectations, fusing together experimental, classical, heavy metal, stand-up comedy, poetry, punk rock, and folk idioms JOEY MOLINARO is a solo acoustic grindcore violin w/ foot percussion. – they’re gonna blitz our stage with hardcore ART! Bring it!

BONUS RUCKUS – THE EVER POPULAR TBA! Special Guest Visual Artist JOSHUA ROBINSON. Aaron White’s promised creepy! Get excited. House band! Snacks! Burgers! Etc.! Super tired! Check out this art work and get your bum down to Ralph’s this Monday! OI! too hot for typing!


Monday July 9th! DG welcome’s MEAGHAN FORD from Boston! Musical Guest: SWEET STREET SYMPHONY! Plus! “Nick’s Drunk Text of Poem?” Challenge!

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FEATURE: MEAGHAN FORD is a poet, educator, and designer living in Boston, MA. She received her Masters from Emerson College and recently worked with Mass LEAP on the inaugural Louder than a Bomb Youth Poetry Festival. When not working she can be found running around the city sampling the local food trucks and climbing scaffolds. Meaghan has been previously published by Phantom Kangaroo, The Scrambler, and the Legendary to name a few. She was a finalist for this year’s Write Bloody Publishing Contest as well as Boston Cantab Poetry Slam Team Finals. This sharp, insanely talented, powerful voice is coming to Worcester for her first Dirty Gerund Feature! All hail!

MUSICAL GUEST: From New Orleans, SWEET STREET SYMPHONY is on tour and barn storming their way into our show this Monday with an really fun mix of dance-able originals, trad. jazz, and folk songs! The band is made up of SHAMEUS PAN GREY MOUNTAIN who sings and plays banjo and drums, TATE CARSON on bass, JASON CASH on flute, clarinet, and alto saxaphone, BYRON ASHER on clarinet and tenor saxaphone, M’ISSA FLEMING sings and plays trumpet, flute, and washboard! These troubadours are on tour in support of their self titles release! You should rock out with them at so much dancing is sure to ensue!

BONUS RUCKUS: The Second Annual “Drunk Text Message of Poem?!!!” Challenge! Your curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS sometimes writes poems, sometimes he’s worse for drink and chooses to communicate in drunk texts that sound even more poetic than any open mic stanza. Nick’s gonna find some of his favorites and pepsi-challenge you to tell the difference. We ‘ll set the buzzer up, first to guess three correct, quiz show style, get’s a drink on us and gets one step closer to penning your next late night glorious text message debacle!

WILLIAM THOMPSON FUNK EXPERIMENT is chilling with their summer residency! EMILEE MORREALE is on vacation! Who will bring snacks? I ask. Who? Email her by Sunday Night to jump on board! YOSH & CHICKEN hopes there’s bacon! We hope to shake and bake with you this Monday! Many thanks to those who’ve been coming out this summer, we look to keep rocking with ya proper!

We’ll leave you with some sweet street sounds from this week’s musical guest! Come Bayou Wielin’ with us!

Monday July 2nd! Celebrate Fireworks w/ a very HAIRYLAMB DG Fund Raiser! Musical Guest Portland Accoustic Singer GAELLE ROBIN! Plus IRON POET QUALIFIER!

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We need paper clips apparently. Or maybe the IRS is counting them pennies in our buckets. Or maybe we’re trying to get some new DG swag off the ground. Or maybe we’re saving money up to buy the Youker back from Chicago. We don’t want him to play 3rd base for the Red Sox anymore, we just want to chill with him! We don’t care.

The Dirty Gerund wants your money. FUN RAISER STYLE!

YOUR FEATURE: HAIRYLAMB – your humble host servant demands a slot that doesn’t open the show. Your humble host servant has some poems on paper that he won’t feel pressured to wave his arms around for, in a manic attempt to start the raucous ruckus off right. Your humble host servant is tired of referring to himself as humble and wishes to SMASH like bulk store items spilt on the Hulk. Your self effacing rumble post servant declares himself fit to 15 minute feature slot you in the face… twice! Your tumble weed coast serve man no longer feels the need to justify! Him hungry for burgers and your slap happy dazzled attention strings. Your grumble toast pageant wishes nothing but the best for you, but is serving himself up with no butter instead. He likes to wear hats!

MUSICAL GUEST: GAELLE ROBIN is a Portland – based poet and singer/songwriter who was born and raised in rural Maine. you might see gaelle working the counter at local sprouts cooperative or sauntering down the brick sidewalks of the city. but, in their free time, they are most likely cuddling with their cat, pretending to play guitar or thinking about how the world is beautiful and crumbling at the same time. Check out more of the haunting melodies and amazing string strums at If this wasn’t exciting enough, guess who’s backing on drums? ….. wait for it…… none other that our choicest ex-patriot musical director, GREG McKILLOP!!!! Boom!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER “??????? vs. ???????” Whu? Ya! Your benevolent curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is looking for two stalwart poets to do battle in poem stadium this Monday, for the right to face NICOLE ZAJON for the Interim IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS! 2 poets (sure we don’t know who yet, but that’s never stopped us before) 3 original poetic creations (haiku, short poem, and incorporation poem) 3 judges, 3 criteria (taste, presentation and use of the…..) and one diabolical secret ingredient presented at the beginning of the show by our Chairman (and heralded bar man) YOSH SHARTIN! Will it be delectable of metal detectable? Who knows? Who cares? The answer? You will, this monday night!

NICHOLAS DAVIS IS PSYCHED TO SING SNACK TIME with the WILLIAM THOMPSON FUNK DG DUCT TAPE EXPERIMENT featuring MARTIN, ADAM & DERRICK! Who will donate? Contact EMILEE MORREALE for glory! Visual Artist will be chosen by AARON WHITE! Get at him if you’ve always wanted to make money doing your art live! YOSH & CHICKEN make THEIR money the old fashioned way, by serving you witty banter and the best in draught goodness! Open Mic and all the rest as we say hello to JULY!!!! Yup! Forget the founding fathers! We’re spitting hot fire-crackers that will spark a little something beside the nubs where your fingers used to be this very Monday Night! I mean, let’s face it, with the 4th falling ever so precariously on a Wednesday, you’ve all pretty much decided to take most of the week off any way right? So… ya! Right!

Monday! June 25th – Dirty Gerund Welcomes 2011 NPS Finalist JAMILA WOODS from Chicago! Musical Guest: Return of the DUBBER w/ SILDAG! Plus “The Lazy Days of Summer” Lazy Challenge!

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Dirty Gerund gets in the papers sometimes! Well that’s no surprise, we put on a quality show every Monday and deserve to have people writing about our writing! Check out Victor Infante’s T&G Review from last Monday’s Double Blast of Good! Let’s keep the sweet momentum going!

POETRY FEATURE: JAMILA WOODS is a poet, playwright and teaching artist who sings in elevators and talks to birds in public. She has competed in several collegiate and national competitions, most recently repping Team Providence on finals stage at the 2011 National Poetry Slam in Boston, MA. She is the two-time champion of Chicago’s Louder Than A Bomb College Poetry Slam, and was also awarded the title of “Best Female Poet” at CUPSI in 2009. Apart from slam, Jamila is a recurring featured poet in Chicago’s Encyclopedia Show, and a teaching artist for high school students. Her first book of poetry, entitled The Truth About Dolls was recently released on New School Poetics Press. You can find out about that and more at Jamila is also an accomplished musician, who’ll be performing with her band MILO & OTIS as a part of her feature. OWEN HILL, the other member of the group and bass player will also be in the house.

MUSICAL GUEST: THE DUBBER plus SILDAG – Hey if the Featured Poet can bring a band, then we see no reason why the musical guest can’t bring a traveling poet in tow! GET GENRE BENT this Monday with THE DUBBER, who returns, accompanied by South Carolina Poet, JON “SILDAG” STARINO – Several months ago, THE DUBBER rocked us with an amazing set, in the tradition of the Mississippi Delta Bluesmen, confronting the world with his words and guitar, this self taught singer/songwriter infuses America’s Rock, Jazz and Funk along with some Reggae, Middle Eastern and Afro Beat flavoring to express his blues and complete his distinctive sound. Which he has officially dubbed New World Music. Since 2005, the Washington DC born/Columbia SC based artist has trail blazed through the U.S. with honest and intimate live stage performances. Looking forward to what these two stalwart roads-men will bring to our stage! to hear more!

BONUS RUCKUS: “THE LAZY DAYS OF SUMMER” LAZY CHALLENGE! – Too. Hot…. to ….. type… uhm…. think. Well not really. I’m exercising my right as an entitled arts activist to sit in an air conditioned coffee shop to do my typey typing. But Monday Nighs can run a bit long. So long in fact, that sometimes we’d like to end the show so that we may once again get hydrated. This Monday’s Show is gonna be HOT! (don’t care what the weather forecast is), so we’re going to end our show lazy! What’s lazier than haikus? That’s right, nothing! Bring your best, funniest, most provocative haiku about summer, summertime laziness, and win a drink on us! So… lazy….

ADAM CASTEN, DERRICK MEADE AND MARTIN GOHARY have been rocking the jazzy imporv funk the past few weeks! We expect more to come! EMILEE MORREALE has rocked a back to back amazing snacks, anyone want to give her a week off? Write her at by Sunday to Volunteer and have your praises sung! CHICKEN & YOSH are wondering why I didn’t say YOSH & CHICKEN! Serves them right, not really, but they’ll serve you right all night with tasty food and beverage! Visual Artist TBA! (NICOLE ZAJON rocked it last week!) Anything else? Uhm. NICK LIKES YOU (don’t tell him I told you!) (Photo by KYLE GANSON)!


So much summer fun!

We’ll leave you with some amazing words from one of our amazing features!


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