Monday Jan 11th! RYK McINTYRE joins the 3-timers club! Plus! The “Are you listening?” Quiz Show Challenge!

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ImagePOETRY FEATURE – New England Poetry Slam legend & 2012 Providence Poetry Slam Team Member, RYK McINTYRE brings his fabulous performance chops and powerful story telling style to our stage, joining a select few who have been invited back to feature at the Dirty Gerund for the third time! Remarkable wit, humor and bravery are this poet’s benchmarks, whether rapping about Godzilla or exploring family life and his own deliciously demented take on life, love and creature double features, Ryk makes it a point to do his job and leave it all on stage! In 1991, he represented the venue at the National Poetry Slam. A mainstay of the scene, he became part of the new-school hosting staff in 2004 when the SlamMaster post changed hands. After a fourteen-year absence from the National Poetry Slam, Ryk earned a spot on the venue’s slam team in 2005, setting the record for Cantab slammer with the longest hiatus and return. Additionally, he slammed in national competition for Worcester for two years and was also featured at the very first Legends of Slam showcase at the 2006 National Poetry Slam. Ryk has toured nationally and in Canada, opening for acts as varied as Leon Redbone, Andrei Codrescu and Jim Carroll. He has performed his work at NYC’s New School and Boston’s ICA and Strand Theater, as well as appearing as part of Lollapalooza. He has been published in Short Fuse- An Anthology Of New Fusion Poets, 100 Poets Against The New World Order, Aim for The Head (Write Bloody Press), nthposition, The Worcester Review, and The Huffington Post.He currently co-curates Got Poetry Live in Providence, RI. He can also bake bread!

BONUS RUCKUS – The return of the “ARE YOU LISTENING?” Quiz Challenge! Well areImage you? Listening? To the poets? To the words they’re saying? Really? Like for real? We, at the Dirty Gerund love to stomp, clap, skat and flail our arms in the name of local art support. It’s just kind of nice to know that some of our open mic-ers and featured guests are getting listen to. Listen! This will be on the quiz show test. NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS and I will take copious notes during this Monday’s show. Listen in, tune in, turn on and win a frosty prize if you can answer questions based on the evening’s sterling poetic shine! 

ImageDUCT TAPE band is doing the thing! YOSH & CHICKEN hope this Monday’s Snack Time Doesn’t end up strewn across Diamond Street! Congratulations to ROBERT BLACKWELL GIBBS who is once again IRON POET CHAMPION! Bobby took his win as an opportunity to call out former champ JACKIE MORRILL, challenging her to take the belt back! What can we say, he does not feel that he deserves the title, until he bests her! Jackie? What say ye? We normally want to have another qualifier to present the champ with his next challenger, but hey, we’ll bend our own dumb rules, to accommodate a match of this magnitude. Onward!

Monday! Jan 7th! Portland’s RACHEL ROSENBERG spotlights! Plus! IRON POET INTERIM CHAMPIONSHIPS!

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Apologies for the late post. Lack of house internet and flu like symptoms have left this blogger lurching for over-the-counter medicine and bed rest and terrible day time TV. It’s a new year, there’s day-quil, let’s go!!!!

rachelrosenbergPOETRY SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: RACHEL ROSENBERG is a Boston-born poet who’s been writing poetry going on 16 years now but didn’t start slamming until she moved to Portland, OR for law school. She writes about love and life with literary and sometimes scientific flare. She’s been published in several journals and anthologies and has an (as yet untitled) forthcoming book of poems about Greek mythology. She paid a brief visit about a year ago and is super excited to be visiting again!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET INTERIM CHAMPIONSHIPS! “KEELY vs. yunusQUDDUS” – It’s been way too long! Second half feature tonight is being hi-jacked by what we’re hoping will be the Iron Poet Match for the ages. Current interim champion YUNUS QUDDUS is a recently married, multi talented, poetic juggernaut from Providence Rhode Island. CYNDI KEELEY is an off again on again Worcester Resident looking to stake her claim in local poetic lore! You know the drill. 3 rounds, 3 original poetic concoctions, 3 judges scoring on 3 criteria! One deliciously demented secret ingredient provided by heralded bar man and chairman YOSH SHARTIN! Battle ????

THANKS SO MUCH to everyone who came and rocked out with us last week on New Year’s Eve! Upstairs felt like home and the DIRTY GERUND is super excited to announce that we’ll be returning upstairs for a monthly “1st Friday” residency starting March 1st! It’s gonna smash! DUCT TAPE BAND ACTIVATE!

TONIGHT! NEW YEARS EVE BASH, DIRTY GERUND STYLE! Performances! Games! Snacks! Upstairs! Whut???!!!

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TONIGHT! 8 PM sharp! All your favorite Dirty Gerund Games, Musicians, Open Mic Spotlight w/ local heros JEFF CANNON, SHANE HALL, LIZ SWENSON, JONATHAN WOLF, KENNY BRIAND, MATTHEW FLYNN, and so MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!!!


DG DUCT TAPE BAND! AFTER THE SHOW, we wile out and sing drunk karaoke till close w/ DUMP EM OUT PRODUCTIONS! Emceed by SHAUN CONNELLY!!!!


NO COVER AT RALPHS TONIGHT!!!! We’re accepting donations at the door for the GERUND!!!!




Monday, Dec 24th! Extended Holiday Open Mic! Alex’ Birthday Bash! Santa Watch! & the first annual “St. Nick’s Naughty or Nice” Challenge!

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Well the weather outside is not that frightful, the sizzle of burgers is mad delightful, and since some of us have no place to go, let’s do a show, do a show, do a show!!!!!

ralphsdinerThat’s right! Our beloved venue, RALPH’s ROCK DINER, in it’s infinite wisdom and indefatigable commitment to serving the Worcester Public, is opening it’s doors on Christmas Eve! The least we can do is do our damned thing! Spreading sudsy holiday cheer for all the good girls and boys who are in possession of proper identification! Through sheer luck, determination and well, let’s call it what it is, moxy! we have never taken a Monday off since we took over in 2009, so you know some reindeer droppings dropping from the sky is not going to keep us from bringing you an art party to get excited about this Monday! We will have an extended round robin open mic! Bring us what you got, be it song, comedy, poem, hula hoop routine! Depending on how many folks we have, we may ask you to sign up twice, and we’re checking that list, best believe. ALEX’s ONE DAY BELATED alexDGthreeBIRTHDAY BASH! Co-host ALEX CHARALAMBIDES is writing about himself in the third person again (early sign of senility) All he really wants for his birthday is for a few rad comrades to come down and share the holiday cheer, open mic & applause style. He’ll be holding down the show with witty banter and over emphatic bucket pass pleas until….

naughtyniceBONUS RUCKUS! “SAINT NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS’  NAUGHTY OR NICE CHALLENGE! That’s right, your benevolent curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS has got some rounds to make before he can bring his bag of goodies to Ralph’s. We will be on vigilant Santa Watch until he joins the ruckusy fray! Here’s the game that he’ll bring with him. Nick will read a verse. Your job is to guess whether that’s coming from a naughty poem, or a nice poem. Guess right, then it’s your turn to either get nice (with a little prize) or get naughty, force Santa to drop an article of clothing. We’re gonna play this until the prizes are gone, or Santa’s leftdrunk-santa-2-copy wearing a lonely stocking! I know. Yikes! This is the Dirty Gerund, not the soft cuddly kitty kat gerund!

We’ll see how many stalwart musicians we can duct tape together to bring the holiday jams! Visual Arts? Snacks? Hit us up to volunteer. YOSH & CHICKEN wouldn’t have visions of sugar plum brandy stuck in their heads! Tips will help them go top shelf!

Everybody say HO-oh!

I said HO! HO!

Dirty Gerund says HO HO HO!

Ouch! I stubbed my mistletoe!



Monday Dec 17th! JACKIE MORRILL FEATURES! Plus the return of the “Bro-etry? Oh No!-etry!” Challenge!

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Get your holiday cheer right here!

POETRY FEATURE – Our first ever Iron Poet Champion & Miss Dirty Gerund is returning Imagewith a long overdue feature! JACKIE ANNE MORRILL recently graduated from Sarah Lawrence College with a Masters in creative writing: poetry. She devotes most of her time to her soon to be wife, Mareh, their crunchy butt cat, Mama Wheezy, and working with old people in Framingham. Inspired by tales of sexual fetishism, pseudo-psychology and the feeding habits of forest animals, Jackie has become a strong and welcomed voice in the Worcester poetry scene. Her work can be seen in New Graffiti, The Ballard Street Poetry Journal, Amethyst Arsenic, elimae, The Legendary, The Boiler Journal, and decomP magazine. She is the co-founder of the Round Room Women’s Writing series held in the Vernon Round Room held on the fourth Thursday of every month. She’ll be releasing a brand new chapbook titled 35 Birds for Glass that will be available for purchase on the night of the feature for (only) $5. Come support one of our local verbal warriors!

BONUS RUCKUS – The Return of the “Bro-etry? Oh No!-etry” Challenge – we’re not Imagetrying to leave anyone out of the ruckus that occurs every monday night in Worcester! Sure, “Bro’s” can be obnoxious, loud, dumb and culturally clumsy” but we feel it’s up to us artists to extend the olive branch and try to make friends and positively influence our friends on the other side! It’s simple. Sometimes poetry is difficult to interpret, let’s bridge the gap, by translating wonderful classic lines of verse, into a language anyone can raise a plastic beer cup to! We’ll bring the famous verses, you bring your willingness to help a bro understand the sentiment. We all win. But the winner gets a frosty prize on us!

ImageCheck the cool re-purposed breath mint can, arted up by ANGELA MASKELL last week! More visual arts and live auction to follow! BIG THANKS to GREG McKILLOP who’s been working hard to provide us with musical guests all year! THE DIRTY GERUND POETRY SHOW has decided to experiment and do without official musical guests for the time being. DIRTY GERUND DUCT TAPE BAND and open mic-ers will continue to bring music into our lives and rock out for ever, but at this time, we feel that we need to tighten up the show format and make some more room for words. NICOLE ZAJON is volunteering snack time this week! We’re looking forward to next week’s Santa Watch Open Mic, and the BIG NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY share the invite with as many folks as you can! Even the bro’s!

Monday! Dec 10th! MIGHTY MIKE McGEE returns!!! Musical Guest SAMUEL J. JACKSON! PLUS DG Scavenger Hunt!

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So psyched to welcome back former Worcester Resident and one of the most beloved names in performance poetry!

mmmFEATURE: MIGHTY MIKE McGEE –  is an international spoken word artist, writer, performer, speaker, slam poet and comic. He has performed in thousands of venues all over North America, and was one of the first Americans ever to perform poetry at the University la Sorbonne in Paris, France. McGee began performing comedy and poetry to audiences at home in San Jose, California in 1998. As a Poetry Slam competitor in the U.S., Mike has competed at the National Poetry Slam on team San José several times. In 2003, McGee won the coveted National Poetry Slam Individual Grand Championship, besting over 300 nationally ranked poetry slammers. He has since toured over 300,000 miles throughout the United mike-nick-alex-DGStates and Canada where fellow National Poetry Slam Indy Champ, Shane Koyczan and beat-boxer poet extraordinaire C.R. Avery (of Vancouver, B.C.) joined him to form the group Tons of Fun University in 2004. They have since headlined music festivals across Canada, bringing their unique blend of poetry-laden “talk rock” to massive audiences all over the great north.In 2006, McGee became the first person to win two separate individual titles by being crowned the 2006 Individual World Poetry Slam Champion, besting over 70 of the world’s best ranked slam poets. His “stand-up poetry” has been written about in Writer’s Digest magazine, and been featured on NPR, HBO and CBC. Mike McGee books internationally and is on tour damn-near 300 days a year.

garrettjacksonMUSICAL GUEST – On a strong recommendation from last week’s feature SAM TEITEL, From Northampton, Mass, SAMUEL J. JACKSON featuring the musical stylings of GARRET JACKSON who describes himself thusly… Born in Pasadena CAL 04/17/85
Been giging for about 5 years “My stuff is a cross between satire and freak folk, people often laugh.. then say o shit…. The two musicians I’d be bringing to Worcester are skilled in improv (fiddle, banjo) and my stuff suits such a school of thought although it is not stream of consciousness (but that is how the songs  are formed, so I don’t take to much offense when people label it as such, nonsensical is a word that bothers me, but what would we be with out haters?)!

BONUS RUCKUS – “Nick’s Scavenger Hunt” – Okay, we need a couple teams to do this! newyearsNICHOLAS EARL DAVIS will have poetic couplets or haiku’s which will contain your clues. Decipher his drift and produce the item he’s looking for and get it to the stage before your competitors. Top scavenger hunter/gatherer, will win yummy prizes! Get some! DIRTY GERUND DUCT TAPE BAND’s BEEN KILLING IT! Musically that is! YOSH & CHICKEN want a deep fryer for the holidays! Help them by tipping them well! Snacks will have holiday flare! Visual Arts too! Looking forward to our New Year’s Eve Party with Dump ‘Em Out Productions! Get primed, get ready! The Dirty Gerund is coming to you ALIVE in 5, 4, 3, 2…….



Monday Dec 3rd! Worcester is TEITEL TOWN, that’s SAM TEITEL’s book release town! Musical Guest WATER CHILD from Woodstock, NY! Plus the “Ho Ho Hum…” Haiku Challenge!

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samteitelNEWbookPOETRY FEATURE – Our very favorite Universalist Minister in Training- Cash for Gold man – New Hampshire Ex-Patriot – Poet SAM TEITEL is celebrating the release of his second full length collection of poetry, THE ASSASSIN & the GIANT MAN picks up where SURVIVE, SURVIVE, SURVIVE left off in 2010: (both on Bicycle Comics Press) a young but more-assured voice coming to grips with the reality, horror, and humor of adulthood. The swagger and the snivel are both still here, in classic form, but added to is is something almost approaching wisdom. Sam’s been on several poetry slam teams from Manchester New Hampshire and currently resides in Worcester! He likes the Clash a bunch, rocks a unique reading style and has indie snark wisdom for days, no, decades! Come on down and get a copy of the new cool! waterchild —–  MUSICAL GUEST – Not much is known about touring act WATER CHILD, but members Joseph Hein– Vocals, Guitar, John Voight– Vocals, Drums, Izak Hosmer-Dillard– Vocals, Bass weave an ethereal soundscape that promises to chill us all the F out! Currently on tour from Woodstock, New York, these cats are dropping in to play some songs and promote their current release that you can listen to right now on BANDCAMP! Do I day say late Beatles-esque! What the hell! I said it!

BONUS RUCKUS – The “Ho Ho Hum….” Haiku Challenge! That’s it! I’ve had it with Holiday Songs already! Haiku slash down your favorite carol or sentiment to it’s core 17 syllable essence, deliver your haiku at the end of the show! Best get’s a free one on us! Humbug, I mean, Hamburger please!

Duct Tape Band looking forward to the holiday season! Snacks and Visual Arts to be discovered! Full open mic last week! Get down early and sign up to assure yourself a spot! We’re trying to start earlier these days, don’t ya know! Fa-la-la-la! Here’s some video of Sam Teitel in action!


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