Monday! May 13th! 2013 Boston Cantab Slam Team Member NORA MEINERS! Plus! The “Awful… Just. Awful poetry i wrote in college” Challenge!

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norameinersPOETRY FEATURE: In 1997, NORA MEINERS graduated from Emerson College with a BFA in Creative Writing but as Nora puts it; writing promptly quit her. In 2011, they mended ways when Nora was introduced to performance poetry and this year she is on the Boston Poetry Slam 2013 National Team competing this August in Cambridge. She’s got a short commute, living in Cambridge, MA. where she is raising a 5 year old son as a single mom and spends her days working as the “missing pieces person for a jigsaw puzzle company”. Yes, that is the real job title. This is her first time featuring in Worcester!

BONUS RUCKUS: The “Awful, just AWFUL poetry I wrote in collegepoetry-badcollege” PERFORMANCE CHALLENGE! Thinking about Nora’s creative writing major and how it took some time to get into performance poetry, I thought about some of my own writing from college. Wow! Awful! Simply. Awful! I had two recurring themes in my college writing career, “Man, I hate this place” and “Damn, am I scared to leave!” Oh wait, I also wrote quite a bit about people who were “fake” and “just when, oh when dear god will I get a girlfriend!” Maybe you were doing better back then. Maybe you were awful… just, awful. Bring the awful stuff down this Monday, read it out loud and win a frosty draft prize on us! Aren’t you glad I didn’t say beer pong? I’m LTAB-2013-LOGOgonna go digging for one of my masterpiece of expletivcs right now!

DIRTY GERUND DUCT TAPE BAND rocks knowledge in music form every monday! They’re there for you, even when you’re not there for them! Right? Snack Donation? Contact Emilee at before Sunday to have your praises sung! Just under a week left to support LOUDER THAN A BOMB MASSACHUSETTS YOUTH POETRY SLAM FESTIVAL indiegogo fund raiser!!!  Over 150 youth poets will be taking the stage at Mass ART in Boston! We should support the Gerunders of tomorrow!

Monday May 6th! RACHEL McKIBBENS RACHEL McKIBBENS!!! Oh My!!! Plus Iron Poet Interim Championship

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rachelmckibbens2POETRY FEATURE: Poet, activist, playwright and essayist RACHEL McKIBBENS is a New York Foundation for the Arts poetry fellow and author of the critically acclaimed volume of poetry, Pink Elephant (Cypher Books, 2009.) Regarded as one of the most dynamic speakers in the country, McKibbens is a legend within the poetry slam community, noted for her accomplishments both on and off the stage: she is a nine-time National Poetry Slam team member, has appeared on eight NPS final stages, coached the New York louderARTS poetry slam team to three consecutive final stage appearances, is the 2009 Women of the World Poetry Slam champion and the rachelmckibbens2011 National Underground Poetry Slam individual champion. For four years McKibbens taught poetry through the Healing Arts Program at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan and continues to teach poetry and creative writing and give lectures across the country as an advocate for mental illness, gender-equality and victims of violence and domestic abuse. Her poems, short stories, essays and creative non-fiction have been featured in numerous journals and blogs, including Her Kind, The Los Angeles Review, The Best American Poetry Blog, The Nervous Breakdown, The Rumpus, The London Magazine, The Acentos Review, World Literature Today, Radius and The American Poetry Journal.

ironpoetapronBONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET INTERIM CHAMPIONSHIP “MORRILL vs. ZAJON!” We expect a big night Monday, let’s make it even bigger by slapping a championship matchup to the mix! Current interim and past champion JACKIE MORRILL took the title from BOBBY GIBBS at our first upstairs friday show! Come watch her defend as we await the trophy and JENN MAHON to return from Texas! Standing in Jackie’s way for a shot a return to championship glory is plucky upstart NICOLE ZAJON! Three rounds of original poetic concoctions! Three judges scoring one to ten on three criteria, plus one secret ingredient provided by our heralded chairman YOSH SHARTIN!

Super fun show this past friday with HARLYM 125 and NIKI DSCN1958LUPARELLI thanks to those who came out! Working on even bigger shows this summer! Hpoing you all come through! Hoping DUCT TAPE ORCHESTRA keeps keeping on! Hope YOSH & CHICKEN never tire of us! Hope you get at EMILEE MORREALE is you want to bring snacks to the DG. Hope Nick finds a tee shirt that fits! Hope springs eternal or something!

May 3rd! “First Friday” Dirty Gerund Showcase w/ HARLYM 125, NIKI LUPARELLI and honestly so much more!!!

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We are back at it! We are so back at it, we’re in it! Even if you’re not sure what that means, best believe we are about it! Dirty Gerund brings you our third monthly First Friday Showcase! This one’s gonna smash even more atoms!

harlym125POETRY FEATURE: HARLYM 125 – By day, JAMELE ADAMS tends to the business of academia, as Dean of Diversity Services at Brandeis University w/ multitudes of undergraduate & graduate degrees in tow. But at night, this poetic juggernaut commands microphones and brings the diversity like few in the New England Spoken Word Circuit today! I’ve seen this poet inspire hundreds of teens to proclaim that they were kings and queens in youth centers. I’ve seen thiharlym125twos poet make even the most seasoned erotic bards blush in jazz lounges. I’ve seen this man organize and referee underground poetry slam “fight club” battles at the annual National Poetry Slam at 4am. Whether he’s performing for 3 or 300, he brings intense heat, blistering wordplay and manic realism to every stage he touches. Originally hailing from NYC (incorporated into his stage name), this talented man now calls Boston his poetic home, earning several slots on fierce LIZARD LOUNGE National Poetry Slam Teams. Too many honors and accolades to mention here! This guy’s gonna tear the roof off the place. We’ll call the carpenters, contractors whatever, so folks can still drink at Ralph’s the next night!

nikiluparelliVARIETY GUEST: We say variety guest, because this young lady can do it all! Blending comedy, music and the kind of mayhem even socialites can get down with! NIKI LUPARELLI is a Worcester Legend! The Dirty Gerund only thought we had the slightest chance at operating a monthly upstairs show because of the precedent set by Miss Luparelli during the classic Steamy Bohemian Residency Shows from years past! We’re not sure what she’ll be bringing to our stage this Friday, but best believe we’re going to be mightily impressed! Cabaret, Burlesque, Lounge, talent talent talent!!!! for more!

GALLERY DE RUCKUS: This month we welcome ANA PEREZ, local anaperezpaintingacrylic abstract artist. She will be showing some original work as we adorn Ralph’s Upstairs for our monthly gallery sessoin when the doors open at 8:30pm. She will also paint live during the show, towards the end, (or as soon as the paint dries) we will offer it for auction! Bring your cash folks! You don’t want to miss this opportunity! Read all about her in the Worcester Magazine Article!

BONUS RUCKUSES: This is an upstairs showcase, so you know clothespinswe’re dropping a couple popular bonus ruckuses on ya this month! First! About a month back, we threw down a new crazy challenge called the “THOMAS PYNCH-ON MY FACE” Challenge! Pynchon’s a very famous, highly regarded novelist! He also has an amusing name. Let’s celebrate his work by asking die-hard masochists to read chosen selections while wearing clothespins on their faces! Pinchy?! Get it? Right? Well we don’t care, we’ll find 3 fools to compete for a rad prize! The three competitors will all bid each other up and agree on a trial run. If everyone qualifies, we’ll let the real bidding begin and see who adults up to handle the most, then see if they can really do it! Ouch! Also the “FRANKENPOEM” Performance Challenge! We’re returning this less painful game back to life. 3 performers choose a bag of lines from poems and songs. Arrange them into some kind of order that almost kind of maybe makes sense, deliver it like you wrote it and win!

DG_FirstFriday_17x22The Night won’t be complete without our Invitation Spotlight Showcase where we ask some of our favorite Monday Open Mic folks to perform with 2 poem slots to do their thing! Snack Time! Dirty Gerund Duct Tape Orchestra will also be on hand and backing you up, musically and literally!

Seven dollar cover at the door. 21 plus. ($2 off, if you came down this past Monday) Is it friday yet!!! No tuesday hangover, no excuses!

Monday April 29th! CANDY ROYALLE on tour from AUSTRALIA! Plus the U.N. of Poetry Country Guess Challenge!

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Still trying for a 9pm start!

Help us end national poetry month here in the U.S. with yet another international guest poetry superstar! 

candyroyalle Originally a performance poet, CANDY ROYALLE has expanded across artistic boundaries with collaborative works that have seen her teaming up with photographers, film makers, visual artists and musicians. Most recently she has layered her rhythmic words and hypnotic voice with the unique sounds of funk, jazz and soul trio Sloppy Joe for their collaborative work “Stories by Starlight” which was nominated for the Sydney Fringe Festival Music Award. This builds on her experience working with both classical and contemporary musicians, including members of the London Symphony Orchestra, Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Australian Chamber Orchestra. Another recent collaboration was a commissioned work which saw Royalle’s words photographed on the shadow-lit bodies of nude models. Royalle also bends genres by integrating sound effects using FX and loop pedals in her candyroyalle2performances. Royalle’s career has taken her across both the frontiers of performance art, and the world. She’s captivated audiences internationally, including Spain, the UK and America. In Australia, Royalle is a festival veteran. Her one-woman show ‘Love Spectacular’ sold-out at Sydney’s first Fringe Festival where it was nominated for the “Show-stopping Individual Performance Award” and continued to win rave reviews at Melbourne’s Midsumma Festival and the Adelaide Fringe. Royalle’s work has been covered in many major media outlets including Fairfax, News Limited, CNN and a host of local and street press. Check out

unitednationsBONUS RUCKUS: THE UNITED NATIONS OF POETRY Guess where? Challenge! To help celebrate more international poets on tour, coming through our town, we want to send a shout out to fellow word writes from around the world! Here’s how it goes. NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS reads a piece, you buzz in and guess the country of origin. First to get three correct wins a tasty frosty prize!

Many many thanks for those who voted us BEST POETRY SERIES womag2013awardin WOMAG’s BEST OF READERS POLL! We continue to work hard to never let our Monday Night Folks down! We also are happy to report that our first ROAD SHOW at CLARK UNIVERSITY was a success! We got all kinds of good will and momentum for this “First Friday” Showcase Upstairs at Ralphs this friday as we welcome Boston Poetry Slam Legend HARLYM 125 plus the musical comedic stylings of none other than NIKKI LUPERELLI! Guest showcase, games, snacks, DUCT TAPE band! We’re kicking May off correct! Come down this Monday to get your $2 discount coupon for Friday’s Showcase! YOSH & CHICKEN are ready to get down, before they get upstairs! DR. CHRIS is rocking snacktime this Monday! Thanks! We are still in need of a guest visual artist for this Monday!

We’ll leave you with some great words from our feature!


Monday April 22nd! ANDREW GALAN visits… from AUSTRALIA! Plus! The “Otherside of the world toilet bowl flow” Challenge!

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andrewgalanPOETRY FEATURE: “Upstairs food court writer in exile ANDREW GALAN lives in Canberra, Australia. He has featured at festivals and venues on Australia’s east coast, including YouAreHere, the Australian National Folk Festival, SpeedPoets, and Jam Jar Poetry. His poetry has been published in print and digital anthologies, magazines and phone applications in Australia, Chile, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland, and the United States, including in The Best Australian Poems 2011. With Hadley, Joel, and Amanda, he co-founded BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT! at The Phoenix Pub. His poetry book That Place of Infested Roads will be published by Knives Forks and Spoons Press in 2013. Check out more at

BONUS RUCKUS: The “MY POEMS FLOW”… LIKE AN simpsonsaustraliantoiletAUSTRALIAN TOILET!” Challenge! Straight from the pen of our own NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS “Bring a short poem (bonus points for an original but samples will be available) and deliver with conviction….in reverse! Sounds simple right..but wait for the twists! what twists? JUST WAIT AND YOU SHALL SEEE!!! Mwaahhahahha!

LTAB2013logoFINALSDUCT TAPE BAND is on it! Snacks are always plentiful! THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving big last week, $150 bucks to the American Red Cross in response to the Boston Marathon Tragedy! YOSH & CHICKEN rock mondays forever! Visual Artist ELIZABETH SOUSA rocked to the tune of $50 auction bid! Who will art our hearts this week! Also! If you want to support youth poetry in our fair state, check out this super sweet INDIE GOGO page supporting LOUDER THAN A BOMB MASSACHUSETTS! Join us this monday as we honor rock in all its forms!

Monday 4/15 – Got NANCY SCHOENEWOLF? We do! Plus The “Marathon? Someday” 26 and a Half Word Poem Challenge!

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the increase in folks looking to open mic with us on Mondays and our desire to get home at a decent hour, we are going to be ready and willing to start the show at 9PM FROM NOW ON! Make a note! It’s fun!

schoenewolfPOETRY FEATURE: By day, NANCY SCHOENEWOLF is a Holistic Mental Health Therapist; by evening once a week, she turns into the host of GotPoetry! Live in Providence, RI! Yes, Ryk McIntyre has released her from the co-host position and so GotPoetry! Live is in full swing with her hosting as the positive hiphophippie she loves to be, with Jerediah “Big Scythe” Gonzalez as the new co-host. This journey began 3 years ago, when strange words flew from Nancy’s mind to fingers to paper/computer. Free-range ideas have manifested in imagery and phrases that trickle into ears during recitations. She loves to travel to open mics across the lands of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and occasionally New Jersey and Pennsylvania for featuring and just for the hell of it. She also loves yoga, spiritual shit, hugs and a good glass of beer at the end of the day. She has one chapbook published, and if all goes well, she’ll have another one ready by the time she returns to the Dirty Gerund! Got poetry? Got Nancy! We do and are psyched to welcome an old school Dirty Gerund Booster u Route 146 for her first feature with us!!!

BONUS RUCKUS: MARATHON MONDAY, I mean PATRIOTS DAY marathonmondayShort Poem Challenge! 26 and a half miles? Way too tiring! So is writing a whole bunch of words that good poems usually require. Let’s cut to the chase! Let’s celebrate the die hards who train for years just to unceremoniously poop themselves during that last mile! We want a short, SHORT poem about exhaustion, patriotism (which can also be exhausting) or any other aspect regarding marathons or drinking during marathons! Here’s the short breathed catch however, your poem has to be 26 and a half words! That’s it. No more no less! What’s a half word? I don’t know, figure it out! I’m tired just typing this dumb idea into a paragraph! We’ll bring the orange slices and award you a frosty draft prize!

shakespears-DGIMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT – we’re breaking records for folks who want to perform in the open mic. We can increase the number of people we put on, but we need to now start at 9PM in order to get this! We’ll be ready, set up and raring to flow at 9pm. If we can slightly augment this Monday Night Party Art Culture and just start a little bit earlier, just think of how many more folks we can let on stage! (2, 3?) Think of the possibilities! YOSH & CHICKEN are not thinking about that, but will think about anything you want if you tip them well! DUCT TAPE band rocks like few others! Thanks to Fletcher for his Caprese Snack Time! Who will bring this week? Email to let us know? Visual Artist? Do we still do that? Ha ha! Of course we do! Come experience the culture! and the ennui! not really! maybe.



Monday! April 8th! ARTIE MOFFA visits from San Francisco! Plus Iron Poet Prelim! “??? vs ???”

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artiemoffaPOETRY FEATURE – ARTIE MOFFA never sought out a publishing deal, but somehow his limericks have been sold at taste-making poetry boutiques such as Wal-Mart, Target, and the Apple Store. He never wanted to be an “activist” poet, but somehow his economic manifesto spent three weeks on YouTube’s top 100 and was the first performance piece to be panned by the vaunted literary critics of Consumer Reports. He started a company to publish more light verse, formalism, and comic strips…and his most successful releases have been poetry books by Sam Teitel and Carrie Rudzinski. He has never competed at NPS or IWPS, yet here he is on a poetry tour during National Poetry month, of all things. Most of Artie’s successes in poetry have been unplanned, but when you see him perform on stage, you’ll realize that every line, word, or syllable of his poems is exactly where he wanted it to be. Artie spent many years supporting the Boston Poetry Slam at the Cantab, he’s visiting from San Francisco and is blessing our stage at the Gerund for the first time!

BONUS RUCKUS: It’s time! IRON POET PRELIM MATCH-UP – who’s jackiemorrillIRONPOETgot the poetic acumen to take on three rounds of on the spot writing goodness? Who wants to take on Interim Champ JACKIE MORRIL for the right to test Champion JEN MAHON when she returns this summer? These competitors will receive a secret ingredient at the beginning of the show, compliments of Chairman YOSH SHARTIN. They will take it and create an original haiku, short poem and incorporate into a poem done before. They will then present their concoctions to the audience at the end of the night where three judges will score them on taste, presentation and use of the ingredient! Winner faces the champ next month for a shot at the title! Who’s competing? Well we’ve got some feelers out and hoping to drop some names you won’t want to miss!

alexDGthreeHoly cow! That was a helluva upstairs show last friday! Thanks to all who came out, performed and threw down for some cultural activity in our fair city! Who’s got snacks for this Monday? Do us all a flavorful favor and  contact Emilee Morreale over at to volunteer! Guest visual artist NATHAN WILKES just picked up the ink and paints a few weeks ago and tapping into some art, this screenwriter, didn’t know he had! Auction follows! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS, DUCT TAPE BAND and YOSH & CHICKEN are always on hand to welcome you! I guess I am too! Woot!


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