Monday April 2nd! Celebrate National Poetry Month w/ Boston Cantab Star CARRIE RUDZINSKI! Musical Guest THE HOT HOLY MESS from Brooklyn! Plus, the “April Fool’s” Challenge!

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When’s National Ruckus Month? Oh well, we’ll just stick with National Poetry Month until the powers that be, give us ruckus makers some recognition, that national kind! Let’s go April!

FEATURED POET: CARRIE RUDZINSKICarrie Rudzinski’s ethereal voice flows through heartbreaking metaphors of rejection and loss. She speaks with the smooth, sensual rhythm of a jazz singer.
The Boston Globe

Carrie is a performance poet, adventurer and full time anti-sock activist! Named “Best Female Poet” and “Best Of The Rest” at her first national poetry competition in 2008, she’s a full time performance poet who has performed her work on stages around the world. She has toured the United States four times and represented the Boston Poetry Slam at the 2010 Individual World Poetry Slam and twice at the National Poetry Slam in 2010 and 2011. She ranked 14th in the world at the 2011 Women Of The World Poetry Slam in Columbus, Ohio. Most recently, Carrie performed her work to audiences in New Zealand, Australia, and India. She has been published twice in the online magazine Muzzle and had her first collection of poetry, A History Of Silence, published by Bicycle Comics in 2010.

MUSICAL GUEST: THE HOT HOLY MESS – From Brooklyn, this self described collaborative astral phonetic experience” was conceived in a dream that Skye Steele had the night after a near-fatal encounter with a mountain lion in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley last January, the Hot Holy Mess will draw an astral circle around the room within which performers and participants co-mingle in song singing, musical reflection, poetic interjection, glossolalic incantation, and dancing. We celebrate Love, Lust, Mortality, Memory, and the world about us. Check ‘em out at


BONUS RUCKUS: The “April Fool’s Blues” Haiku Gameshow Guess Challenge! (I try to include as many cute kittens as I can, so we get more internet hits, you understand!) Got suckered recently? Getting suckered soon? Wanna sucker punch back at all this suckering? Sign up. We’ll have haiku’s prepared with the latest news. You guess true of false and we’ll see who the real April Fool is around here? First to three correct gets a prize! When Nicholas Earl Davis and I write haikus, we all win! APRIL FOOLS!!!!

Duct tape band does their thing! We expect a return of the wayward GREG McKILLOP this week! YOSH & CHICKEN are kickin hot rap verses between burger flips! Tip them! Visual Arts TBA! (I love their earlier work!) Snacks will be taken care of by one of our newest open mic stars, Nicole! Can’t wait for poetry on Monday, check out for news on the first ever LOUDER THAN A BOMB YOUTH POETRY SLAM FESTIVAL happening at MIT! Brought to you by Zachary Hueras (and some other folks)! Also, Poet’s Asylum has a great feature coming through this Sunday, REGIE CABICO from DC! Onward Gerunders!

We’ll leave you with some music from our special guests! I like it!

Monday March 26th! Pulling out the stops for NICKY’S BIRTHDAY BASH w/ JAMAL “Versiz” MAY! Musical Guest SOUND IN STONE REUNION! Plus the “The Roasty Birthday Toast Burn!” Challenge!

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Who’d a thunk it, almost 3 years of curatin’ this ruckusy mess hasn’t killed NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS! Your intrepid 5-ring-circus-leader keeps finding a way to breathe, so you KNOW we’re going to celebrate that… with cake, and cakes in faces and of course, glitter!

POETRY FEATURE: On a well overdue return visit to our stage, JAMAAL (“Versiz”) MAY is a Cave Canem Fellow, Callaloo Writing Fellow, and student in Warren Wilson’s MFA for writers. He is the author of a poetry chapbook (The God Engine, Pudding House Press, 2009) and editor of the Organic Weapon Arts Chapbook Series. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Callaloo, Indiana Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, Blackbird, and Verse Daily, among other magazines and anthologies. May has received two scholarships to the Bread Loaf Writers Conference, an International Publication Prize from Atlanta Review, and he was a finalist for the 2010 Ruth Lilly Fellowship. Recently, he was named the 2011-2012 Stadler Fellow at Bucknell University. May is a two-time Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam Champion, two-time Detroit Slam Champion, five time National Poetry Slam team member, and two-time Individual World Poetry Slam finalist. He has coached three Brave New Voices Youth Slam Teams and teaches poetry classes through the Inside Out Literary Arts Project. More information, including samples of his work, can be found at www.versiz.comYou do not want to miss this! Don’t believe me?

MUSICAL GUEST: Only a giddy, garbled request from NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS could make this merry band of unicorn ninjas reunite! YES YES!!! SOUND IN STONE is coming at you to play the half time super bowl show, complete with elaborate choreography and nip slips! LARRY, DERRICK, MARK & CHRIS and (insert bass player here) are twangy ganging up on our ear drums this Monday with an endless array of snappy, happy, songs that even my pappy would like! Bring your folks down and dance with them! This is a once in an every few months kind of reunion, so, you know, you may not get to see this bag of fun, for like another few months! “Kiss meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… in the mornin’!!!!!!!!!”  Just singing the song. Do. Not. Kiss. Me. (thanks, the management).

BONUS RUCKUS: Nick’s “Roasty Birthday Toast Burn!” Challenge! If you know Nick, you’ve probably given him a ride somewhere, had your cigarette lighter go missing, or have been asked to post-30 rack de-construct & offer feedback to a poem, penned to the back of a wadded up tissue. In essence this boy don’t play by your rules. NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS makes the Gerund happen. It just happens. He follows an Ancient Mythological Cosmic Fool Ancestral yawp! So, challengers, raise a glass and offer your most poetic toast (one minute in length or less). This man is squishy and can handle your outrageous arrows, but he can’t wait all day for you to do it! Nick’s favorite wins a beverage on us!

Nick’s inner child has been chomping at the lead painted bit, to get to this day in history! DUCT TAPE BAND is gonna work overtime this Monday! Spoiler alert, I think this Monday’s Snack Time is gonna be birthday cake. (if you’re trying to make this cake, please check in with Miss EMILEE MORREALE and give her a day to respond because she’s in charge! Furreals!). Thanks to KERRY McGUIRL for offering one of the best banana bread’s this side of my mom’s imagination! By volunteering, she has also saved you from the dreaded rice cakes! YOSH & CHICKEN are not crying for Tim Tebow! BIRTHDAY GIFTS FOR NICK should come in the form of checks made payable to ALEX CHARALAMBIDES (I will make sure, Nick’s absurd glitter needs are met for the next year). Bring your birthday paddles and warm up them paddling arms! This Monday’s gonna be the hootinest hootenanny!


Monday! March 19th! Catch the high flying poetic antics of Portland Oregon’s STEPHEN MEADS! Musical Guest ARIBAND CD Release Preview! Plus the Obligatory St. Paddy’s Limerick Challenge!

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Happy March Gladness Everyone! We’re having a great one with excellent shows and great turnouts, it seems every week! We’re on a good clip and hope things keep getting more interesting as the weather gets better and better!

FEATURED POET: On Tour from Portlandia, STEPHEN MEADS is a writer of things. His unmatched energy, incredible wit, and acrobatic performances made him an integral member of the Bay Area’s collaborative writing and performing ensembles from 2005-2011, and he annually serves as one of three panel judges for the National Poetry Slam’s legendary Nerd Slam. Stephen was a member of the Tourette’s Without Regrets 2011 slam team, the Berkeley 2010 slam team, and Oakland’s 2009 slam team, as well as San Francisco’s 2008 and 2005 teams, the last of which placed 6th at that year’s National Poetry Slam. Stephen is currently making his home in Portland Oregon, where he has taken on occasional hosting duties as part of the Portland Poetry Slam. It’s been a while since this high flying (literally, he’ll jump on the bar and word pounce you) came through town, we’ve grown and changed a lot, let’s welcome him back and show him how we can actually hold out liquor now!

MUSICAL GUESTARIBAND CD Release Preview! 2012 Pulse Magazine Best Female Artist Nominated, Indie Folks, Singer Song write ARI CHARBONNEAU is no stranger to Ralph’s of the Gerund, but there have been a lot of exciting things happening for this home grown talent, movie soundtrack, TV appearances and a brand new 21 track album called “Burn it In”, with a CD Release Party Happening at Ralph’s March 23rd, we figured we’d exercise our “good timing” skills and invite this great voice back to feature as our musical guest, in exchange for some tasty sample previews from her new album! I know… smart! Check out MP3’s, video and more exciting news about “nature’s source of unfiltered rock” at!

BONUS RUCKUS: Our wildly un-original, historically inaccurate, culturally misappropriated post St. Paddy’s Day, Limerick Challenge! The form actually originated in England. Go figure. I’ve spent entirely too much time on Wiki reading up on this structured form of nonsense poetry, meant to drop the brows of even the most stalwart Dirty Gerunder. Bring us your grossest, sassiest, blush inducing-est, groan-iest, disgusting-est Limerick and win a box of Lucky Charms. Neither Limericks or Lucky Charms are actually Irish. We figure if we’re gonna get it all wrong, we might as well get it all wrong all the way! Save some beer money for Monday!

PAULIE LIPMAN‘s been killing it on bass lately! (This is what he looked like the last time he was in a band!) Duct Tape Band expects the safe return of one LARRY WILSON to this Monday’s show. YOSH & CHICKEN hardly knew he was even gone! Visual Artists just seem to happen, so I trust in the elements that we will have a great one Monday! Snacks? As much as we love Emilee‘s creations, but IF we go another week without a volunteer, it’s RICE CAKES for the lot of you’s! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS has a job, and you’re flirting with other presidential candidates? Gah!

We’ll leave you with some words of wisdom from our out of town guest!

Monday! March 12th! Dirty Gerund Welcomes Double Barrel Poetic Musical Guests CLARA ENGEL & VALERIE KUEHNE on tour! PLUS! IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS “Teitel’s First Defense Times Two!”

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Today, Local T&G News Man & Columnist Victor Infante referenced a great article in today’s UK Guardian concerning the categorization of women in rock n’ roll. “When it comes to rock, women are a gender, not a genre.” – Lamenting, that far too often, he scans the club listings in this town, and does not see nearly enough female artists. On behalf  of this Monday’s Dirty Gerund, I’d like to say…. we got this! We may jumble our regular line-up to do it, but bam! done!

POETRY / MUSICAL GUESTS – Both fierce and delicate, Montreal Artist CLARA ENGEL’s music is reminiscent of an era in history when theatre, art, and music were an integral part of a bigger and more vital whole, an era that the 21st century is craving more than ever. Poet Janaka Stucky describes Engel’s work as “timeless songs that sound at home in the ribcage of rock n roll’s skeleton.” The underground, multi-faceted Canadian artist has independently released seven albums, and collaborated with musicians from the UK, Germany, Brazil, and the USA. In the words of Jeremy Reed, Britain’s most dynamic, adventurous, and controversial poet: “Clara Engel’s voice comes to me from that deepest of all places, imaginative space, from which she visually retrieves an inner landscape converted by breath into the rock equivalent of poetry. Rarely has a voice sounded so authoritative, so unapologetic in its disclosures, so sure of its direction in going home into song. I’d say ‘Madagascar’ beats them all, and it’s only a beginning at harnessing poetic inspiration to the resonating dynamic of voice and the lyrical ache of a great individual singer.” Check out and get mesmerized at

Her tour mate VALERIE KUEHNE has rocked our stage before! She has been described as an “electrically charged virtuoso of all purpose cello.” Her work shatters genre and expectations, fusing together experimental, classical, heavy metal, stand-up comedy, poetry, punk rock, and folk idioms. She augments her performances with work as an impresario, organizing the Brooklyn based experimental cabaret The Super Coda, which seeks to promote artists working in uncategorizable genres, and educate audiences through establishing visceral and theatrical performance contexts. She regularly contributes writing to The Deli magazine and is a published poet. Check out her work at:

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH – “TEITEL vs MAHON vs. McDONOUGH! Wait whu?” Ya, that’s right. For those of you who didn’t tune in last time. Challengers DR. JEN MAHON & COREY McDONOUGH ended their preliminary match with a tie. Disillusioned in our trust of math, NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS and I couldn’t think up a way to break the tie. (This happens to lots of guys right? No? Oh…” Well what we did think, was it’d be wacky to invite both competitors, (who both did an incredible job in “Battle Red Plastic Cup“) to take on newly crowned champion Manchester Poet SAM TEITEL. It’s his first title defense, so we thought a curve ball might be in order! Same rules apply, there’ll just be an extra poet involved! Chairman YOSH SHARTIN‘s got your secret ingredient. 3 random judges will have your scores! We’ll either have a new champ or a happy return champ, either way, Sam likes the Clash! So do we!

Musical Director Greg McKillop‘s band SPEAKER FOR THE DEAD have a HUGE Palladium Gig This Saturday! Check out the info HERE! Contact Art Director Aaron White if you’d enjoy doing visual arts on a Monday! Contact Emilee Morreale if you’d like to be immortalized in song by bringing snack time! Damian McEvoy promises to bring the Heartache in his “Damian’s 90’s Song of the Week” segment! DG Duct Tape welcomed Paulie into the bass slappin mix last week! He did a fine job indeed! Might we find another special guest this week in our Spinal Tap-esque search for America’s Next Great Rhythm Section? YOSH & CHICKEN say “its still hockey season damnit, shut your baseball yaps!” NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS misses you EXTRA HARD after chest thumping to WWE superstars last Monday! And I’m done.

Not yet.

We’ll leave you with some music from one of our features! Get excited!

Monday March 5th! All hail Worcester Slam Papa REV BILL MacMILLAN! Musical Guest: Electro Dance from EVERY OTHER COUNTRY! Plus “That’s the Way the Fortune Cookie Crumbles” Writing Challenge!

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Another gloriously rocking night last week at the Gerund! Let’s march right into uhm, March with another slickly sweet show!

POETRY FEATURE: Worcester Grand Poetry Slam Papa, the REV. BILL MacMILLAN has painted, iron poet-ed and graced our show a few times, but his first feature under our regime has been loooooooong overdue! Most recently a member of the 2011 Worcester Poetry Slam Team, that competed at the National Poetry Slam in Cambridge last summer. Bill is one of the original performance poetry gangsters of our fair city. Co-Founder and long time keeper of the oldest, continuous, most successful poetry slams & open mics in the city, The Sunday Night POETS ASYLUM Series is still one of the flagship locations to spit hot fire and watch premier touring spoken word poets, and we all have Bill to thank for his endless and tireless efforts over the past 20 years. So much so, that people are tempted to forget that he’s a damn fine writer, honest, reflective, humble and direct. Whether driving from Fayetville Arkansas, or crossing the Verrazano Bridge, this master weaves well crafted stories and always shows an audience where he is. A full time armor restorer over at Higgins, Bill’s taken a break from organizing poetry (letting us knuckleheads take a stab at it) in order to concentrate on poetry, painting and his obsession with food television programming. He promises to bring something special to the Gerund this Monday!

MUSICAL GUEST: EVERY OTHER COUNTRY – Ready to dance? Good! This Massachusetts Based Electro Rock Outfit is gonna make you move! These Umbrella Records Artists, RYAN SCOTT & JOE BERTHIAUME will play ANYWHERE (good thing for us…) have a stated mission of: “To lift spirits wherever we play.” by creating
larger than life dance music, exclusively on hardware synths, samplers, and drum machines, played live like any other band. They employ the following machinery: Yamaha AN1x, Yamaha DX-7, Roland Alpha Juno 2, Sequential Circuits Split 8, Roland TR-505, Roland, JX8P, Korg Poly 61, Korg X-5, Roland MC-505, Boss Dr.Sample SP.202, Korg KAOSS pad KP3 & of course, the Rocktron Banshee Talkbox! Check them out and groove to the tunes at their BANDCAMP PAGE or just come down this monday, support their electronics habit and frenzy twirl sweat the winter doldrums out to this dynamic duo!

BONUS RUCKUS: The “That’s the Way the Fortune Cookie Crumbles” Writing Challenge! Sounds simple enough, but this on the spot writing challenge may be a bit trickier than you’d think. Beginning of the night, we’ll take 4 competitors who want to play. You’ll each be presented with a fortune cookie. There are three main pieces of information on a fortune, that’ll you’ll need to play with. First the FORTUNE. This is the title of your poem and the under-lying theme. Next your LUCKY NUMBERS, each number designates the number of words in each of your stanzas. Finally the “LEARN CHINESE” WORD – you must use this word in your poem. Blend that all together, read at the end of the night, best poem will win a tasty prize!

DUCT TAPE BAND is really disappointed in my lack of beard. Here’s an artist rendition of what my face USED to look like! Truly, I have not kept the faith. YOSH & CHICKEN don’t care about the status of my facial hair, as long as folks keep coming down to rock art and their tip jar! Visual Artist, the ever wonderful TBA! Snacks? Get at Miss Emilee so you can claim your eternal volunteer glory! Have you ever bought a piece of art at the Gerund? If so, and a photo of the piece is not up on our site, take a photograph and email me the image, so we can include it in our art gallery, email me HERE with the name of the artist, so we can update! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS has nary a dart wound in his back after last week. Currently he plans on bringing ruckus with him wherever he goes, as soon as his tax return check comes through! Oh, you’ll find out soon enough!

Oh man!!! Feb 27th! Dirty Gerund welcomes HARLYM 125!!! Musical Guest: Old T.B.O. Bestie BRIAN DEL SIGNORE! Plus! The “Dart Bored Daze” Writing Challenge!

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Holy wow! You’d be hard pressed to find a show that’s going to rock harder than this Monday’s show! You’d need like the ghost of Jimi Hendrix w/ the ghost of Kermit the Frog backing him on bass and the ghost of Bruce Lee playing drums! DO. NOT. MISS. THIS. SHOW.

Thanks (The Management)

POETRY FEATURE: HARLYM 125 – Soooooooo glad we’re finally bringing this dude in! By day, JAMELE ADAMS tends to the business of academia, as Dean of Diversity Services at Brandeis University w/ multitudes of undergraduate & graduate degrees in tow. But at night, this poetic juggernaut commands microphones and brings the diversity like few in the New England Spoken Word Circuit today! I’ve seen this poet inspire hundreds of teens to proclaim that they were kings and queens in youth centers. I’ve seen this poet make even the most seasoned erotic bards blush in jazz lounges. I’ve seen this man organize and referee underground poetry slam “fight club” battles at the annual National Poetry Slam at 4am. Whether he’s performing for 3 or 300, he brings intense heat, blistering wordplay and manic realism to every stage he touches. Originally hailing from NYC (incorporated into his stage name), this talented man now calls Boston his poetic home, earning several slots on fierce LIZARD LOUNGE Poetry Slam Teams. Too many honors and accolades to mention here! This guy’s gonna tear the roof off the place. We’ll call the carpenters, contractors whatever, so folks can still drink at Ralph’s on Tuesday!

MUSICAL GUEST: BRIAN DEL SIGNORE – Long before Duct Tape, there was the original Dirty Gerund House Band, the Ticklebomb Orchestra! The first couple times, this young man played drums as part of our poetry/music experiment, we all knew we were onto something outstanding. He’s back! Original house band drummer Brian Del Signore is making a triumphant return to the Dirty Gerund with an album, written and produced by him! The record’s called “Behind the Times,” and will be available for release this Monday! To celebrate this record release, we’ll be rocking out to his tunes during the half time musical extravaganza! Brian teaches drums, writes music and is an unapologetic certified Red Hot Chili Pepper nut! I cannot wait to rock out to this new project this coming Monday!

BONUS RUCKUS: The DART BORED DAZE Challenge! Ever want to throw sharp things at your curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS? Me too? Ever wanted a great reason to do so? Well, here’s your legal chance this Monday Night! People enjoyed the magnetic poetry challenge we had several weeks back, we didn’t want to straight up repeat the challenge, but we tinkered around a bit in the lab until Nick accidentally came up with a grand idea. “What if I wear a dart board on my back, with a few choice words and poem themes, people throw darts at it, at the start of the night, then write a short poem during the show?” I thought it was brilliant, then asked why we couldn’t just put the board on a chair or something? “Oh, yeah, that’d be smarter…. less darts in my ass…. can we….” and then I cut him off, so, darts thrown at Nick’s back it is!!!! We’ll take three contestants. Whoever writes the best short poem on random topic wins a prize! Got it? Great! Dart board backpack!!!

JESSICA LOVINA O’NEIL is scheming on a new DG add campaigns! DUCT TAPE Band‘s been killing it softly with their instrumentals, killing them softly I say! Many thanks to JESSICA GONYEA for her wonderful snack time skills last week! Anyone wanna try to top that? Get at Emilee! VISUAL ARTS TBA, bring auction money! YOSH & CHICKEN are dropping home made jerky rumors (psssssst… the password is tip like crazy, don’t say it, do it!) The last few weeks have been amazing. We expect a full open mic list this Monday, so get there early! Otherwise, no sympathy, none! NICK is enjoying his dartless existence and misses you already or something! BAM!!!

we’ll leave you with some inspiration from our feature!!!

Monday! Feb 20th! NYC’s CAROLINE ROTHSTEIN breezes through! Musical Guest JORDAN CASTY from Boston! Plus! The “GOP Candidates Forum” Haiku Game Show!

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Last week was bananas! Let’s keep the great vibes and great weather going! If there was only one thing we were a bit bummed about, is that we only had one female on the open mic! In the interest of not letting the testosterone dominate… this week…

POETRY FEATURE: CAROLINE ROTHSTEIN is a New York City-based writer and performer of spoken word poetry, theater, creative nonfiction, and journalism. She was a member of the 2010 Nuyorican Poets Cafe slam team, which placed second at The National Poetry Slam in 2010. She has competed, performed, and led workshops at poetry venues, theaters, colleges, universities, and schools around the United States for more than a decade. Caroline is a member of the Intangible Collective, and was both a member of and director for The Excelano Project, a nationally-acclaimed spoken word poetry organization at the University of Pennsylvania. She was the 2004 and 2006 UPenn Grand Slam Champion, is a five-time College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational finalist, and coached the UPenn slam team to CUPSI championships in 2007 and 2009. Upon graduating in 2006, Caroline was honored for her work with an event in her name at the Kelly Writer’s House called “The Caroline Rothstein Annual Oral Poetry Event.” A longtime activist in eating disorder recovery, she hosts the widely viewed video-blog “Body Empowerment,” sharing her own recovery story as a means to promote positive body image worldwide. Since 2000, she has served as a Resource Person for the National Association for Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD). Her new one-woman play “faith” about her experience with and recovery from an eating disorder will be part of Culture Project’s 2012 Women Center Stage festival on April 3 and 4 in New York City. As a poet and journalist, Caroline has been published in various literary journals, anthologies, and publications, also self-publishing three books of poetry: After Leo Tolstoy (2011), This Book Wrote Itself (2009), and What I Learned in College (2006). She has a B.A. in classical studies from the University of Pennsylvania, and an M.S. from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

MUSICAL GUEST: JORDAN CASTY – This talented singer songwriter originally hails from Chicago, but now lives in Boston as he finishes his work at Berklee College of Music, where he also fronts a blues driven rock band called ELEVEN DOLLAR BILLS. Jordan is paying us a solo visit this Monday, bringing soulful melodies and youthful exuberance to our stage. He’s studied and toured across Europe, made some waves across country and hears good things about Worcester, so he’d thought he’d drop in and check it out. And so we were like, why not? And he was like, ok, fine then. And we were like cool. This is how this stuff happens!

BONUS RUCKUS: The “GOP CANDIDATES FORUM” Haiku Gameshow! Monday is President’s Day, so let’s take a few minutes (and I mean a few minutes) to highlight some of these would be presidential hopefuls just weeks before the Massachusetts Primary. Your curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS & I will put together some haiku with clues as to the personalities, backgrounds and ahem… aspirations of this year’s crop of Republican Hopefuls, you buzz in, guess which candidate we’re talking about, and win! First to three gets a drink on us and more importantly our write-in vote!!!

Visual Artist TBA! Snacks TBA! or is it TBD?! DIRTY GERUND DUCT TAPE BAND needs no such information to rock out! YOSH & CHICKEN will flip your script, between burger flips! Not quite sure how Damian is gonna top his LIMP BIZKIT cover last week for 90’s song of the week! We are currently in pre-production on a new add campaign, write Nick if you’ve got ideas. I heard he likes listening! Speaking of listening, go check out his new album on iTunes, whut? Produced by Dorian Gatej at Vemplore, these tracks are online and looking to corrupt! If you need a physical copy, bring some extra scratch to the DG this Monday and I’m sure he’ll gladly hook you up, after you buy the feature’s merch that is! Let’s go! Art!

We’ll leave you with some words from our awesome feature!


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