Monday Dec 12th! Universal Poetry Smile Guy Champion MIKE MCGEE brings the Joy Joy gobsmack! Musical Guest DREAMZOO Plus! Shakespeare Autotune Challenge!

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This is Paulie Lipman, substituting for Alex Charalambides (read as: Alex has chained me to a desk in his house and stated “Write this junk while I am off doing Worcester Hometown Hero-ish type things! Do it well and there might be cigarettes and Pepsi in it for you!”) What a guy.

POETRY FEATURE: Other than being the Mayor of Awesometown, “Mighty” Mike McGee is an international spoken word artist, writer, performer, speaker, slam poet and comic. He has performed in thousands of venues all over North America, and was one of the first Americans ever to perform poetry at the University la Sorbonne in Paris, France.

McGee began performing comedy and poetry to audiences at home in San Jose, California in 1998. As a Poetry Slam competitor in the U.S., Mike has competed at the National Poetry Slam on team San José several times. In 2003, McGee won the coveted National Poetry Slam Individual Grand Championship, besting over 300 nationally ranked poetry slammers. He has since toured over 300,000 miles throughout the United States and Canada where fellow National Poetry Slam Indy Champ, Shane Koyczan and beat-boxer poet extraordinaire C.R. Avery (of Vancouver, B.C.) joined him to form the group Tons of Fun University in 2004. They have since headlined music festivals across Canada, bringing their unique blend of poetry-laden “talk rock” to massive audiences all over the great north.

In 2006, McGee became the first person to win two separate individual titles by being crowned the 2006 Individual World Poetry Slam Champion, besting over 70 of the world’s best ranked slam poets. His “stand-up poetry” has been written about in Writer’s Digest magazine, and been featured on NPR, HBO and CBC. Mike McGee books internationally and is on tour damn-near 300 days a year.

Mike McGee was born with Spina Bifida in Fort Campbell, Kentucky and Tennessee, but grew up in and around San José, California. He writes and performs all over the world. He discovered a love of words at the age of three, but didn’t write poetry until the age of twenty-three. In 2003, he won the National Poetry Slam Individual Grand Championship in Chicago, and then in 2006 he won the Individual World Poetry Slam Championship in Charlotte, N.C., becoming the first person to attain both titles.

Mike has a mighty appetite, an uncanny relationship with ladybugs, several tattoos and siblings, and a passable Scottish accent. He breathes somewhere between Silicon Valley, California and Vancouver, B.C. as often as possible. Mike thoroughly enjoys weather, beverages, and the scent of mock orange blossoms in the spring.

I’ve known Mike for 10 years and have never ceased to be amazed by his endearing, honest, and wonderful wordplay. Yes, wonderful. As in “full of wonder”, as Mike has never lost his sense of childhood and yet still explores the complicated morays of the adult world.

Please join us in welcoming this former Worcester resident back to the Woo in style!

MUSICAL GUEST: This week, the DG brings you the experimental sound stylings of Dreamzoo. This ain’t your normal musical type guest either. Oh no. This is that extra special two part goodness! Dreamzoo will consist of:
Blending lo-fi noise with minimalism, Paul Pinto (of thingNY) gives the Worcester premiere of For Stefanos Tsigrimanis, a haunting and meditative elegy scored for two Califone turntables, guitar, voice and electronics.

AND Cellist and vocalist Valerie Kuehne presenting a follow up to her recent release, Dream Zoo (featured in Avant-Avant and Lucid Culture, and praised as “more avant-garde than avant-garde”), entitled Food, Drugs, and Commerce. The satire and innuendo underscoring collective experience is revealed through blistering, operatic vocals.

BONUS RUCKUS: AUTOTUNE SHAKESPEARE CHALLENGE! Simple! Bring your favorite Shakespeare sonnet. Perform it. We’ll do the rest. Your curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS has made arrangements to have a production engineer AUTO-TUNE your words, so even you will have trouble recognizing the Frampton-esque stylings emanating from your gullet! Keep a straight face the best, audience votes. Winner gets a drink on us and a life-time worth of pop music stardom memories!

Last week’s open mic was the business! Let’s see if we can make this week’s the corporation! (Bad, I know…running low on caffeine…) VISUAL ARTIST & SNACKS TBD

And we shall leave you with a video from our amazingtastic poetry feature


Monday Dec 5th! Portland Maine’s WIL GIBSON brings the winter word gut punch! Musical Guest BETWEEN TALL SAINTS & SINNERS Plus! AutoTune Challenge Take #2!

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We don’t stop, won’t stop, can’t stop, quit telling us to stop, (if this were a telegram we’d end with another stop!) Dirty Gerund’s hitting our Winterized Warm Stride, delivering the tastiest shows this side of gong! This Monday’s no different, yet it totally is!

POETRY FEATURE: 2011 Portland Maine Slam Team Member WIL GIBSON was born the bastard son of a good idea and a bottle of bourbon and raised in some of the poorest communities northern Illinois and eastern Arkansas have to offer…He now lives in Portland, Maine, (he likes it a lot there, you probably would too) and writes too many love poems sometimes. He is a proud (mistake prone) father, but he tries real hard. He has shared stages with Regie Gibson, my brightest diamond, Kurtis Blow, Jason Carney, Brother Ali and Patricia Smith.  He is a three time Portland, Maine and one time Manchester, New Hampshire grand slam champion. He loves people and dogs a lot, and would like to pet your dog, give you a hug and talk to you for a few minutes… Wil’s got an amazing raw energy that got rewarded when his Port Veritas Slam Team made semi-finals at the National Poetry Slam. He’s been touring nationally, getting his incredible words and pretense-less persona out there! This is his first time visiting the Gerund, so let’s get crazee! “Wil Gibson is what makes performance poetry fun. Whether running his local venue, cultivating young poets of his community or in one of his many features across the United States, his connection to those involved is unforgettable.” -Jason Carny, National Slam Champion.

MUSICAL GUEST: Sorry for the scheduling snafu. We get our signals crossed in internet land. Apologies to Boston Emcee HW (we will have you back soon!) This week, Dirty Gerund welcomes the trance like, fluid synth, vox indie rocks sounds of BETWEEN TALL SAINTS & SINNERS which features musician / producers BRAD DeMATTEO & AKARI UCHIYAMA. We don’t have a whole lot of info on these cats for the hype machine that is this blog, but never fear, you can head on over to their Bandcamp and check out their four track EP, titled “and when I looked back, they were gone.” just move them little mousey click fingers over to:

BONUS RUCKUS: AUTO-TUNE WORD WARBLER CHALLENGE! Simple! Bring a poem. Perform it. We’ll do the rest. Your curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS has made arrangements to have a production engineer AUTO-TUNE your words, so even you will have trouble recognizing the Frampton-esque stylings emanating from your gullet! Keep a straight face the best, audience votes. Winner gets a drink on us and a life-time worth of pop music stardom memories!

DUCT TAPE BAND likes SCOTCH….TAPE (who knew?). Lot of great new voices on the open mic last week! Keep coming down! VISUAL ARTS & SNACKS TBD (maybe a little less ghost chili powder?, meh! we’re not gonna mess with Emilee’s artistic integrity! YOSH & CHICKEN have their holiday shopping done! Thanks guys, I really needed a tie! NICHOLAS DAVIS can’t find a Santa willing to lap him! Meanwhile, catch him fight for JEFF CANNON’s slam services Thursday Night at the Little a poetry Reading (97 Webster Street) 8pm w/ Mr. Cannon doing a full set of poems to boot! End transmission.

Psych – Here’s your poetry feature doing a…. wait for it…. a poem!

Monday! Nov 28th – GIVE EXTRA HOLIDAY THANX for 2012 Miss Dirty Gerund MEGAN THOMA!!! Musical Guest TOM Inhaler WEYMAN! Plus Iron Poet Qualifier!

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This Monday, get over the thanksgiving bloat and family arguments by swinging down to the Dirty Gerund to pay homage to your 2012 MISS DIRTY GERUND PAGEANT WINNER MEGAN THOMA! I’m not going with the prescribed biography on this feature. We did that before when we invited Megan to feature wayyyy back in the fall of 2009 (times were so much simpler then)! Originally hailing from the Mid-West, Megan came onto the Providence Poetry Slam Scene two years ago and started running game LIKE A BOSS! With an absurd off-beat demento writing style, Megan’s been blowing up whales, explaining alternative dinosaur sex and (ahem) getting along with moon rocks, on stages, in the pages of Write Bloody Anthologies (check out their latest Zombie Anthology, Aim for the Head) on Providence Poetry Slam Teams, and as organizer of the Encyclopedia Show Providence! Megan zings them right down the middle with precision guided moments of “What the F did she just say?!” Megan double fisted insane duties at this year’s National Poetry Slam in Boston, serving as volunteer organizer for the festival as well as performing on and coaching their finals stage team! Her star’s on the rise, yet she never forgets her small time friends at the Gerund. If there’s a sash involved, she’s on it like spit drenched microphones! She takes chances with her work, expresses opinions that aren’t always popular, teaches kids and does it all with an indomitable swagger, a fierce, quirkified word woman who’s gonna represent the Dirty Gerund properly! Even if she hails from the 4-0-1. All hail the new Miss Dirty Gerund!

MUSICAL GUEST: TOM “Inhaler” WEYMAN – super great friend of the Dirty Gerund and Worcester scenes. Having worked with the likes of CORRINA BAIN & SAGE FRANCIS, this musician, producer is playing his first solo show in 2 years! He’s the founder of Supply & Demand Music, home to super bands DARK DARK DARK, BROWN BIRD, and many others. While performing most of his magic behind the mixing board, Tom rocks out live on occasion, confessing that his musical performances exist primarily to entertain SHANE HALL, hell, that’s more than good enough for us! Tom’s paying us a special visit, in part to also lay claim to being Mr. Miss Dirty Gerund (awww…. him and Megan are sweethearts… 1,2,3 awwwwww……) This should be a blast, whether you’re a sentimental mofo or not!

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER, “Lipman vs ?????” It’s time once again to find out who wants a piece of current champion BOBBY GIBBS crown! Former Denver Poetry Slam Titan and recent Worcester Transplant PAULIE LIPMAN wouldn’t mind spit-shining that trophy outta Bobby’s crying hands. The question is, who else wants a shot? We haven’t confirmed a second competitor yet, so hit us up on facebook, or call your curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS (if you’re lucky enough to have his digits). 3 rounds, 2 competitors, 3 judges, 3 categories, one diabolical secret ingredient concoction proffered by the man we ALL give thanks for, Chairman YOSH SHARTIN! Quit acting like you ain’t impressed… haters….

DIRTY GERUND DUCT TAPE BAND is thankful for the invention of beer! YOSH & CHICKEN are thankful that hockey season isn’t on lock down, tip them between Bruin Goals! VISUAL ARTIST & SNACK TIME contributor up in the air (let’s ground that soon)! Get at AARON or EMILEE (on the ruckus staff page) if you’re interested! I’m off to a family function, missing my Monday Family! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is smashing windows in anticipation of another HOT NIGHT! Don’t make him smash his hopes & dreams of rocking out with you this Monday!

We’ll leave you with some awesome words, then we’ll really leave you!

Monday Nov 21st! National Slam Champion LUCIFURY!! from Denver! Musical Guest LEON LEGACY! Bonus Ruckus “Cannon’s to the Left of Me, to the Right! No Left!”

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Not only does Nick miss you, but I do too.

This Monday!

POETRY FEATURE: 2011 National Poetry Slam Champion LUCIFURY is a native of planet Earth, and has spent most of his life there. The rest of his time was spent on the Park Hill continent of planet Denver. He conquered his first empire at the age of 18, but traded it for something more valuable; a rhyme book. After being mistaken for the lord of darkness in his adolescence, he began training as a pupil of the Egyptian god, Osiris. Around this time, he lost his belief in gravity. He only walks so people don’t freak out. Lucifury is the son of a half-Jamaican wizard who stopped Vietcong bullets with lightning bolts. His mother is a yellow rose who appeared as a woman in his father’s dreams. His grand father made his living by skinning live tigers, and was among the first Negroes to teach steel to fly. Lucifury comes from a family of shamans who study the esoteric magic spells written on the wings of butterflies. He speaks fluent river. Lucifury also possesses x-rated vision, and knows what womens’ dreams look like in the nude. Lucifury is the proud owner of a pet universe. He has defeated an entire school of ninjas without armor, using nothing but African souls trapped between his toes. He also has an allergy to bullshit, and credits this disability for his not being capable of wackness. After a crash with the Silver Surfer, he had an operation where his blood was swapped for pure liquid charisma. Since this event, he has fathered 20 immortal children made of various shades of light. Lucifury is currently in a relationship with the color black, and loves her for who she is. He is now working on lyrics powerful enough to cure all known and future diseases. This man is on his first national tour, an accomplished poet, musician, artist and actor, you can check out all sorts of stuff at

MUSICAL GUEST: LEON LEGACY – The artist formerly known as Kid Ikarus from local up and coming, dynamic Worcester Area Hip Hop Grinders THE GRAND ARKANUM, Kid recently became LEON and is working on some solo material to augment his burgeoning bands’ rocket ride to success! Anyone who’s seen TGA of LEON perform live on Wednesdays at the Raven know this cat’s got skills and the raw energy and charisma to get to the top of whatever mountain he’s choosin to climb! We’d book the whole TGA crew, but LEON’s the only one with ID and we take that serious at the Gerund! Come hip to this hop-star! To check out some music online for free, dig…

BONUS RUCKUS: “The battle for JEFF CANNON begins!” Challenge! Resident bad boy and Iron Poet Champion BOBBY GIBBS is setting up The First Ever City Wide Poetry Team Slam “special event” December 16th and has invited all poetry venues in Worcester to compete for venue glory. You know resident tribe elder and mystic JEFF CANNON is gonna be involved. The only question is who will he represent? Our good friend at the Little a Thursday Night Poetry Series is courting him! Of course he’s honored and normally we’d offer Jeff our blessings for any kind of engagement he chooses to engage in, but your Curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is feeling mighty small & petty these days…. as always I’m amused and support him. Nick has told COWBOY MATT HOPEWELL that if he wants Cannon on his team, he’s gonna have to come into our venue and take him. We love our Cannon! Nicholas has offered Cowboy some form of poetic competition. Winner takes the first step towards securing Cannon’s illustrious services. We’re not sure exactly what this all means yet, but if it involves Cannon, you know its gonna get epic!

DIRTY GERUND DUCT TAPE BAND took as week off to attend to some birthday biz. They should be back this Monday! Many thanks to DAMIAN McEVOY for lending his bass skills to accompany GREG McKILLOP last Monday! Regular (aka AMAZING) Snack Time will return with Miss EMILEE! Visual Artist TBA. YOSH & CHICKEN will be there to protect AND serve the best burgers and drinks in town! They are our law! Respect their authoritAI or expect to get SERVED! NOBODY took me up on my free drink offer last week! Bad blog readers! Just plain too bad! Greg’s off on tour again. He misses you. We miss you! Where the hecks have you been? People are starting to talk? Is it something Nick did? We can fix it.

We’ll leave you with some intense words from our feature!



Monday! 11/14/11 – Boston’s CARLOS WILLIAMS IS READY TO KNOCK YOU LOOPY! Musical Guests: YOUNG & THE COLD!

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This Monday, Dirty Gerund said knock you out! (Mama is neglecting her duties…) Indeed! Do not call this a comeback. We’ve literally been doing this for years now! Your feature is none other than CARLOS WILLIAMS who writes and performs poems whenever and wherever he can. This practice has included such settings as:  auditoriums, theaters, basements and kitchens at house parties, art salons, high schools, colleges, bars, and the occasional parking lot cipher. A College Union Poetry Slam Invitational Veteran, he has reached finals stage, had the honor of coaching (2010 Emerson College), and in 2009 was awarded Best Male Poet. The same year he made his way onto the Boston Cantab Slam Team and competed with the sharks at the National Poetry Slam. He’s been a garbage man, a line cook, a maintenance and demolition worker, and once spent 8 hours picking bullet shells out of the mud. In the Fall of 2010 he went on the “Taste of the Atlantic!!! Tour!!” with the highly acclaimed Gringo Choir, gracing the stages of slam venues, colleges, universities, and high schools in places as close as Providence, Rhode Island and as far away as a living room show in Portland, Oregon. Currently, he teaches part time at the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Community Center, slings sandwiches and coffees at the Kookoo Cafe, and is the lovable wacky-bar-backy and a co-host for the Cantab Lounge.
“Carlos Williams has emerged as one the newest and brightest flints in the great tradition of bonfire that is New England performance poetry, all flailing arms and spark, a rich thick voice that is both dangerous and delicate in it’s honesty, a flame of consciousness that will only continue to grow with the breadth of his undeniable talent and ability. This is one voice that cannot be stamped out.” Kenneth C. Arkind (Poet)

MUSICAL GUEST:YOUNG & THE COLD: (Line up change shift: We thought we had Laura Dunn from New York booked, guess not, have no fear, DG always finds a way!) The Young and The Cold is the solo project of TOM BOLSTER, originally from Clinton, MA. Tom grew up playing drums in hardcore bands in the Worcester, MA area and was peers with Eva Braun and Last Lights. Now he seeks to express himself through warmer tones and a newfound voice with an acoustic project. This week’s Dirty Gerund is a tour kickoff for him and Speaker For The Dead, so Tom is going to come and feature before heading off to Arizona! Check out his band camp page at!

BONUS RUCKUS: The I can’t think of anything right now, and I don’t think people really read this far down the blog anyway, so let’s test that theory and offer anyone who mentions this blog post a free drink!” Challenge! That’s right! Your faithful blogger is burning out fast and doesn’t think people give a shit about the bonus ruckus anymore! Many a night, we need to beg people to play our demento reindeer games. Well not this week. No begging. No game. No Challenge. No concern on this blogger’s part. Pardon the snark, but I’m interested in the following experiment. I’m pretty sure the only person who reads this blog is your faithful curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS. If you’ve gotten this far and have read this paragraph. Come down this Monday, tap me on the shoulder and say “I want my free drink.” Then…. (drumroll)… I will give you one. Do NOT spread the word. If I see a comment on someone’s FB wall, or overhear someone telling someone else that drinks are on us, then this is not happening (and I’ll let folks know who spoiled the deal). This is for loyal Dirty Gerund Blog Readers only. There’s your ruckus! Pow! Maybe Nick will intercede and come up with something brilliant, or at least less snarky. (long languished sigh….)

YOSH & CHICKEN make the best burgers in town while gossiping in hushed tones about my mental state. DG DUCT TAPE BAND is bearded and non-plussed! SNACK TIME & VISUAL ARTIST TBA! In other poetry news, be sure to catch the 2011 NORTHBEAST REGIONAL POETRY SLAM, featuring teams from all over New England and New Jersey happening Saturday & Sunday Nights! Click for more info!

Monday! Nov. 7th! LAURA LAMB BROWN-LAVOIE’s got the talent to back up that many names! Musical Guests ADAM WARROCK w/ SHANE HALL! Bonus Ruckus! Great Speeches Challenge!

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This Monday, Dirty Gerund welcomes November with a phenomenal new voice coming up from Providence Rhode Island way! 2011 Providence Poetry Grand Slam Champion, LAURA LAMB BROWN-LAVOIE rocked finals stage at this year’s National Poetry Slam Championships with an innovative style that people are still talking about! This organic farming, world traveling Brown University Student started slamming only recently, but is making a name for herself fast! According to her teammate & current Miss Dirty Gerund, Megan Thoma, Laura “is pushing the art form in ways that I deeply envy, and I hope in ways that push others to do the same.  Laura’s poems are on a larger variety of topics, but are rooted in the way that humans interact with the natural world and how elements of modern culture—like advertising, technology, and media—impact that interaction.  She takes large risks with her performance, using props, group voices, and audience participation in inventive ways that with a lesser poet would feel gimmicky, but because of Laura’s exquisite talents as a writer and the thought that she puts into her work, they become an incredibly important vehicle in telling her story.  Her ideas and language are complex, but she uses her performance to create pathways of understanding, and even if you miss details, the message will punch you in all the places it planned to.” Good enough for us, actually that’s way better than anything I could write….

MUSICAL GUEST: ADAM WARROCK Having firmly established himself as the Internet’s foremost comic book rapper, Adam WarRock has gained widespread acclaim from both geek and nerd audiences, as well as hip hop and music fan crowds alike. gained widespread acclaim for both free and professional releases through his website. His debut LP The War For Infinity was a featured hip hop/rap release on the iTunes genre front page, and reached best seller status on Adam WarRock’s Oni Press Mixtape, released in conjunction with comic publisher Oni Press, was heralded as a successful cross-media melding of indie rock and hip hop aesthetic, spinning songs off of Oni Press titles such as Super Pro KO, Stumptown, and The Sixth Gun. His most recent mixtape The Browncoats Mixtape, has become an internet sensation, having been featured on The Escapist, io9, Whedonesque, and personally mentioned by Firefly television star Nathan Fillion. He will be touring the area with local emcee/DG friend & part time nerd SHANE HALL who’ll be showing him the ropa-dopes that come with hanging at Ralph’s! check out more at


BONUS RUCKUS: Return of the “Great Speeches or Poem?” Quiz Show Guess Challenge! November 8th is election day! There are bums to boot out a plenty, and the Dirty Gerund says there’s nothing sexier than voting! In celebration of the poetry of great leaders, your curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS will plunge into the depths of our National Oratory History (and my chap book collection) to extract great words from great visionaries. Your job? Is guess whether these words are illuminating from a whistle stop stump speech writer’s mac book, or your mild mannered poet’s mac-book. First to three gets a drink on us. Democracy gets served… a beverage. Seriously, you should vote son!  “The only thing we have to fear is……?”

Duct Tape Band scoffs at your metal power ballad requests. Yosh & Chicken forgot what the ballot questions are this year. Snack Time needs a volunteer. Talk to Emilee. Resident Artist TBA! Nick & I don’t have much more to add! Dirty Gerund for all your pre-election party needs!

Music from out Musical Guest – Fancy That!

Monday 10/31/11 DG gets all EPIC GOTHIC this Halloween w/ SUSSURUS DIN & BRET HERHOLZ Book Release! Musical Guest LIFE IN VACUUM! Plus! Costume Something or Other Challenge!

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Let’s get Gothic and Creep the Neighbors! After you’re done distributing or acquiring “fun”-size portions of corn syrupy madness, stop by the DG and work that sugar out! Both kinds!

BOOK RELEASE!!! GLOOMY PRESENTIMENTS OF THINGS TO COME is out and available on-line! Welcome Worcester’s own creators for a Halloween Book Release Party that’ll scare the bejeebers out of ya! This collaborative work, features the visual talents of BRET M. HERHOLZ: Artist, scriptwriter and art instructor from the Worcester MA area. Author of six books, a regular contributor to the Undercoverfish Group and a contributing artist for the web series CRACKED: AFTER HOURS providing the inner thoughts for Katie Willert’s character on the show. Bret is represented by Whitt Brantley Management and Talent: A Literary, Film and Television Agency. Poetry for this book, scribed by none other than DG Regular SUSURRUS DIN: The works of Susurrus Din owes much to the Masters of the Macabre, Gothic Horror, World Myth, Folklore. He draws heavily from themes of judgment, vengeance, and the otherworldly. His most recent work, “Gloomy Presentiments of Things to Come,” has been recently unleashed in collaboration with local illustrator extraordinaire Bret Herholz. Think equal parts Charles Addams, Edward Gorey, and Tim Burton. SUSURRUS DIN will be reading selections from the book & BRET will be our visual artist that night! Get your auction & book buying on!!!!

MUSICAL GUEST: LIFE IN VACUUM (as reported by Musical Director Greg McKillop) One part punk band, one part spooky circus music, all rock and roll, and nothing left over. Hailing from the land of Rush and Hockey (that’s Canada eh?). Bands got edgey guitar work and wailing vocals. Solid bass and drumming and good use of electronics rounds out the sound. A spaztik punk rock carnival ride”. (after listening to their stuff on line, I’m getting psyched) Got some of that “At the Drive In” raw crazed energy and math timing! Check out their bandcamp:” We love Canadians! You should too!

BONUS RUCKUS: COSTUME SOMETHING OR OTHER CHALLENGE: Do we even need to encourage you guys to wear costumes? Well we’ll do it anyway! (Sheeeesh)! Go that extra make-uppy mile, write a haiku or short poem that either explains your costume, helps you sell your temporary persona, or just generally blows our minds and WIN a drink on us! Creepy, sexy, clever, over the top, we’ll let the crowd decide who wins, so bring some supporters and then seek help! You may even win some of Nick’s candy! Nick says Meow! (Editors Note: Immediate Disqualification if you dress up like Snooki or anyone from the Jersey Shore, did I mention that we put the “dis” in disqualification?)

Word has it Dr. CHRIS will be handling Snack Time Duties! Rumor has it that our DG Visual Director might bring some paints to paint your face (for a modest fee of course). Word has it, DG Duct Tape Band‘s boning up on their monster mash. Word IS that YOSH & CHICKEN wish they wouldn’t! The truest thing I can say is that this is gonna be a helluva show because word’s out that DG Musical Director GREG McKILLOP is taking a break from incessant touring to pay us a visit and stake some claim on the mic!

In case you forgot! This is what he looks and sounds like ;)


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