Monday 10/31/11 DG gets all EPIC GOTHIC this Halloween w/ SUSSURUS DIN & BRET HERHOLZ Book Release! Musical Guest LIFE IN VACUUM! Plus! Costume Something or Other Challenge!

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Let’s get Gothic and Creep the Neighbors! After you’re done distributing or acquiring “fun”-size portions of corn syrupy madness, stop by the DG and work that sugar out! Both kinds!

BOOK RELEASE!!! GLOOMY PRESENTIMENTS OF THINGS TO COME is out and available on-line! Welcome Worcester’s own creators for a Halloween Book Release Party that’ll scare the bejeebers out of ya! This collaborative work, features the visual talents of BRET M. HERHOLZ: Artist, scriptwriter and art instructor from the Worcester MA area. Author of six books, a regular contributor to the Undercoverfish Group and a contributing artist for the web series CRACKED: AFTER HOURS providing the inner thoughts for Katie Willert’s character on the show. Bret is represented by Whitt Brantley Management and Talent: A Literary, Film and Television Agency. Poetry for this book, scribed by none other than DG Regular SUSURRUS DIN: The works of Susurrus Din owes much to the Masters of the Macabre, Gothic Horror, World Myth, Folklore. He draws heavily from themes of judgment, vengeance, and the otherworldly. His most recent work, “Gloomy Presentiments of Things to Come,” has been recently unleashed in collaboration with local illustrator extraordinaire Bret Herholz. Think equal parts Charles Addams, Edward Gorey, and Tim Burton. SUSURRUS DIN will be reading selections from the book & BRET will be our visual artist that night! Get your auction & book buying on!!!!

MUSICAL GUEST: LIFE IN VACUUM (as reported by Musical Director Greg McKillop) One part punk band, one part spooky circus music, all rock and roll, and nothing left over. Hailing from the land of Rush and Hockey (that’s Canada eh?). Bands got edgey guitar work and wailing vocals. Solid bass and drumming and good use of electronics rounds out the sound. A spaztik punk rock carnival ride”. (after listening to their stuff on line, I’m getting psyched) Got some of that “At the Drive In” raw crazed energy and math timing! Check out their bandcamp:” We love Canadians! You should too!

BONUS RUCKUS: COSTUME SOMETHING OR OTHER CHALLENGE: Do we even need to encourage you guys to wear costumes? Well we’ll do it anyway! (Sheeeesh)! Go that extra make-uppy mile, write a haiku or short poem that either explains your costume, helps you sell your temporary persona, or just generally blows our minds and WIN a drink on us! Creepy, sexy, clever, over the top, we’ll let the crowd decide who wins, so bring some supporters and then seek help! You may even win some of Nick’s candy! Nick says Meow! (Editors Note: Immediate Disqualification if you dress up like Snooki or anyone from the Jersey Shore, did I mention that we put the “dis” in disqualification?)

Word has it Dr. CHRIS will be handling Snack Time Duties! Rumor has it that our DG Visual Director might bring some paints to paint your face (for a modest fee of course). Word has it, DG Duct Tape Band‘s boning up on their monster mash. Word IS that YOSH & CHICKEN wish they wouldn’t! The truest thing I can say is that this is gonna be a helluva show because word’s out that DG Musical Director GREG McKILLOP is taking a break from incessant touring to pay us a visit and stake some claim on the mic!

In case you forgot! This is what he looks and sounds like ;)

Mon. Oct 24th JOSEPH LMS GREEN from DC! Musical Guest CRUNK WITCH from Maine! Plus! Iron Poet Championship Match-up “Swenson vs. Gibbs!”

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This Monday at Ralph’s, the Dirty Gerund’s going to be all that and maybe more if you all behave and come down to the show!

POETRY FEATURE: JOSEPH LMS GREEN – a Washington, D.C.-based performance poet and educator with more than eight years’ professional experience. As a solo artist and member of the Intangible Collective, Joseph LMS has performed at venues and schools throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic United States. For five years, he has coached the Hayfield Secondary School Forensic Speech Team, an art Joseph mastered at a young age: he ranked 13th in the nation for Dramatic Performance as a high school senior (1999). He toured with the educational entertainment group Theatre IV, the country’s largest in school touring company, for two and a half years at more than 200 high schools and professional theatres educating children and families. A four-time qualifier and participant in the National Poetry Slam, he has represented the Oneonta Slam team as their Grand Slam Champion (twice, 2005-06), as well as Slam Richmond (2009), and DC’s Beltway Poetry Slam Team (2011, ranked 5th in the nation). As the Beltway Poetry Slam representative at the Individual World Poetry Slam(2011), Joseph is the currently the 16th ranked poet in the world. His one-man show “She Is” was commissioned by the Upper Catskill Community Council of the Arts at the Wilbur Mansion in Oneonta, N.Y. (2007). He has self-published a poetry chapbook called “Her and Everything Else” (2010), and a poetry album entitled “unmastered – Vol. One” (2005). Joseph LMS is currently producing his first book of poetry, recording his second full-length spoken word album, and working to create the first city-wide youth slam in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia under the Louder Than a Bomb banner.

MUSICAL GUEST: CRUNK WITCH: comprised of married couple Brandon Miles and Hannah Collen, is an Electro-Rock duo from Presque Isle, ME. For samples of music check: Started in late 2009, this baby has strove to challenge social faux pas through power packed electronic anthems filled with tales of fantasy and horror. Endorsed by PETA2, this band has been on 6 tours and played over 100 shows. Their quickly sold out debut, ‘The Battle Beyond E.P.’, was soon followed by the full-length record, “The Legends Of Manicorn” released on Milled Pavement Records. The band generated a heavy youtube buzz when their single, ‘The Battle Beyond’, was featured in a Jenna Marbles video with over 6 million views. After recently signing a licensing deal with Bunim/Murray (creators of Real World, Road Rules, Project Runway, etc.), the band won the award for ‘Best Eletronic Act’ at the 2011 Phoenix Awards. Currently Crunk Witch is hard at work on their follow up effort and are ready to explore all future opportunities.

Maine bands just don’t do this sort of thing. Lucky for us, Crunk Witch don’t give a (bleep).

- Portland Phoenix

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP “GIBBS vs. SWENSON”!!! – the title’s on the line and we’ve been looking forward to this match-up. Last month, Dirty Gerund resident Word Ninja LIZ SWENSON took the prelim over SAM CAPAGROSSI and earned the right to challenge our Champion BOBBY GIBBS! This could be one of the best championships ever! Bobby’s coming off his trip, repping the Wu at the 2011 Indie World Poetry Slam Championships, Liz has a new kitchen sink, just in time I’d say, cause she’s gonna throw it and any other plumbing in an attempt to wrestle the championship trophy from Bobby’s cold, buzzed hands! Two competitors, 3 new poems, 3 judges, 3 scoring categories and one unknown secret ingredient to be concocted and presented by out indefatigable chairman YOSH SHARTIN! Battle whut?! Ya, it’s exciting!

Two weeks from Halloween! Visual Arts Director AARON WHITE will be handling the arts this week as he carves the perfect pumpkin (maybe two) so that you can scare the crap outta them tricker-treaters! YOSH & CHICKEN are contemplating fangs! Tip ‘em and no-one gets bit! DG DUCT TAPE BAND is ready to jam out! Bagels with faces on ‘em were a hit at snack-time! Thanks Tak! Get in touch with EMILEE MORREALE to toss your snack hat in the ring and receive eternal glory! Me and NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS are psyched that we don’t have to write haiku this week! Aren’t you? Gives us more time to contemplate costumes and occupy things. Don’t make me get crazy clown posse on you!

We’ll leave you with a brand new video from our musical guest! Get down to this tune, then GET DOWN to the show this Monday! I won’t ask twice!

Monday Oct 17th! Q from Jus Words crosses town! MUSICAL GUESTS Folklore from New Hampshire! Plus! The return of “Drunk Text of Poem?” Challenge!

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WordPress is not allowing me to post pictures right now! This post and the information contained therein are too important to wait for such media! This week, the Gerund continues to offer some of the tastiest cultural morsels for your voracious arts appetites!

Our poetry feature is none other than QAADIR WILLIAMS aka Q! Recent Worcester Transplant, dynamite spoken word artist and host of Worcester’s newest poetry & music variety show, Jus Words North! This incredibly personable, skilled slinger of words and thoughts has lived pretty much all over the United States and has made waves with his words in Houston, Atlantic City and most recently Philadelphia. He’s recently moved to town and has taken our scene by storm with heartfelt, informed monologues that explode off the stage and into your ears! JUS WORDS NORTH is his new variety show, that happens Wednesday’s at the Crescent Cafe on Canterbury Street. Q hosts and keeps things moving with a house band, talk show dialogues and a fresh, raw energy that screams “you all! are welcome here!”. He’s a great story teller, can sling gab with the best of them and is planting his personal flag on our consciences! Support his efforts and his talents this Monday, strap yourself in, because Q likes to go off mic, WAYYYYY of MIC!, delivering his stories to your face, the way god intended!

MUSICAL GUEST: Greg must’ve christened this HIP-HOP-TOBER, because for the third week in a row, the Dirty Gerund’s rocking another musical act sure to get your heads noddin possibly arms poppin!. Manchester New Hampshire’s own indie hip hop duo, FOLKLORE is going to get our stage working. We saw these guys open for BUCK 65 at the Middle East Downstairs Nightclub a few months back and were impressed with their dynamic stage presence and energy. These guys got swag oozing out their face piercings, so come down and check out what makes New Hampshire a little bit iller these days!

BONUS RUCKUS“Is that a POEM or a DRUNK TEXT MESSAGE?” Listening Gameshow Challenge! We know. It’s hard to tell the difference sometimes. Whenever my blackberry goes bing, I’m not sure if NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is sharing a draft of a new poem, or desperately needs designated driver. We admit, this is a challenging prospect. Nick’s going to speak a line, you buzz in and take your best (mis)educated guess. First to three correct answers wins you a super duper prize and bragging rights. You can even drunk text your best friends, as punishment for not showing up to witness your moment of glory!

IRON POET CHAMP BOBBY GIBBS is in Cleveland as we speak, defending Worcester honor at the 2011 Individual World Poetry Slam Championships! Hope they have decent secret ingredients out there! Dirty Gerund (ir)regular Dr. CHRIS DENMEAD is holding things down and ROCK n SHOCK at DCU Center all weekend. WORCESTER ARTS COUNCIL GRANT DEADLINES have passed, and your curator has applied once again on our behalf! DUCT TAPE BAND is down with the sickness! Snack-Time is booked and smiling in a fridge right now! Visual Artist to be determined! That’s all the snoop bloggy blog news that’s fit to print! Come down and raise a pint and some ruckus with us Monday!!!

Monday! Oct 10th!!! best in the biz ANDREA GIBSON storms the Gerund! Musical Guest / Accoustic Hip Hop SPIDER CIDER from Boston! Plus HAIKU SCAVENGER HUNT!!!

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Special Format including full set from none other than ANDREA GIBSON, who is literally one of the best and most beloved performance poets of ALL TIME! Andrea Gibson is not gentle with her truths. A powerful live performer Gibson is the winner of the 2008 Women’s World Poetry Slam, and has placed 3rd in world on two International Poetry Slam stages. Andrea’s first book, published by Write Bloody Publishing, POLE DANCING TO GOSPEL HYMNS won the DIY Poetry Book of the Year and was nominated for the prestigious PUSHCART PRIZE. Gibson has been showcased on FREE SPEECH TV, THE BBC, AIR AMERICA, CSPAN, NPR, and was featured in the documentary SLAM PLANET. She has released four full length albums and tours over 180 dates/year. Gibson’s work illuminates that the personal is political with themes that deconstruct gender norms, sexuality, class, patriarchy, and white supremest capitalist culture.

“Gibson is among the nation’s most admired and emulated poets. Her verse is at once personal and political, feminist and universal, filled with incinerating verbs and metaphor, and delivered with gut punching urgency.”Metaphor Media

MUSICAL GUEST – SPIDER CIDER – a new Boston-based trio comprised of Kirsten Lamb (upright bass, vocals), Jacob Dinklage (rap, spoken word, guitar), and Ariel Bernstein (drums, percussion). Their original material draws inspiration from many musical genres, particularly jazz, folk, blues, and hip hop. (NOTE: In the interest of getting all our featured performers seen, we will be taking a short break after the poetry feature performance, our musical guest will be kicking off the second half of the show!) Any new band from Boston playing our town for the first time who digs the art work of Saul Bass, is okay & welcome in our book!

BONUS RUCKUS – “SCAVENGE THIS!!!” Your curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is always looking for things he’s misplaced and this Monday, he’s taken his friends advice and is asking for assistance! He’s writing haiku’s describing all the things he needs help locating. They will most likely be objects found at Ralph’s Diner or on your very person. He will describe these objects using haiku (or unfortunate metaphor), your job is to use your ESP or Voudou or quick wits to understand what he wants, then quickly burst into action!!! First to find three of these objects wins a prize!!! ARGHHHH!!!! X marks the DG-spot!


DG Music Director GREG McKILLOP is going on tour for much of the fall (booooooooooo for us!!!!! yay for the rest of the country!!!) to check out his new awesome album, quit your job and follow him on tour! Dirty Gerund Duct Tape House Band will keep the tunes thumpin! Artistic Director AARON WHITE is getting great reviews for his New Mythology Exhibit at Dark World Gallery which you can still visit! newly crowned Miss Dirty Gerund MEGAN THOMA & other poets will be reading their zombie poems this Saturday (2pm) at That’s Entertainment for a new Write Bloody Zombie Anthology! Wow!!! Everybody’s doing amazing stuff except me! Oh well, I’ll just take solace in snacks and awesome poetry and art happening all over the place. Maybe, I’ll write a poem about it. Waaaaah!!!!

SERIOUSLY! DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW MONDAY!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! We will leave you with some more motivation!

Monday Oct 3rd! Ring in the New Month w/ NYC’s EBONI HOGAN! Musical Guest KAIGEN, Emcee from JAPAN! and the 3rd Annual Saltine Haiku Challenge!

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Dirty Gerund’s starting our third year of New Management off RIGHT!!!! Congrats to our newest MISS DIRTY GERUND PAGEANT WINNER MEGAN THOMA!!!

Let’s keep celebrating fierce women word warriors by welcoming this Monday’s Featured Poet, 2010 WOMEN OF THE WORLD (WOWPS) CHAMPION EBONI HOGAN to our stage! Eboni is a poet/actress/teaching artist who has performed in over 20 U.S. cities, as well as in Ghana and West Africa.. She’s the 2008 New York City Urbana Poetry Grand Slam Champion, a member of the 2007 and 2009 Nuyorican Poetry Slam Teams, and a part of the performance collective, Bitten Tongue. Eboni is published in the anthologies “His Rib” and “Double Lives” and recently released her first book “Grits”. She studied theater at NYU and the University of Ghana, and now resides in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. She’s currently on tour and this will be her first time featuring in Worcester! Let’s welcome her!

MUSICAL GUEST: Holy line-up change bat-man! We had a mis-communication with our original musical guest. That’s more than okay! Because Musical Director Greg McKillop’s GOT YOU! This week, none other than touring emcee KAIGEN!!! Japanese rapper Kaigen happened upon hip hop by backtracking the influences of some of his favourite bands like Beck and Rage Against the Machine. But it was while living in Australia that he joined up with Mush recording artists Curse Ov Dialect, who quickly encouraged Kaigen to take his music making much more seriously. Assisted on production by the Curse Ov Dialect crew, Kaigen recorded a vinyl EP entitled Curse Ov The Kaigen, which he released in 2007, and followed up with a full-length album on CD the following year by retaining the name and adding a few additional tracks to the EP. With dense, layered production that has more in common with Def Jux than Anticon (a favoured crew of Kaigen’s) or his production team’s label, Mush, Kaigen spits reality-based raps about things like positive thinking, stereotypes, conformity and additives in food using an aggressive, abstract flow. And he promises Curse Ov The Kaigen will be even “better and crazier for sure!” Time for Kaigen to hip you to his history and the Japanese hip hop scene from which he has risen. WHAT!!! Check it!

BONUS RUCKUS – 3rd ANNUAL (BORROWED FROM WRITE BLOODY BOOKS) “Cracker in your Mouth While Spitting” HAIKU CHALLENGE!!! Like short short morsels of poetry, spit at you along with salty cracker spew? Me neither. But NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is a champ and your curator, so what he says goes, sometimes! If you like writing haiku, have relatively stable blood pressure and have always been wondering just how many tasty crackers can fit in your mouth while delivering your poetry, then we got the challenge for you! Whoever can fit the most and still be understood, wins an awesome prize and something to wash the mess down with! There will be a waiver form for this! Don’t die!

Guest Visual Artist! JENNIFER COLE was raised by wolves and currently works as an artist, painting drums for SJC Drums (see photo to the right? word)! Snack Time? Talk to EMILEE MORREALE! Dirty Gerund Duct Tape band is hoping to get some guitar back this week! ALSO!!! DG Visual Arts Director AARON WHITE is having a first full gallery exhibit this Saturday! DETAILS HERE! (rumor has it some DG poets will be on hand with new original work about Aaron’s pieces. Food by Snack-Time Queen EMILEE MORREALE as well! Man throw in some YOSH & CHICKEN working the bar & grill, and you got a full blown Gerund on a SATURDAY!!! Ya’ll should go, seriously!

We’ll leave you with some video from our awesome feature! Then we’ll leave you!

Monday! 9/26/11 – Two Years in the faking! Come celebrate me & Nick’s DG Anniversary! w/ NPS Finalist FRANNY CHOI, Musical Guest FRANKY HURRICANE. PLUS MISS DIRTY GERUND PAGEANT!!!

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(Special message from the large guys in charge!) This week, me and Nicholas Earl Davis are celebrating. 2 years of mind-altering ruckus! 2 years of goin’ for broke! 2 years of new friends! 2 years of pageantry, gallantry, double fistin’ monday night anarchy! 2 years of welcoming, listening, pre show “where’s the audience” pacing, post show “they came outta no where!” basking! 2 years of jams, snacks, contestants, creativity, blog posting, poem posing, flash bulb photography-ing… recaps, rehash, re-starts, refried beanery-ing… Two years ago, me and Nick took over a reading that coulda failed… HARD! Two years, 104 shows later, and we’re still like, totally here! We’ve stuck to our fun guns and have built a scene that we’re both proud of. What does the future hold? Meh! we don’t like asking ourselves hypothetical questions! Like slobbering dogs with heads and hearts checking for breezes out the car window, we’re into the NOW! We’re into the next Monday! So let’s go get it and go with it!


Special guest feature! FRANNY CHOI!  In 2011, she was a finalist at two of the three most prestigious poetry slams in the country: the National Poetry Slam (Team Providence, RI) and the Women of the World Poetry Slam. She was awarded Best Female Poet and Most Innovative at the 2011 Wade-Lewis Poetry Slam Invitational, and her team was recognized for Pushing the Art Forward at the 2011 College Union Poetry Slam Invitational. She was also the top-ranking female poet at the 2011 Southern Fried Poetry Slam and the champion of 2010 Seoul Poetry Slam (ya! Seoul, South Korea!). In 2009, she collaborated with fellow poets Jamila Woods and Fatimah Asghar to create pretty/ugly, a feature-length spoken word poetry show produced at the historical Rites and Reason Theater in Providence. In February 2011, her play, Mask Dances, was produced at Rites and Reason as part of the Writing Is Live Festival of new plays. Mask Dances was the first undergraduate production in the history of the festival. Franny’s literary work has appeared in Fringe Magazine, Pegasus, Issues and the College Hill Independent.  A graduate of Brown University’s Literary Arts program, she completed a cross-disciplinary honors thesis project, entitled “Per Mutation.”She has taught poetry workshops in several Providence area schools and the Brown Theater Department. She has also served as an editor for VISIONS Asian American Literary Magazine and as a facilitator of WORD! Performance Poetry Group, which uses the medium to explore issues of race, class, gender, and sexuality. Franny is currently working as a community organizer and Program Director at the Providence Youth Student Movement (PrYSM), a non-profit that challenges and supports Southeast Asian youth to become leaders, organizers, and critical thinkers.

MUSICAL GUEST: FRANK HURRICAYNE – Hauntingly holy, indie psychedelic blues man, originally hailing from Marietta Georgia, now based outta Jamaica Plain Boston, and new addition to the WHITEHAUS FAMILY RECORD. This gentleman has albums, HOLY SKY & HEAVENLY WHEEL out on his Bandcamp page and you can listen to these well picked, ethereal, spiritual tunes for FREE!!! This is his first time playing at Ralph’s, so we’re super psyched and honored to be welcoming to Worcester! He’s got a helluva beard, so we think he’s gonna fit in just fine!

BONUS RUCKUS: 3rd ANNUAL MISS DIRTY GERUND PAGEANT – Let’s get the pandering going! Ladies! Three rounds throughout the evening to crown a new MISS DIRTY GERUND! Bring a Reverse Pander Haiku (telling us how valid THE DIRTY GERUND POETRY SHOW is as a show, a way of life, a reason to get out of the house!), a piece of work for the Talent Competition (poem, song, tap dance routine, painting, yes! we’re all about any kind of art, get creative!) and of course, the always intriguing Interview portion, where our Curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS asks questions, checking in on how quick you are on your steel toes tip toes! We’ll take up to 4 contestants. Winner will receive a crown, flowers, and all sorts of accolades! We’re not looking for dainty, tea party ladies, we want an intelligent, sharp witted, literate gangsta woman representing all the wonderfulness that is our attempts at building creative community in this town! Be fierce, because you are! Past winners include JACKIE MORRIL & HALLIDAY NELSON who both currently live outta Worcester, let’s hope this trend does NOT continue! (unless you really want it to, in which case we support your grown up, mature decisions, blah blah blah!)

Duct Tape Band Activate! We were super pleased to welcome back TAYLOR BENOIT on bass guitar last week! YOSH & CHICKEN are asking exactly how long we think the ruckus can last! Snacks? Let’s get a special one going! Art auction like whoah! (you’ll have to top Sarajane Manuel’s $90 in special decorated cakes extravaganza!) Miss Dirty Gerund Contestants, please RSVP, we’ll take the first 4!!! We’re going to try to kick this off a bit early (maybe 9:15), there’s a lot of show, so if you can’t get to the open mic list early, we may have trouble accommodating you! TWO YEARS!!!????!!!! what exactly is the matter with us! We’d love to thank you for your support, but we still can’t really believe that people support this affrontery!

We’ll leave you (finally) with Dirty Gerund Youtubed Recap from our first anniversary!

Monday Sept 19th! HANNAH GALVIN from New Hampshire! Musical Guest DAVE MAGARIO! Plus IRON POET QUALIFIER “Swenson vs. Sam C!!!”

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This Monday Dirty Gerund welcomes a rising star in the New England Poetry Scene! A native of Washington, D.C., HANNAH GALVIN completed her medical training in Boston before moving to Manchester, NH, where she works as a pediatrician when she is not writing. She can be found reading her work regularly at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge and Milly’s Tavern in Manchester, where she first discovered the slam scene in the Fall of 2009, and quickly made a name for herself with her unique style marked by raw emotion and strong imagery. Her first chapbook, “Beneath My Comic Book Panels,” was released this past Spring. She has an astounding talent for being able to order anything (anything) over the Internet, and was told there would be punch and pie at this event. You hear that? All you sick kids are gonna get treated this Monday…. to some fine words that is! (Photo by Marshall Goff).

MUSICAL GUEST: DAVE MAGARIO – One of our favorite friends is coming out of the cave this Monday to celebrate his birthday, singing songs and making us all swoon! Dave’s working on a new full length album (thanks to ahem… all us KickStarter Patrons, ahem… where’s my album! wink). So we’re hoping to get a set with some of them new soulful, sweetly strummed songs! His last EP Snake Oil put Dave on the map as one of our favorites, he just played the Open Road Music Fest and is taking his road show to our show for a show! You won’t want to take a smoke break for this one! If you are one of the unfortunate one’s who does not know, you can do some research and find out all about him at Photo by (Ted Theodore)

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIERSwenson vs. Sam C” – Life’s about to get real son! Two of our most ardent open mic stalwarts are gearing up to do battle this Monday! All to see who will get the chance to take away current champion BOBBY GIBBS’s crown! LIZ SWENSON has co featured at the DG, released a book, and cooked up some amazing eats at Dr. Gonzo’s Grilling Challenges this year and is looking to grill her some poet on hot blazing word coals! SAM “C” LINSTRUDE‘s a newcomer to Worcester, is professionaly writing up a storm, blogging and Worcester Finals Slamming! His hair’s wild and so are his participles! He’s looking to make a name for himself on this epic kitchen field of battle! As always (well almost always, there was those couple times) your benevolent bar man and heralded chairman YOSH SHARTIN‘s in charge of fixing the secret ingredient. What’ll it be? Batteries? Mop n Glo? Tic Tac’s? We don’t know, but you’ll find out who’s got the words to make it out alive!

DUCT TAPE BAND!!!, now with approximately the same amount of beard! VISUAL ARTIST outside the bleepin’ box! SARAJANE MANUEL‘s a cake decorator who’s blending her art on the tastiest canvas of all!!! SNACKTIME VOLUNTEER? You may see the return of TAYLOR BENOIT on bass (he’s out for good behavior) just in time to get bad with our bad selves! DON’T FORGET! DIRTY GERUND‘s playing stART on the STREET this Sunday!!!. DG goes on from 3:30 to 4pm as part of the first ever POETRY TENT STAGE, manned up by yours truly. There’ll be spoken word and poetry stuff going on ALL DAY between 11am and 5pm, come find us on Park Ave, near Elm St!!! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS has a new album releasing on VEMPLORE RECORDS THAT DAY! His CD, “I’ve Swallowed Worse” will be available at the tent and at the Vemplore Table that day!!! You won’t find this at Walmart! I assure you! Here’s video of a crazy guy trying to yell poems on Park Ave in beautiful Worcester!


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