Monday! Rocktober 15th! Double Show of Amazing from Portland Oregon, MEG WALDRON & ROBYN BATEMAN!!! Musical Guest FOLK YA’LL from Connecticut! Plus the “Rip Alex for Being Outta Town” Challenge!

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Rocktober continues. I am still on the road stealing rock star moments from the cosmos and eating high quality breakfast foods amongst Pacific Northwest Compatriots! I am super sad to be missing another Gerund, but I hear things rocked last week, so let’s keep this ROCKTOBER Rocking! with……

POETRY FEATURE(S): Why stop at one? Two of Portland Oregon’s fiercest female performers are troubedoring their way through the Northeast! MEG WALDRON & ROBYN BATEMAN are coming to town and ready to fill your ears with envelope shoving awesomeness! MEG WALDRON is a writer, traveler, and youtube enthusiast. She was a member of the 2011 Portland Poetry Slam team and competitor at the National Poetry Slam in Boston, Massachusetts. Meg’s poetry is sharp and honest, making crowds keel in laughter at how ridiculous our very serious lives can be. She is the author of a chapbook, Sex, Drugs, Tuck n’ Roll (2011), and has had her writing featured in many poetry collections
across the country. Meg’s spirit animal is a baby deer with wings. ROBYN BATEMAN Robyn Bateman is a performance poet based out of Portland, Oregon. She is best described as a perverted, crass old man disguised in the body of a charming, young woman. Robyn is the reigning City Champion of Portland, and was a finalist at the 2011 Individual World Poetry Slam and a 2012 competitor at the Women of the World Poetry Slam. Robyn rallies
audiences with her high energy, quirk-with-bravado performance style and her imaginative narratives on the simple beauty of what it is to be human. Robyn has two chapbooks and has been published in a number of poetry and fiction journals. Check out for more info!

MUSICAL GUEST: FOLK YA’LL – Oldtimey folk-punk from New London, CT. They play house shows, BBQ’s, campfires, birthday parties, and the occasional D&D game! Band members MIKE ARSENAULT, DONALD PALARDY III and JACOB WYSOSKI list Doc Watson, Tommy Jarrell, Johnny Cash, John Hurt, The Skillet Lickers as influences and they want you all to sing along! We expect a rousing dance party to ensue at half time! Don’t miss it!

BONUS RUCKUS: The “Alex is outta town again, let’s clown his absent ass!” Challenge DG co-host ALEX CHARALAMBIDES thinks himself a proud poetry papa, but in all actuality, he is one deadbeat dad! He should wear a mask! Missing two shows in a row, in order to spew his words and failed rockstar guitar hero poses throughout the Pacific Northwest, Alex thinks he can get away with leaving it all to NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS! Let’s clown his ass! Bring your best haiku or short poem, clowning Alex for being selfish and leaving you all. Heck, maybe it’s a celebratory haiku, thanking everyone’s lucky stars that he’s gone. Maybe it’s a well crafted entreaty for him to stay where ever it is, he is! Be original. Spit that hot fire at the DG crowd and win a drink on us!

Thanks to all who came out and shined last week! Special thanks to LAURA DAVIS for jumping in to co-host! Expect more of the same and excellent music from the DUCT TAPE BAND! Visual Arts and Snack Time! YOSH & CHICKEN are discussing how Halloween Costume Season cannot come soon enough! We hate to leave you, unless we’re leaving you with some amazing words from one of our special guests! Let’s go!!!!


Monday, Rocktober 8th! JOHN SURVIVOR BLAKE from VA returns! Musical Guest: SHANE PALKO from PA! PLUS! “The Have Your Pie & Eat Poetry Too!” Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: JOHN “SURVIVOR BLAKE” has come a long way. From humble beginnings in the Baruch (Project) Houses on the lower-east side of Manhattan, NYC, John is now published in magazines (InTheFray, BeyondRace, Urban Weekly), Literary Journals (Naugatuck River Review, Two Bridges Review, Red Fez, Adobe Walls, Love And Car Crashes), and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. He’s performed nation wide: universities, high schools, jails, juvenile detention centers, rehabilitation centers, and poetry festivals and venues everywhere. His seven chapbooks are always on hand so do inquire! John’s first full collection of poems has been set to print for early 2012 by Urban Publishing (NYC). His book of memoirs “Wildflower – One Man Remembers a Remarkable Woman” and his traveling essays “Sharing Breaths With Gods” and first manuscript of collected poems “Beautifully Flawed” will be published 2012. John is available for guest lecturing, writing/performance workshop facilitation, and teaching artist/artist-in-residence positions. Check out more about his story and work at

MUSICAL GUEST: Indie Folk Rocker SHANE PALKO hails from Kemlesville, Pennsylvania. He’s released three official albums, two of which are available on iTunes: “Going Places” (2010), “Songs From Pretoria” (2011). You may hear the title, “Going Places,” and think it to be some silly proclamation of big dreams. Nope. It is more of an observation; i like to go places. i like to be places. It is not named for some deep-seated desire for a successful musical career. i already have that. You know how i know my music is successful? My grandad recently told me that he uses my first album, “Pretty Good Songs: Volume VII” as his alarm clock every morning! He’s in town and favored us with a couple songs last week. We’re looking forward to catching a full set. Check out some music RIGHT HERE


BONUS RUCKUS: The first ever “Have Your Pie & Eat Poetry Too!” Challenge! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS want your to open wide and speed eat your way to glory. There will be 4 pies for 4 competitors, the one who eats their pie and reads the poem baked to the bottom with the fastest time, wins a special prize and maybe something to wash that pie down with, and a paper towel to wipe your mouth with. Bring your won bibs! Boom!

I’ll be outta town for the next couple weeks! Please come down and make Nick’s life easier!!! Duct Tape Band Rocks! Yosh and Chicken do too! Visual Artist and Snack TBA! Got not more to type! Hitting the road and I’ll miss you all! Keep rocking rocktober for me!!!!

Monday Rocktober 1st! HEIDI THERRIEN visits from Portland, ME! Musical Guests EAST COAST RUNAWAYS! Bonus: Nick’s “Wrestler Quote or Poem?” Guess Challenge!

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The Dirty Gerund is blasting into its fourth year of blending all the arts together and seeing what we get. It’s mostly a lot of fun and warm and comfirting and exciting. This week: FEATURED POET: HEIDI THERRIEN is the 2012 New Hampshire Grand Slam Poetry Champion. She has featured at many venues along the East Coast, has opened for mind blowing poets like, Jeanann Verlee and Billy Tuggle and is laying out a double tour: One with Michelle Nimmo, the other with Ryan McLellan, Wil Gibson and Beau Williams (guys like you tour). She was on the 2012 Manchester “Slam Free or Die” Nationals Team this year and performed in Charlotte, NC. She also has a chapbook through Sargent Press, will have another soon and like likes you a lot lot. First time featuring in Worcester, so you know we’re in for a treat!

MUSICAL GUEST: EAST COAST RUNAWAYS are a Modern rock group with a wide range of influences spanning all music old (Pink Floyd), new (Breaking Benjamins), legendary(Nirvana) and local(the Wanda’s). Based out of Worcester, MA the band has recently undergone a line-up change can now be found once again playing the local MA and RI scenes. The songs are described as “dark, driving energy… by guitarist Jeremy Carnrike.” (Janet Schwartz, Worcester Mag. Mar 23, 2011) They have finished the pre studio phase of recording their upcoming release, “Nosebleeds and Maybelline” and are now moving on to the recording sessions! check out some tunes at!

BONUS RUCKUS: Time once again for “NICK’s WRASTLIN PROMO or POEM?” Quiz Show Guess Challenge! Your curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS finds poetry everywhere, even in (and over the ropes) of the squared circle! Oooooooo! YEAH!!!!! Nick’s preparing quotes, from famous poets and famous wrestlers. Your job? Buzz in and guess if these pretty words are raging from the pen of a master, or blasting at your ear holes from a juiced up, potato sack grappler! First to three gets a frothy prize on us! Snap into it!

Thanks to those who threw down with us on our third year anniversary! Super appreciative to have been rocking with ya’ll for so long! CONGRATS to current MISS DIRTY GERUND, EMILEE MORREALE! Well deserved! Duct Tape Band Serenades! Visual Arts to be determined! YOSH & CHICKEN think the baseball season should be over already! Get ready to rocktober with us all month! ROCK!

Monday! Sept 24th! Come Celebrate THREE YEARS in the FAKING! Dirty Gerund Anniversary Party! MISS DIRTY GERUND PAGEANT! Musical Guest VIADA!

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We’re celebrating three years of ruckus stomping, banana peel slipping, grimace defying, cheek pinching, rhubarb pie tossing, paint slinging, gutteral yawping, gluten avoiding, bacon sizzling, tax evading, bon-a-fide, culture re-mapping! We hope you will all join us as we reflect on three years, 156 plus shows, lots of amazing moments and a a whole bunch of chuckling along the way.  We’re gonna offer a bit more of an extended open mic, have some cake and get pumped for another year full of poetic fun!

MISS DIRTY GERUND PAGEANT – First there was JACKIE MORRIL, then HALLIDAY NELSON, then MEGAN THOMA (pictured, look how happy, look!)! Just who will wear the crown for the upcoming 2012/2013 year! We support smart, fierce, talented ladies at the Dirty Gerund! And we’re willing to crown a very special lady this monday night! We’ll take up to 4 contestants! The rules: FIRST – THE REVERSE PANDERING HAIKU CHALLENGE – we feel inadequate sometimes, our fragile male ego’s need a little boost now and then, bring us 17 syllables that tell us we’re okay as a poetry show! SECOND – THE TALENT COMPETITION – you got 5 minutes to do your thing, speak a poem, sing a song, spin plates, dramatic monologue, caricature, etc. Whatever you do well, do it on our stage! THIRD – THE INTERVIEW – Curator NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS don’t play. He’s got an inquisitive mind, and some index cards to write questions on! He gets a bit outlandish, your quick wit will serve you super well as Nick tries to spin you with his uhm… questions. We’ll have a few secret judges in the house. The winner will wear the crown and get a bunch of awesome prizes to go along with all that prestige! NOTE: Please get in touch and confirm your wish to participate!

MUSICAL GUEST – VIADA – These hard rocking, hard working rockers from Westboro are just what we need to turn the dial up this Monday! Vocalist & Synthesizer Man IAN HAYES, Guitarist DAN BARRENECHEA, Drummer MARIO BARRENECHEA and Bassist JUSTIN DeMICHELE are chompin at the bit to rock your socks (and other accoutrements) off this Monday Night! Check out some tunes right here!

BONUS BONUS RUCKUS! We’re either throwing down on some IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP or concocting something crazy to replace it! Stay Tuned! Stay Calm and for the love of snacks, stay open minded! We free form like jazzercise! DUCT TAPE BAND will rock your open mic words! EMILEE MORREALE promises cake! VISUAL ARTS WILL BE HAD! YOSH AND CHICKEN are wondering just where all that time went and just how much longer we’ll insist on interrupting Monday Night Football! We just don’t know. We kind of care! Come on down this Monday and see what all our fuss is about!

We’ll leave you with footage from our first anniversary!

Monday! Sept 17th! DG welcomes back MARC MARCEL! Musical Guest ANDREW PARKER RENGA! Plus return of “Frankenpoem” Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: MARC MARCEL, one of the world’s most prolific and recognized Spoken Word Artist of our generation, born and raised in Baltimore MD, and diagnosed with Dyslexia at the age of 10, has far exceeded the boundaries brought on by his early disability.  Not only does he travel the world performing Spoken Word, but he is also a published Novelist, Producer and Public Speaker.  Marc, a Novelist at heart, started writing poetry in 2000, Atlanta GA, several months after completing the first draft of his first published novel, ‘Saint Thomas,’ in efforts to place a poem at the end of the book that would give the same overall message.  Little did he know at the time that he would turn poetry on the Page, into one of the rawest art forms witnessed on Stage. After publishing his first novel, he then published his first book of poetry, ‘Unchained,’ and since has released 15 Spoken Word CDs. Performing in over 150 American Cities and 4 Countries, he has also showcased, performed and/or held workshops for over 50 Universities, with Harvard, Yale, Morehouse and the University of Florida just a few to name.  Having made 5 National Television appearances, including Lyrics Café, No Reservations, and a skit for The Jimmy Kimmel Show, he has also graced the stages of many legendary venues, the Smithsonian in Washington DC for the 2009 Presidential Inaugural Peace Ball for President Obama, as well as performing for Scion Night at Knots Scary Farm, in front of 12,000 people.  Regularly featured in magazines, while making appearances on a number of countless radio stations across the country whether as a guest or having his work played on the air, he still finds time to stay current with his art. Check him out at! This will be his third visit to the Gerund, we’re looking forward to re-connect and see what’s new!

MUSICAL GUEST: ANDREW PARKER-RENGA (APR)’s music is a blend of 90s alternative, Counting Crows/Pearl Jam/Dave Matthews Band and contemporary singer/songwriters like Damien Rice and Ryan Adams. He has been on two national tours and performs over 50 shows a year primarily in the New England area. Accompanying himself on acoustic guitar, his performances are interactive, recording grooves he beat-boxes on the fly and layering parts on top of it. Listeners are always surprised to see one man on stage and hear a wall of sound. He can, also, command an audience with his just his voice and guitar. Andrew currently lives in Medford, Massachusetts where he is working on his next album Issue 5 to be released in 2012. Check out some tunes and find out more at

BONUS RUCKUS: Let’s try this again! NICK’s “FRANKENPOEM” Challenge! – We’re moving bravely towards the Halloween Season with this game that nobody wanted to play last week, so we’re offering it again. Nick has filled a fun bag full of poetry and music lyric quotes. Your job is to randomly select 3 or 4, put jigsaw them together and deliver this concoction like it was a poem you wrote yourself! Best combination wins a tasty prize on us!

Last week’s visual artist KARA OBERGFEL scored bog money on an original painting! If you ever want to bring your talents to the Gerund Auction, write AARON WHITE – you can find him on the Ruckus Staff Page! We anticipate the return of EMILEE MORREALE and her wonderful snack time snacks culinary brilliance! 10th ANNUAL stART on the Street Festival happening this Sunday on Park Ave! I’ll be stage managing and bringing poets up to perform between musical acts at the Cafe Stage in the alley near Leitrims, come hang out! Duct Tape Band Might Get Some Shaking up this week! YOSH & CHICKEN are wondering what kinds of chicanery we’re bringing to our 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY on Monday Sept24! We’re wondering too! Dig!

We’ll leave you with some footage from our Musical Guest!

Monday Sept 10th – ELLIE WHITE from Columbus Ohio! Musical Guest Japanese Punk Rockers THE WEMMER! Plus: Nick’s ‘Frankenpoem” Challenge!

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THIS SHOW is going to be a bit crazeeeeeeeeEEeeeeeeeee! crazy good that is!

POETRY FEATURE: on a North East Tour from Columbus Ohio, ELLIE WHITE has been trying to teach people how to hallucinate since 1986. She recently graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor’s in English, and is in the process of applying to MFA programs for 2013. Ellie has competed in the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational, the Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam, the Individual World Poetry Slam, and the Women of the World Poetry Slam. She self-published her first book of poems, Save Your Echoes in October 2011. She has been writing and living in Columbus, Ohio since 2010. Ellie shares her tiny apartment with a punk-ass costume-wearing cat and a lazy leopard gecko. First time performing in Worcester, so let’s welcome her!

MUSICAL GUEST: THE WEMMER – This self described “super stupid Shizuoka City Garage Punk” Trio is on tour from JAPAN!!!! Including band members, (again, self described) DRUM VOCAL DESTROY TOSHIYUKI he hobby masterbetion.
BASS VOCAL ROCKY THE JAPAN he hobby skateboard and GUITER MATSUMOTO he hobby break windpass gas, these balls of energy are roaring through town and might very well break our quiet little poetry show! This is going to be ill!!!!

BONUS RUCKUS: NICK’s “FRANKENPOEM” CHALLENGE! Nick’s made up of a lot of parts! Some may come from the grave yard. I don’t know. Don’t pretend to understand the flashes of inspiration emanating from our devout curator, but Nick’s gonna clip pieces of poems and give them to contestants in mixed bags. Whoever can line up the lines the best and deliver them like a poet who actually has something to say, wins a tasty, frosty prize! DUCT TAPE BAND saw the Leighton Brothers join them for some guitar and upright bass goodness last week! Will there be more? Visual Arts and Culinary Brilliance to be determined! YOSH & CHICKEN will be slinging the best in burgers, so march on down and enjoy the September Heat this Monday Night! Sure to be an epic time had by most!


Monday, Sept 3rd! JON WOLF SCHOOLS YOU! Musical Guest: EVELYN SIKES! Plus! “Labor Days” Proletariet Challenge!

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In true work-man-like fashion. This will be efficient… or lazy…. depending on who you ask!

LABOR DAZE!!!!! At the Gerund
POETRY FEATURE: JONATHAN WOLF is a hard working man! The computer whiz behind the hacker space at 97D Webster is an accomplished performance poet, even if he don’t act like it every monday night! Member/coach of a few Worcester Poetry Slam Teams, Jonathan spins words like birds around kites (see what I did?!) and is always down for a push beyond the envelope. Few cover other poets with as much intensity and excellent taste as Wolf! Few weave math and universe and physics and quazzars n shit into punch size morsels like Wolf! Jonathan doesn’t always read at the Gerund or in Worcester, or anywhere for that matter, but it’s because he doesn’t have to! His legend is chiseled in Worcester Spoken Word Folklore and it takes quite the ruckus to force him outta trolling the inter-webs and beyond. You, good gerunders, are welcome! As in, you’ll thank us. Ferreal!

MUSICAL GUEST: EVELYN SIKES – From the hard working streets of Pittsburgh PA, comes this traveller who plays outlaw country and outlaw folk songs in a punk way to cities in her beat up pickup truck! Woot! Check out the following lyrics from the project, The Committee for Getting Attention, sit down. i’m gonna say this once more. i’m gonna burn some bridges tonight. so which side of the river do ya wanna be on when i set fire to this whole estate? i’m so sick of whining all the time. i’m so sick of waltzing on a dime. i’m so sick of movin on this stationary bike. i dunno and i don’t care why we try. alright, you bring the kerosine. you know for sure i’ve got the light”

“I’m so sick of making lemonade outta lime!” – Damn!

BONUS RUCKUS: Nick’s “LABOR DAZE” Haiku Guess Challenge – NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS tries hard at saying he’s gonna work hard. Here’s the challenge! He’s gonna write haiku’s about jobs. You buzz in and guess the job. Earn 3 correct answers and see the frothy prize you shall win! Same as last year, but Nick’s working in categories, “White Collar” – “Minimum Wage” and “Miscellaneous…” There categories may be weighted by difficulty. Or not. Don’t ask me, I just “work” here.

Duct Tape Band Works Hard at backing you up on that open mic! AARON WHITE & MATTY HUGHES are BOTH celebrating birthdays this week! Go VISUAL ARTS! AARON will be providing the paint this week, so bring money, cause you know it’s gonna rock! EMILEE MORREALE is scheming on topping her chocolate covered bacon last week. If anyone can do it…. YOSH & CHICKEN like jerky and plenty of it bro! QUITE BEING A JERKY AND COME DOWN TO ART AND P(ART)Y with us this Monday!


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