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Monday! 10/27 – EVE EWING from Chicago (by way of Boston)! Plus! The “Halloween Costume Persona” Challenge!

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eveewing2FEATURED POET: EVE EWING is a Chicago-born teacher, writer, artist, and educational sociologist. She is a fourth-year doctoral student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Development Manager of the Urbano Project, and co-chair of the Harvard Educational Review and managing editor of Kinfolks: A journal of black expression. Prior to her time at HGSE, Eve was a teacher in the Chicago Public Schools. She holds an MAT in Elementary Education from Dominican University, an EdM in Education Policy and Management from HGSE, and eveewingan AB in English Language and Literature from the University of Chicago. Her essays and commentary have been featured in Time Out Chicago, Newcity, Chicago WeeklyAREA Chicago, and on NPR’sMorning Edition, and her poetry has been published in BlackberryjoINT, Union Station, and Bird’s Thumb. This is Eve’s first feature in Worcester, she scoped the show out last week, read fine work and aced the SALTINE HAIKU SPIT Challenge, so you know she’s a boss!

poemcostumeBONUS RUCKUS: HALLOWEEN COSTUME PERSONA POEM Challenge! Ever wanted to be someone else? I mean, really, stop being you for a second and shift shape into a superhero, sexy angel or barnyard animal? Well here’s your chance to get rewarded and cheered for doing just that! Bring us an original persona poem and dress up to play the part! Goblin, republican, nymph, troll, mermaid? Step outta your comfort zone, step into your poem and take us away to a place we don’t readily recognize! Super prize package for the winner! Extra points if you dress up and pretend you’re NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS! not really, but REALLY!!!!

White people, let’s not appropriate other cultures with racist Halloween DGruckusMeandNickcostumes okay? Thanks! MATT & THE BASTARDS took a meteoric step in their quest to hold onto their house band residency by playing the hell outta our show last week! Keep them sweet jams coming players! EMILEE MORREALE has been killing the snack time lately and we don’t see any stop to that particularly delicious brand of rock! Why stress over what halloween party to go to next weekend when we’ve got all your dress up, artistic and party needs happening all in one place days before the actual trick or treatery! Dirty Gerund’s got you on lock!!! YOSH & MIKEY got them treats on lock!!!!

Monday! Oct 20th! 2014 NPS Champ CLINT SMITH! Plus the “kinda dumb saltine haiku spit” Challenge!

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clintsmithPOETRY FEATURE: CLINT SMITH is a teacher, poet, and doctoral candidate in Education at Harvard University with a concentration in Culture, Institutions, and Society (CIS). Previously, he taught high school English in Prince George’s County, Maryland and served as a public health worker in Soweto, South Africa. In 2013, Mr. Smith was named the Christine D. Sarbanes Teacher of the Year by the Maryland Humanities Council. He has been featured in the Washington Post, Huffington Post, The Root, NBC News and is profiled in the book, “American Teacher: Heroes in the Classroom” (Welcome Books, 2013). As a poet, he is a 2014 National Poetry Slam champion, an Individualclintsmith2 World Poetry Finalist, and has served as a cultural ambassador for the U.S. Department of State conducting international workshops on cross-cultural understanding and youth empowerment. His poetry has been featured on, Upworthy, TVOne’s Verses & Flow and at the IB Conference of the Americas, the U.S. Department of Education, and the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies. Clint earned a BA in English from Davidson College and is an alumnus of the New Orleans Public School System. He enjoys wool socks, burritos, and 3v3 pickup soccer – not necessarily all at the same time.

crackerchallengeBONUS RUCKUS: THE WE STOLE THIS FROM WRITE BLOODY OLYMPICS & EVEN THOUGH IT’S DANGEROUS & KINDA DUMB, EAT SALTINES & SPIT A HAIKU! CHALLENGE – Our feature is super smart! So we thought we’d balance the show with a little stupid! nuff said? well maybe not! come get high(er) blood pressure and see tiny cracker crumbs spew forth on a mic covered with protection! Be the best at stuffing up to 10 saltines in your mouth and delivering an original haiku that is still audible and understandable to at least some of the members of our audience! Winner gets a prize and a drink to wash that mess down! Mess I say! Check out incredibly poet ANIS MOJGANI rock this challenge years ago and see what we’re going for! We’re going for it! USA! USA! U! ME! WE! S-A!!!!!!

MATT & THE BASTARDS! (now with lady trumpet player Melissa!) will DG-outside-crowdbe back at it adding those all important musical notes to our evening! Visual Arts up for grabs! Find AARON WHITE and let him know! Congrats to BOBBY GIBBS who’s regained his footing as #1 contender for the IRON POET CROWN by getting past AEPEX POSITION who did well for a first time iron poet man! So many exciting new voices on the mic last week! Incredible snack from EMILEE!!! (apple rendered in duck fat panini ya’ll!) No metal show upstairs for the forseeable future, but plenty of metal in our rebel yawps! Step right up, then get down with us this week and get educated! YOSH & MIKEY appreciate the patronage! If this weather keeps up, we may even be outside again! Boom!


Monday! Oct 13th! DG welcomes back ERICH HAGAN! Plus IRON POET QUALFIER “GIBBS vs. AEPEX POSITION”

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erichhaganPOETRY FEATURE: As a writing performer, ERICH HAGAN has been referred to by the Boston Globe as “tender, yet violent,” and has represented both Boston, MA and Providence, RI at national poetry events. (IWPS 2008 and NPS 2007, respectively) He has performed all over the country under the banner of The Analog/Digital Debate, a gratuitously hyphenated spoken folk-rap and face-synthesizer extravaganza. He is a volunteer community outreach speaker for sexual violence prevention and has toured as technical director for the Harlem Globetrotters. Erich currently cooks, cleans and runs shows at the Whitehaus, a DIY record label, performance venue and communal living space in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston & is Program Director for Books of Hope in Somerville. He has excellent posture.

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER – ROBERT BLACKWELL bobbygibbsdgGIBBS is (if I had time to check or just guess) the longest reigning Iron Poet Champ in History! He’s not current though and wants that ish back! Standing in his way, is one of our newest favorite open mic demolishers AEPEX POSITION! Know what’s funny, Bobby has been working with Aepex on writing and performance, so we thought we’d put an end to that ish with some blood sport competition! 3 rounds, 3 diabolical poetic creations, 3 judges, scoring on 3 criteria! One dastardly secret ingredient from our main man YOSH SHARTIN! Ish got real!

alexscreamDGIncredible feature last week from RACHEL McKIBBENS, thanks all for coming out! MATT & the BASTARDS brought the walking sax bombast back at full throttle and we don’t see an end to their house band dominance any time soon! VISUAL ARTIST TBD and don’t sleep on Snack Time! Last week Miss EMILEE (with the collaboration of pal MAYA) brought three incredible concoctions for ya’ll to choose from! Word has it there’ll be some metal music upstairs this Monday, but we’ve been louder than any grinding ax lately! what? I SAID WE’VE BEEN LOUDER THAN ANY GRINDING AX SOLO LATELY! WHAT?!!!!!

Monday October 6th! RACHEL McKIBBENS for the return win!!! Plus! Two Sentence Horror Story Challenge!

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rachel-mckibbens-pressphotoPOETRY FEATURE: Poet, activist, playwright and essayist RACHEL McKIBBENS is the author of the poetry collections Into the Dark and Emptying Field (2013) and Pink Elephant (2009). Her poems, short stories, essays and creative non-fiction have been featured in numerous journals and blogs, including Her Kind, The Los Angeles Review, The Best American Poetry Blog, The Nervous Breakdown, The Rumpus, The London Magazine, The Acentos Review, World Literature Today, Radius, and The American Poetry Journal. McKibbens is a well-known member of the poetry slam community: she is a nine-time National Poetry Slam team member, has appeared on eight NPS final stages, and coached the New York louderARTS poetry slam team to three consecutive final stage appearances, was the 2009 rachel-mckibbbens-pressphoto2Women of the World Poetry Slam champion and the 2011 National Underground Poetry Slam individual champion. McKibbens appeared on two seasons of Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry Jam and was featured in the poetry slam documentary Slam Planet in 2006 at SXSW. For four years McKibbens taught poetry through the Healing Arts Program at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan and continues to teach poetry and creative writing and give lectures across the country as an advocate for mental illness, gender-equality, and victims of violence and domestic abuse. A poetry fellow for the New York Foundation, she lives with her family in upstate New York, where she teaches poetry and co-curates the monthly reading series Poetry & Pie Night.

ghoststoryBONUS RUCKUS: The Two Sentence Horror Story! Challenge! We guess it’s the season to spook things up a bit! We got some early inspiration last week from new open-micer Ben who brought up the two sentence horror story thing! Check some out at We’ll take 5 competitors, and do two rounds to see who can be the give-us-the-hee-bee-jeeziest! Special prize for those who bring the scary to our stage! Maybe we’ll let resident spookie enthusiast AARON WHITE choose the winner, that is if he doesn’t want to haunt you with his own words!

Speaking of winners! All autumn into winter we’re coming at you with 7hillsflieramazing features! Sizzlin house bands! Visual arts and snack time!!!! Remember, come support NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS this Sunday Night as he co-hosts the new SEVEN HILLS POETRY SLAM!  Slam winner automatically qualifies for 2015 Worcester Slam Team Finals! Spots on both open mic and slam are limited! So peep the invite link! Leaf peeeeeep it!





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robinmerrillPOETRY FEATURE: ROBIN MERRILL‘s poetry, fiction, and nonfiction have appeared in hundreds of publications including Spoon River Poetry Review, The Cafe Review, Oklahoma Review, and Margie. She has written five children’s books for Scholastic Book Fairs and has two poetry collections available from Moon Pie Press: Jesus Was a Feminist and other poems and A House of Bottles. Three of her poems have been featured on robinmerrill2The Writer’s Almanac with Garrison Keillor and she is a 2013 recipient of an Emerging Artist Award from St. Botolph Club Foundation of Boston. She has featured at dozens of venues all over the country and will proudly represent Portland Port Veritas Slam Venue at the Individual World Poetry Slam this October. She graduated from the Stonecoast MFA program in 2006. A former high school English teacher and college writing instructor, she now leads creative writing workshops for writers of all ages and abilities. check out more at

BONUS RUCKUS: The “LYRICS ARE POETRY TOO!” Cover Challenge! Dylan, Carrol, Waits, Shakur, Cohen, Morrison, Corgan, Jewel…. Lyrics are poems gosh darn it! At least we at the DG think so. So…. bring us your favorite song lyrics, perform them like a poem you wrote yourself and for jimminy christmas’ sake don’t sing em (we want to make things fair for our non-singy folks). We’ll let the crowd decide who deserves the top prize!

7hillsflierMATT & THE BASTARDS are back to blow some sax and rock out proper as our house band this week! Super thanks to ANA PEREZ for the amazing snack last week and ZACK SLICK for his fine banjo picks! Miss EMILEE MORREALE may have hew work cut out for her next Monday, but we as always are confident she’s gonna come at it with AMAZING! Also thanks to BOBBY GIBBS & AEPEX POSITION & ALL for helping us spread word about the upcoming SEVEN HILLS POETRY SLAM FIRST SUNDAYS series opener happening OCTOBER 5th at this year’s stART on the Street! Pass that facebook event along to anyone you know who wants to support Worcester’s crusade to bring a poetry slam team back to the National Poetry Slam! YOSH & MIKEY are thinking of joining the team, or betting on it! Sports!

Monday! Sept 22nd! Portland’s BEAU WILLIAMS 508-Book Release Party! Plus! ZACK SLICK & the “Back to School” Lit-101 Haik-lu Guess Challenge!

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DG-outside-crowdThanks every and all who came and celebrated 5 years of amazing with us this past Monday! It was an epic evening, complete with record releases (congrats Lewis Morris!), visual art auction record breaking (congrats Ana Sol!) and the crowning of a new Miss Dirty Gerund!!! (Congrats Kaleigh Heinhold!) 5 more years? well, we’re in for at least 5 more weeks, heck, maybe 5 more months! That is…. if ya’ll still keep supporting us with the art and smiling at art faces! Year 6! Let’s go!!!!!

POETRY FEATURE: BEAU WILLIAMS is a hard working poet living inbeauwilliams Portland, Maine. He has competed four times at the National Poetry Slam, toured solo and with the poetry collectives Uncomfortable Laughter and GUYSLIKEYOU, lead workshops and taught high school classes from coast to coast. Beau is a co-creator of the successful Zion Hill Poetry Reading in Newmarket, New Hampshire at the Stone Church performance venue, beau-book-releasefounder and Editor of Red Bench Press, and 2014 Port Veritas Grand Slam Champion. This is the official Worcester, Massachusetts release party for his new book “Rumham.” He wrote it for you, and hopes you like it. RED BENCH PRESS is a new small press dedicated to finding the hardest working writers from all corners of the world regardless of class, gender, amount of education, race, religion, or age. Good writing by good writers. Contact them at This is Beau’s third time featuring at the Gerund! Let’s make sure he wants to come back for a 4th! He’s pretty. Deal with it!

BONUS RUCKUS: The “Back to School” Lit-101 Haik-lue Guess enlgishsyllabusQuiz Show Challenge! – okay, we hope that folks who come to the show are avid readers or at least beasted the required english class readings in high school. Your undaunted co-hosts will cook up special 17 syllable “Haik-lues” where we will offer epically efficient recaps of popular english 101 syllabus fillers and read them out loud. We’ll take 3 literate (saw the movie?) contestants to buzz in and tell us the book. Fist to three guess getters will win a pint of frothy gratitude from a show that hopes you’ve read a gosh-dang-book-in-your-life-for-once! Sheesh!

zackslikThe inimitable blue grassy / bluesy / folk / roots raconteur ZACK SLICK will be returning to offer his take on the one man backing band! If Monday looks any colder than last monday, we may go back inside, but dang it, outside is so much fun!!! We’re hoping certain folks who claimed snack time for next monday come through, if not RICE CAKE APPOCALYPSE awaits you! YOSH & MIKEY are trying to organize a tuesday Bruins in Boston Hockey Road Trip, while they pour your burgers and grill your drinks next Monday! Ralph’s Rock Diner is on a roll and we’re part of the grease, don’t let us run off the rails!

Monday! 9/15 – 5 year DG Anniversary Party with LEWIS MORRIS! Miss Dirty Gerund Pageant!

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