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Monday April 21st – DIRTY GERUND saves Hip Hop (again) w/ Worcester Emcee DANNY FANTOM, LEON LEGACY & The Vanguard! Plus the return of the “Prose Cuddle” Challenge!

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dannyfantomDANNY FANTOM, LEON LEGACY & THE VANGUARD is a loose collective hailing from Worcester’s notorious independent music scene. Mixing genre’s from each of the band members respective backgrounds, the Vanguard has created a sound unlike any other New England has seen. Spearheaded by Molly & the Adams, an independent band based out of MA, the group formed after working with rappers DannyFantom and Leon Legacy on a song about positivity. After realizing the potential they had as a whole, with the help of Lee Canales, the group was formed. The Vanguard is currently working on a genre-bending debut EP. You can catch the Leon_Legacy_Polarity-front-largeVanguard performing at our show the Monday, the keep rocking with them at The Electric Haze Tuesday, May 20th. Rock out with us and this exciting new project as the Vanguard will be double working as guest house band that evening as well!



bunniescuddleBONUS RUCKUS: The Return of the “PROSE CUDDLE” Challenge – Started from the bottom, now you’re here? Well do we have the challenge for you? If you can blaze through bars like sailor on shore leave, then this is for you? Can’t rap, but are known for your insightful compliments? Well this challenge is actually for you as well! Step to the mic and battle with kindness. This is the exact opposite of a rap battle. Instead of rapping, feel free to just talk. Instead of battle, please compliment your opponent to the best of your abilities. Draw the most “awwwwwsssss” from our audience and win a nice prize! “Don’t be nice” actually means “be the nicest”!

savehiphopYou know what’d be nice? If someone wanted to volunteer a snack time! VOID SANSANGE will be rocking the live art work this Monday! YOSH misses CHICKEN (he doesn’t say anything but you can tell) but makes up for it by grilling the best burgers in town! Great show last week! Full open mic list so get down to Ralphs by 8:30pm if you want to get down with us! Hip Hop might not literally get saved, but I bet we’ll get closer than most! We’re hyperbolic like, like, uhm, commercial rap artists! Oooooooh!

Monday April 14th! SARAH SAPIENZA! Plus Iron Poet Qualfier “GIBBS vs. CLAUSS”! Plus special snack!!!

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sapienzaPOETRY FEATURE: SARAH SAPIENZA began writing and performing poetry in high school as a member of the 2002 Brave New Voices and Burlington, Vermont slam teams – the only person to have competed on youth and adult teams in tandem.  In 2004 she was Burlington, Vermont’s Individual World Poetry Slam representative and was a member of the 2011 slam team from Worcester, MA. Sarah has acted as a slam master in Burlington, Vermont and Worcester, MA, as well as hosting and organizing Seattle, Washington’s longest running weekly show, the Seattle Slam.  She thinks that hat looks really great on you.

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER – “GIBBS vs. bobbygibbsDGCLAUSS” This  is gonna be epic! Reigning champ NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS has been wandering around the apartment, hugging his trophy, practising his WWE style rants about holding on to the title forever! Let’s give him a challenge for his first defense! We’re not pulling any punches! This Monday we’re matching up former champ BOBBY GIBBS and New Hampshire hired word mercenary CHRISTOPHER CLAUSS to clash for a chance to take the title from poor Nicky! 3 rounds! 3 poetic concoctions! 3 judges! 3 categories! 1 secret ingredient at the start of the show from our heralded chairman YOSH SHARTIN!

larrywilsonGuest visual artist KARA OBERGFELL! House band headed up by former house band melodica man LARRY WILSON! Super duper special snack will be provided by our feature roommate who happens to be a chef in a local eatery! Expect greatness! This is gonna be one complete show! Please get at us for open mic spots! Get down to Ralph’s by 8:30pm and get down with us!


Monday, April 7th! MUGGS FOGARTY from Providence! Trudel & Farnham on music! PLUS! The “It’s like… a simile” Guess Challenge!

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muggsfogartyPOETRY FEATURE – MUGGS FOGARTY was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island and has been a long time member of the Providence Poetry Slam staff. Performing and writing from a young age, Muggs has presented work in front of audiences large and small, from local punk shows to international poetry festivals. After graduating from The New School with a degree in creative writing/literature, Muggs is now returning to performance. Off-stage, Muggs has been teaching workshops, organizing, and coaching competitive teams since 2011. Muggs’ work can be found in Side B Magazine, 12th Street, 11 and a Half, and Plateau. This is Muggs’ first feature in Worcester! So let’s rock that like Route 146 was paved with lucky!

BONUS RUCKUS – The “It’s totally like a simile & stuff” Guess simileQuiz Show! Due to the overwhelming popularity of the let’s go meta! metaphor challenge, me and Nick are back at it, cooking up brand new original similes (the lazy man’s metaphor) and reading them out loud. Then we will offer 3 possible explanations on what exactly it is we mean by these comparisons! Be one of the first contestants to buzz in and guess correct gets a point. Get three points, and that wins you a cool prize! It’s like… uhm… uhm… a really cool game! D’oh!

dirtygerundapril1KALA FARNHAM and ADAM TRUDEL are back to play music and the role of dyamic musical duo! YOSH SHARTIN asks you all to order your burgers at the same dang time please! Visual Arts and snacks to be had! If you want to paint, find Aaron White on facebook and book a date! If you want to volunteer a snack, let me or Nick know. DIRTYGERUNDSHOW is on twitter! Follow us, I don’t think we’d steer you wrong! Thanks to Freedom Prophecy for rawking us last week for the first time, it won’t be the last! Thanks Gary Hoare for sharing a pick from last Monday’s show! So great. Coulda used a few more poets on the open mic though! Fix that!

Monday March 31st! Cave Canem Fellow KHARY JACKSON from Miinnesta! Plus! Local Music Man JULIUS JONES & The “Almost April Fools” Challenge!

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It’s been a great month in Gerund land, let’s end it with a BOOM!

khaeyjackson2POETRY FEATURE: KHARY JACKSON is a poet, playwright, dancer and musician. He is a Cave Canem Fellow, and thus has further reason to adore black people. He has written 12 plays, one of which (Water) was produced in 2009 at Ink and Pulp Theatre in Chicago. He has been a recipient of several grants, including the 2012 Cultural Community Partnership Grant, 2010 Artist Initiative Grant for Poetry from the Minnesota State Arts Board, and the 2009 VERVE Spoken Word Grant from Intermedia Arts. His first poetry book, Any Psalm You Want, was published with Write Bloody Publishing in the spring of 2013. He’s a little weird, but rest assured, there’s a method to the way he stares into your house. It’s been way too long since he’s been in the area, so we’re super amped to welcome him to the DG for the first time!

BONUS RUCKUS: THE “ALMOST APRIL FOOLS” Challenge – aprilfools Think you know your favorite poet’s work through & through? “Almost April Fools!” Well that’s what we’ll most likely be yelling if you mess up, playing our latest game show, just in time for the not-really-a-holiday-but-we’ll-call-it-one-for-the-sake-of-being-festive-and-stuff. NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS & I will cull the lesser known works of some of the greatest classic and spoken word heroes of written history. We’ll read a few lines, and it’s your job to buzz in “They wrote that!” or “They totally didn’t write that!” First to three wins a frosty prize on us! No fooling! Well, a little bit of fooling! Seriously don’t try to fool us, we’re easily fools. Thanks!

juliusjonesSpeaking of recent ex-gerund house band member news! SHANE HALL is going to Japan! GREG MCKILLOP‘s bus overturned on his way back from West Virginia (he has fine, in fact first thing he did was facebook message that his bus flipped over and he needed someone to replace him on drums at the DG!) All true! No foolin! No pre-fooling, local music man, activist and organic food connector (check our JULIUS JONES will be organizing the house band this week! We’ve had full open mics lately, so swing down early and get your name on the list! We’re trying to start at 8:30, so don’t sleep Worcester! Anyone want to favor us with a fool-proof snack? Visual arts, ruckus, best burgers by YOSH and fun will be had! Thanks to all who ventured out in the cold last monday to rock Nick’s birthday!

Monday! 3/24! Poet SAMANTHA MILOWSKY! Musical Act ANDA VOLLEY! Plus “Nicky’s Birthday Bash-Ful” Challenge

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Only so many shopping days until NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS’ BIRTHDAY!!! Dirty Gerund’s starting the fun early!

milowskyFEATURED POET: SAMANTHA MILOWSKY is the founder and managing editor of Amethyst Arsenic poetry journal. She is one of the founding editors of Best Indie Lit New England. She has organized and led the Small Press Fair for MassPoetry Festival. Super excited to welcome her to our stage! SPECIAL MUSICAL GUEST: ANDA VOLLEY is a singer-songwriter, guitar player, and producer based out of Boston, MA. Her self-produced debut album Inside the Ghost Machine has andavolleybeen noted as having an indie-rock and trip hop vibe and original poetic lyrics. Anda was born in Humboldt County, Northern California. Her first home was a camper hitched to the back of a pickup truck, traveling up and down the Pacific Northwest. She spent much of her childhood on a farm in Oregon, catching lizards and pinning notes to trees.  She could climb any juniper, and kick your ass at tetherball. There’s a bunch of cities and forests she’s called home. check out this incredible video for her single, Laura Inside the Ghost Machine

nickdavisGerundBONUS RUCKUS: NICKY’s BIRTHDAY BASH-FUL Challenge – Has it been another journey around that brighty warmy thingy?  We all know it takes quite a bit to make our stalwart co-host and new IRON POET CHAMPION blush! Been mulling this around to see what we could possibly do to make the big guy awwww shux it! Well how about we take three performers who are willing to step in his writer’s shoes. Bring your favorite Davis poem or pick one from our stack! (we’ll type it up, promise… his handwriting though…) Whoever makes Nicky blush the most wins an all expense paid dinner movie date with the mad hatter himself (not so fine print, movie may comgregMcKillopGerunde from redbox, dinner may involve leftovers).

The incomparable GREG McKILLOP is returning from world domination travels to head up the house band this week! Wooooot! Who’s got the snack? YOSH SHARTIN still likes you! Visual artist TBD or TBA (not sure) there will most likely be cake, there may even be bacon in that cake (there’s precedent!) The last few weeks at the DG has been a dream! New readers! Packed houses! Tons of great energy! I’ve been wearing ties. Come down and get down with us!

Monday, March 17th! Poet / Improv Man PETER STOREY from NYC! Plus IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS! “Charpentier vs. Davis”

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peterstorey2POETRY FEATURE: PETER STOREY has been featured as a “Silver-Tongued Devil” at the Rimes of the Ancient Mariner Poetry Open Mic, the Great Weather for Media Reading Series, and the Bodega Monthly, all in New York City. Originally hailing from Chelmsford, Mass, he’s producing and performing in a combined poetry/improv show at Brit Pack in NYC and Proctor’s Theatre in peterstoreySchenectady, NY, and has produced, hosted, and read at Kafe Bohem’s Monthly in Washington DC. During and after earning his Bachelor’s in English from Umass Amherst, he has lived everywhere from Big Piney, WY to the South Pole. With a list of occupations that includes selling treadmills, driving city buses, fighting wildfire, and teaching the game of chess behind him, Peter has retired to Brooklyn to tell and sell stories. RESPECT THE ICE BEARD!

charpentier-ironpoetBONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH-UP “Charpentier vs Davis?” – man, I couldn’t talk him out of it, your tireless co-host NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS says he only wants in on this because he doesn’t write enough anymore and this would force him to, and I said “take a workshop or something,” and he was all like, “no big deal, I can take her,” at which point I pointed out that Jenith don’t lose at like… anything…” and then he was all like…. So here we are! Nick is the #1(?) contender. He will challenge champion JENITH CHARPENTIEbellemerR to three rounds of poetic cookery, including haiku, short poem and incorporation, all swirling around one diabolical secret ingredient from our chairman YOSH SHARTIN!

This week’s house band is going to be fronted by the amazingly talented harmonica man JEFF BELLEMER! Visual arts by SABRINA SONI! If someone would like to volunteer a snack, get at us before Monday Afternoon and all our arts dreams will come true for the week! Want to invite your friends via FACEBOOK! help us help them help us make this an amazing night! no, really, help us. we got other things going on…. (sigh)

Monday March 10th! Miss DG, JENITH CHARPENTIER at last! Plus! Music Man ZACK SLIK! Plus the RECIPE SLOP SWAP Challenge!

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jenithPOETRY FEATURE: JENITH CHARPENTIER is the Dirty Gerund’s current Iron Poet Champion and Miss Dirty Gerund.  She also represented Worcester’s Poets Asylum at the 2012 Individual World Poetry Slam and as a member of the 2013 National Poetry Slam Team.  Jenith’s poetry appears in several publications including OVS, Mas Tequila Review, The Orange Room Review, Worcester Magazine, Tipton Poetry Journal, and the anthology Knocking at the Door. She is the author of two chapbooks, Bending the Water Between Us (2011) and Bad at Gravity (2013).  Jenith is the editor and publisher of Ballard Street Poetry Journal ( and will be travelling to the 2014 Women of the World Poetry Slam to compete as a storm poet.  More information about her work can be found at

BONUS RUCKUS: The “DAMN THAT’S GOOD SLOP, recipeRECIPE SWAP! Writing Challenge! Now that Nick and I are house mates again, we’ve gotten back to our culinary roots and have been swapping recipes. “You see Alex, where you’re using vegetables here, I’d use bacon!” (Thanks Nick!) We found some really fun old-school recipe trading cards from 1973 Curtin Publications. Here’s the deal! At the beginning of the show, you choose a card. Your mission? Write an original short poem inspired by your dish, using a few of the ingredients listed! Best written & performed poem gets a delicious prize!

zackslikHOUSE BAND & SPECIAL MUSICAL GUEST – ZACK SLIK Back-porch style Old-time music, played on banjo mandolin guitar and harmonica. Music to get your heart beatin’, feet stompin, and dancing to. Born and raised in rural Worcester County, Zack brings you good old time hoe down music. Comfortable performing in a bar or on your back porch Zack plays mandolin, 5-string banjo, harmonica, and guitar with a few other tools of the trade thrown into the mix at times. Sticking close to tradition, Zack cultivates old tunes adding his own arrangements to some well seasoned classics as well as performing original material hand carved from the same tree. It is music set to get your feet a tappin’, your smile wide and your mind in another place in time. Check him out HERE!

Who’s got the snacks? Who’s got the visual arts? Who’s got the auction arts money? Who’s got some open mic poems! We’ve got the place! Join us!

Monday March 3rd! MATTHEW WELLMAN from Portland, Maine! Plus! Meta-What Guess Game Show!

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wellmanPOETRY FEATURE: MATTHEW WELLMAN is an artist, musician, and performance poet living in Portland, ME. His most recent project is a performance art/poetry/music project called Information Concentrate dealing with technology and the human condition. He is a member of the inaugural 2013 Rythmic Cypher (Portland, ME) Poetry Slam Team and is the first-ever Rhythmic Cypher Individual World Poetry Slam Representative for 2013. He toured his way to Spokane Washington last October to compete against the best performance poets in the land. This will be his first time featuring in Worcester, and we’re excited to bring this new voice to our stage!

BONUS RUCKUS: The “Meta-what?” Guess Quiz Show metaphorGame Show Challenge! Here’s something new. We support metaphors, even if we don’t always understand entirely what they mean. We go for life’s mysteries and burgers and sometimes both! So here’s the deal. NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS & I will spend the better part of 14 minutes digging deep into our souls and pulling out metaphors that best encapsulate our endless feelings and thoughts on this beautiful space we all share. Your job? Is to dig deep inside your clever, curious minds and excavate the literal meaning of what we just said. They say it’s open to interpretation, yadda yadda yadda, but whoever answers best will win frosty prize on us!

twitterJEN COLE is slated to rock some visual arts this week! ADAM TRUDEL and KALA FARNHAM made beautiful music when they visited the Gerund a few weeks ago. We were so impressed by their musical backing chops, we asked them back! If you just can’t wait, check out KALA ‘s website and get hip to some beautiful songs! Does anyone have a snack for us this Monday? Hit us up on the facebooks! Follow us on TWITTER! We had a brilliant show last week and I’ve never been so sorry to have missed anything! If you really really can’t wait for all this artistic wonderment! You can rock out to the guitar stylings of ADAM TRUDEL right down….. there!

Monday! Feb 25th! Worcester Book Release for RYK McINTYRE! Plus “Franken-Poem” Challenge!

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RykMcIntyre1POETRY FEATURE: RYK McINTYRE has been a legendary presence on the New England poetry scene for decades. Which is to say, he is rarely photographed and not everyone is convinced he really exists. He’s represented poetry slam teams from Worcester, Providence and Boston at the National Poetry Slam. He has toured extensively around the continental United States and Canada, appearing on stages as varied as NYC’s New School, Portsmouth NH’s Music Hall, Lollapalooza and the very first “Legends of The Slam” Showcase, at the National Poetry Slam in 2006 in Austin, TX. therykHe has also appeared at countless poetry venues, festivals and house parties. You’d think some of those people would have had cameras. He has been published widely, most notably, in The Worcester Review, Off the Coast, Short Fuse- An Anthology of New Fusion Poets, and Aim for the Head – An Anthology of Zombie Poetry. Ryk’s making a return visit to the Gerund in support of his brand new full length book, “After Everything Burns,” released last year on Sargent Press! One of our favorites!!!

bride_of_frankenstein_by_niafarrell-d5j8u11BONUS RUCKUS: “Bride of Franken-Poem” Performance Challenge is back for a return engagement, perhaps a partially inspired by our feature’s history of monster poems, host NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS will play Doctor God, by bringing numerous fragments of poems, song lyrics, prose, etc to the show. Your job? Slap your hand into a hat (or bag? box? i don’t know) and select a few snippets that you will then “frankenstein” together into some sort of coherent piece, which you will take the stage to perform like it’s your own poem! Crowd fav will take home a cash prize!!!

Frankensein would consider himself SUPER LUCKY to find himself zajonat the altar with NICOLE ZAJON who has saved you all from a rice cake alert, by offering to bring a snack this monday! We are excited to welcome JEN MacPHERSON (sister of good DG Buddy and local poet Dave Mac) to our stage this week as band leader! Be there by 8:29pm to assure yourself an open mic spot! Dang, I have to fly to California for a conference on Monday and I’m super sad to be missing this… but that’s what I’ll do, help book a great show for ya’ll while I’m gone, so I can come back and hear you all say, “Dude! you totally missed it!” Yup, that’ll make this old man smile!

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