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Monday! Jan 26th! JASON CARNEY from Dallas! Plus the (yup) TEXAS HOLD’EM WRITING CHALLENGE!

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POETRY FEATURE: JASON CARNEY is a performance poet from carneyDallas, Texas, is a four-time National Poetry Slam Finalist, honored as a Legend of the Slam in 2007. He appeared on three seasons of the HBO television series Russell Simmons’ Def Poets. Jason has performed and lectured at some of our nation’s finest colleges and universities as well as high schools and juvenile detention centers from California to Maine. A graduate of Wilkes University MFA Program for Creative Writing, where he was an honored winner of the Etruscan Prize, the Bergman Foundation Scholarship, and the Norris Church-Mailer Scholarship. He is Co-founder and Artistic Director of the non-profit Young DFW Writers.

BONUS RUCKUS: The first ever (as far as we know…) TEXAS HOLD’EM pokerWRITING CHALLENGE: I was going to say we had to, but we didn’t we’re just quirky and tongue in cheeky. In honor of our featured guest, we’ve created a new challenge for you all, based on this popular game! Here’s the deal. (ha! I just got that!) Bring something to write on. We’ll give you 3 prompts (could be lines, photos, items) all contestants must use these three prompts in some way in their short poem. Each competitor will then get two additional prompts that are unique to them. Who ever’s got the best hand at the end get’s a prize and the designation of word slinger! These stakes might get high!

EVAN LUDDY returns as guest visual artist. (He’s the dude who mangles gonzowire into amazing sculptures!) MATT & THE BASTARDS are a power trio again and have promised to not break any more equipment for a while ;) THANKS TO GONZO for lording over the hot sauce challenge last week! SUPPORT HIM with his KICKSTARTER to make Worcester the center of condiment flavor town once again! We’ve had so many great shows recently! We’re super excited to welcome our third out of towner this week! Let’s rock this proper people!


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2015 has been a dream team of intense awesomeness! Ready for more?

POETRY FEATURE: a food service consultant by day, adriennenadeauADRIENNE NADEAU has spent the last decade spending her nights performing poetry at coffee shops, bars, bookstores, and street corners around the world. Since       arriving in Chicago, Adrienne has served as  co-­slam master    for Lethal Poetry, marketing director for Chicago Slam    Works and has represented Chicago at the National Poetry     Slam with Mental Graffiti (2011) and Lethal Poetry (2013).      She has also competed at regional competitions such as       Southern  Fried, Great Plains Poetry Pile Up and Art on  Art: Ekphrastic Poetry Slam. She’s released the chapbook     “Haters on the Train Won’t Stop Me from Wearing Mini       
Dresses & Listening  to Trap Music” in  January, 2015.

BONUS RUCKUS: The return of the HOLY HOT SAUCE SONNET CHALLENGE – A classic, original Dirty Gerund Game! Local emporium master, musician and man about town J STUART ETSY is re-igniting his gonzo condiment business through crowd sourcing and dang it, we’re psyched and gonna support this man’s efforts! Check out his KICKSTARTER PROJECT and support original, local, expectation crushing, cosmically culinary enhancing condiment-making in our soon to be not as bland city! Here’s the deal. We’ll bring thwiggum-burninge Shakespeare Sonnets. Your job, down a heavy shot of Stu’s “King’s Men” Hot Sauce (starring Habanero) and spit those stanzas like your mouth’s on fire, oh wait, it is! Keep your cool the best and win prizes!We’ll see if we can tone it down and get Stu to work with us on snack time as well!

And if that wasn’t enough! RAINY MAPLE SUGAR 20120507-_DSC1199CANDY is our guest visual (and sensory) artist, she’s rocking the corner this Monday, crocheting winter hats just in time for the months ahead! BASTARDS HOUSE BAND may need a kickstarter soon to buy themselves some new equipment (they keep getting all crazy punk rock at show’s end!) NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is literally bursting over the quantity and quality of our open mics lately! New readers, songsters, yucksters and mirth makers have made 2015 worth the trouble so far! At least YOSH & MIKEY think so! We don’t know everything you like, but goddamn it, we’re gonna keep throwing things at you this year and seeing what sticks!

Monday Jan 12th! 2014 NPS Champ PAGES MATAM from DC! Plus! The “Drunk Text or Poem” Challenge!

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January’s gotten off to a tremendous start! Worcester! So excited! The rest of the month, we’re featuring Nationally Renowned Performance Poets on tour! starting with…

pagesmatamPOETRY FEATURE: PAGES MATAM is a multidimensional national touring artist, residing in the D.C. metropolitan area, but originally from Cameroon, Africa. He is a Write Bloody author, playwright, and award winning slam poet with passions in the field of education, violence and abuse trauma work, and youth advocacy. Along with his greatest accomplishment, being a fpagesmatambookather, he is also a proud gummy bear elitist, bowtie enthusiast, professional hugger and anime fanatic. When he takes stage – as a performer, educator, or host – be prepared to be taken on an experience of cultural, socially conscious, and personal discovery unapologetic in its silly yet visceral and beautifully honest in its storytelling.

BONUS RUCKUS: The Return of the “Drunk Text? or Poem?” Guess Challenge! You all made good decisions on New Years Eve yes? Maybe? Don’t remember? Well, check drunk_texting.jpgthe evidence! Sometimes we find all the answers we need in archived text messages. Sometimes the wisdom of the ages gets dropped next to emoticons! Can you tell the difference between a good unfortunate text send to an ex at 3am or the best poetry of our age? Well here’s your chance to prove it. Host NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS will deliver the line, you buzz in and guess. Guess correct and win a point. Get three points and you win a beverage on us! That’s always a great decision!

ralphsdinerExpect visual arts! Expect snacks! Expect house band rocking out all night! Expect new voices on the open mic! Expect the best burgers in town provided by YOSH & MIKEY! Expect the best dang show Central Mass has to offer every Monday night in the coming year! The holidays are over.

Let’s get to work!

Monday Jan 5th! ERIK ANDRADE from New Bedford! Plus! IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIP! “Gibbs vs. Maple Sugar Candy”

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The last couple weeks have been AMAZING, packed houses, full open mics, great features! We’re not slowing down in 2015! We’re just getting louder!

POETRY FEATURE: ERIK ANDRADE is a Cape Verdeanandrade and Irish American artist from Providence, Rhode Island now living in New Bedford, Massachusetts. A renaissance man, Erik is a published poet, spoken word performance poet, event & conference planner, web developer, fashion designer, online radio host and personality, radio disc jockey, videographer & editor, graphic designer, motivational & andrade2keynote speaker, social entrepreneur, non-profit program manager, community organizer, social justice & civil rights activist, community service project planner, feature film associate producer, poetry script writer, voice actor, creative advisor, small business owner, and the founding member of La Soul Renaissance.

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS dgtrophy“GIBBS vs. MAPLE SUGAR CANDY” – First title defence for our new (and old school) Champio, ROBERT BLACKWELL GIBBS. It won’t be an easy one, as one of the Gerund’s freshest new voices, stakes her claim in Iron Poet Legend, RAINY MAPLE SUGAR CANDY has her eyes on that trophy! 3 rounds, 3 original concoctions, three judges scoring 1 through 10 on 3 criteria and of course, one diabolical secret ingredient from Chairman YOSH SHARTIN.

sevenhills-johnsonThanks to RAINY for filling in on drums this week! Think the BASTARDS house band will all be reunited on Monday, expect tunes and dancing! Looks like we have an snack lined up as well from new friend CORIN, so Ms. EMILEE get’s a well deserved week off from the brilliance! Please arrive by 8:30 to guarantee an open mic slot. We try our best to get everyone on the mic, while trying to stay mindful of the time! Also, don’t MISS SEVEN HILLS SLAM this SUNDAY with the amazing JANAE JOHNSON from BOSTON!  you’re now linked to the info!

Monday! Dec 29th! 508 Slam Legend BILL MacMILLAN! Plus! New Resolution Haik-lu Guess Challenge!

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If you only go to one Gerund this year….. (hee hee…)

billmacmillanPOETRY FEATURE: REV. BILL MacMILLAN is primarily responsible for god-fathering performance poetry in this town! Fact. Co-Founder of Worcester’s Poets Asylum, Bill played a major factor in putting Worcester on the map. Directing the 2000 National Poetry Slam in Providence and the 2005 Indie World Poetry Slam in Worcester, Bill ensured national level attention to our region. Former punk rocker, current armor re-furbisher with WAM, painter, trophy maker, family man billmacmillan2and lest we forget, a damn fine writer who’s won the National Poetry Slam (1996) and represented Worcester numerous times in National Competitions. Bill’s celebrating a birthday this week and has chosen our show to retire and scrap all the art he’s ever made up until this point. We are honored, so honored in fact that we haven’t booked a visual artist this week, so that all them auction dollars can be spent on the art work he’s bringing us, plus two sets of career defining iconic poems born in this city he loves so much! Be there!

BONUS RUCKUS: The New “New Year’s Resolution, drunknewyearsHai-klue Guess Challenge!” Let’s make good decisions and of course end 2014 proper as your indefatiguable co-hosts write original hai-klues describing resolutions we have absolutely no intention of keeping. But that doesn’t mean you won’t! Buzz in and guess correct three times and win a frothy, ice cold prize on us! House band BASTARDS get classier this week as drummer ALEX THORSEN steps out for a non-gerund gig. Have no fear, RAINY MAPLE SUGAR CANDY is stepping in and will snare her way into our hearts this week! YOSH & MIKEY aren’t Santa, but they’ll make you feel enchanted as they treat you to the best in burgers and drinks. Got hosed on your holiday wish list? You were probably bad, but the Dirty Gerund treats you to the finest in Ruckus every damn week! Huzzah!

Monday Dec 22nd! ALEX owns 40! w/ Special Guest BRIAN ELLIS! PLUS “New Duet” Challenge?! $50 Cash Prize!

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AlexGerundMaskSo much amazing last week! Dirty Gerund nears the end of another year! Organizer and co-host ALEX CHARALAMBIDES is celebrating his 40th Birthday this week by writing about himself in the 3rd person, leveraging his party to support the show and generally pulling out as many stops as he can to make it more than a memorable monday night art party! In lieu of presents, please drag a friend to this show to make it all the more epic!

SPECIAL GUEST FEATURE: – BRIAN S. ELLIS (photo Brian_Ellis_by_Richard_Beaubienby Rich Beaubien) is a writer born in New Hampshire and raised on Cape Cod who became a poet while attending a weekly open mic at the Cantab Lounge. He is the author of three collections of poetry: Uncontrolled Experiments in Freedom, Yesterday Won’t Goodbye (Both on Write Bloody Press), and American Dust Revisited. (on University of Hell Press). He currently lives in Portland, Oregon. Brian is one of Alex’s favorite poets and he called in the “I’ll owe you a huge favor” if you take a moment from your holiday visit back to Massachusetts from Oregon trip to feature at his show. It worked. You gotta respect the hustle!

duet-catsBONUS RUCKUS: The overdue, let’s do this so we don’t have to reschedule again!

ORIGINAL DUET POEM” Performance Challenge! We’ve been trying to get this off the ground, offering $50 to the team of 2 poets that can put together an original poem alex&nick-providenceand rock it on our stage! We have 1 and a half teams at the moment. We need three to make this worthwhile. Write a poem with someone else damn it! Get outta your won head for once! Maybe twice! Please hit us up on Facebook and RSVP by Saturday, or else we’ll have to cancel and think of some other challenge, you know we hate thinking!

soranaDGartSORANA GATEJ (first DG painting she ever did pictured to the left) has agreed to paint for us this Monday! (another in a long line of strings pulled by us!) bring them auction dollars cause you’re gonna have to outbid the host! DG House band MATT & THE BASTARDS welcome back CODY to make them officially the BASTARDS once again! (Feels like summer)!  YOSH & MIKEY are all about special orders and making money by making you happy! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is writing a tribute sonnet to me (or watching netflix, it’s hard to tell!) Alex thinks your mid-life crisis is kinda weak! Watch how it’s done this MONDAY!!!!

MONDAY Dec 15th! Columbus OHIO’s HANIF ABDURRAQIB! PLUS! “Erase YA! Poem” Challenge! PLUS PLUS! Closing NERDCORE RAP Party! also: RICE CAKE ALERT!

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hanifHANIF WILLIS-ABDURRAQIB is a poet, writer, and dessert enthusiast from Columbus, Ohio. He is the author of Sons Of Noah, a chapbook forthcoming from Tired Hearts Press, and is the editor of Again I Wait For This To Pull Apart, an anthology of poems relating to music forthcoming from Freezeray Press in 2015. His work has been published in Radius, Stirring, Muzzle, Vinyl, joINT, Borderline, and various other journals. He has been nominated for a pushcart prize, and his poem “Hestia” won the 2014 Capital University poetry prize. As an organizer, he is the founder of Pen and Palette Poetry, a five-year running open mic in Columbus that aims to introduce an exciting and inspiring space for both new writers and experienced writers. Also equipped as a teaching artist, he has conducted workshops and given readings across the country, from coffee shops, to colleges. Believing that great art works on both the page and the stage, he ochanif2cassionaly dabbles in the art of poetry slam, placing 4th overall at the 2014 Individual World Poetry Slam. He is a poetry reader for Muzzle Magazine and an interviewer for Union Station MagazineHe thinks poems can change the world, but really wants to talk to you about music, sports, and sneakers.

erasureBONUS RUCKUS: The “ERASE YA” Poem Challenge! Sometimes called “erasure” poems (but we got an accent, wikid!) Less is more sometimes (pro tip, don’t yell that to people at the beach). We thought we’d check this idea out poetically this Monday. The challenge. NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS will give competitors copies of classic poems, or passages from novels, or recipes? at the start of the show. Your job? Whittle it down, take out words, make that shit better without adding your dang words to it! Got it? Cool. Perform that poem at half time and win a frothy prize on us! When it comes to prizes, more is always better!

thoughtcriminalsBONUS BONUS RUCKUS: We don’t usually have special musical guests at the Gerund anymore. But this Monday, our pal DANNY FANTOM had the hook up and we’re some accommodating folks so! Closing the show out with MEMBERS OF THE THOUGHTCRIMINALS, MIKAL KHILL AND SULFUR – North Carolina’s finest nerdcore rap phenoms are on tour, doing an earlier set elsewhere in the city (don’t look it up) cause they’re dropping by towards the end of the night, to take our show out proper!

Can we pack more awesome into this? Sure! Visual Artist ricecakeEVEN LUNDY might just twist some metal into something you can’t not bid on! OFFICIAL RICE CAKE ALERT! If nobody gets at us to offer up a snack time by Sunday Afternoon, it will be RICE CAKES FOR ALL! We can’t ask EMILEE MORREALE to make the noms ALL THE TIME! MATT & THE BASTARDS have promised to all wake up by 9pm this Monday! YOSH & MIKEY shake their heads while making the best burgers and drinks around! ONE WEEK SHOPPING TIME UNTIL ALEX’S BIRTHDAY! Just sayin!

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