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Monday Nov 23! give thanks for DMC’s EIREAN BRADLEY! Plus! “Poetry Turducken” Stuffing Challenge!

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POETRY FEATURE: EIREAN BRADLEY is a two-time National Poetryeirean Slam Finalist (and nine-time competitor) who is good at yelling at strangers in ways that get him applauded and not arrested. He believes that poetry should be done like everything else: loudly and unapologetically. He performed his poetry in all of the lower forty-eight states. He is a multiple time pushcart prize nominee, the poetry curator at Drunk in a Midnight Choir, and the author of two full-length books on University of Hell Press. He’s crossed our path before, but he is currently living in Worcester (checking out the scene on some potential Northeast relocation) after having been a key poetry slam & community organizer in Denver, Portland and Arizona, he’s checking us out! Let’s welcome him!

BONUS RUCKUS: First evah “POETRY TURDUCKEN” stuffing turduckenchallenge! This is gonna get kinda weird maybe! Whether you celebrate the upcoming turkey day or not, you can still get in on this new challenge that we cooked up. Nothing says American gluttonous ingenuity like the Turducken (shoving birds in birds in birds)! We thought we’d model a literary stuffing challenge. We will bring tons of poems of different lengths. Your job? Take three, stuff them into each other, and present them until the audience needs a nap. Winner gets a tasty prize!

Congrats on our friends who committed themselves to political and community action this week! We see u! Word has  is JOSEF MOGUL will be rolling some sushi for snack time this week! House band activate! Visual artist will be found an announced on FB! By the way, like is on Facebook. We’d like, LIKE that, you know? YOSH & MICKEY know!

Monday! Nov 16th! ETHAN SMITH from Boston! Plus IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS!

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POETRY FEATURE: ETHAN WALKER SMITH is a performance poet ethansmithand LGBT advocate, currently performing, teaching youth writers at the 826 Boston Writer’s Room, and working in Public Affairs at Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders in Boston, MA. Most recently, Ethan recorded in Los Angeles, California for Season 5 of Lexus Verses and Flow, released in Fall of 2015. His piece “A Letter to the Girl I Used to Be” filmed for a studio audience aired on the show, as well as a recording for the web show of his piece “Trans Incarceration”. “A Letter to the Girl I Used to Be” was also featured in the ‘Best of the Rest’ Showcase on Finals Stage at CUPSI 2014, and a ethan smith 2video of the piece released by Button Poetry in Spring 2014 has gone on to be shared by George Takei, and featured on websites such as The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Upworthy, among others. He is most passionate about bringing young and fresh voices to the stage in this whirlwind world of performance poetry that he has grown to love. He believes in the transformative power of art above all else and hopes as a community we someday get to put a mic in front of any young person who wants to speak.

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET CHAMPIONSHIPS: “MAPLE CANDYrainy vs. SCHLITZMAN!” This one’s gonna burn some barns, as my pappi used to say. Defending champion RAINY MAPLE SUGAR CANDY is facing perhaps her most daunting challenge yet, as defender of the esoteric classes MALT SCHLITZMAN brings his high flying snark to our stage in an attempt to grab the title! You know the deal (well most of you) these two poets get an hour to turn YOSH SHARTIN‘s secret ingredient into three poetic dishes, haiku, short poem and incorporation. We select 3 judges to blurt out scores in the realms of taste, presentation and use of the secret ingredient! Top scoring poet gets to hold the trophy up in glory!

LIZ SOUSA is coming back to rock some art this Monday! She likes owls! nickgerundSnacks will be provided by a volunteer this week! New friend and gerund enthusiast DAMIEN DUFFY will be baking up a storm! HOUSE BAND is open to new name suggestions! YOSH & MIKEY prefer to shake you instead of martini’s! We’ve been on an excellent clip of audience participation and full open mic lists, get there by 8:30pm to assure yourself a spot! Other than that, what else do we have to say?

Monday! Nov 9th! CHANEL DUPREE from NYC! Plus Return of the “Prompt & Circumstance” Writing Challenge!

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Amazing show last week! Thanks! Ya’ll might not remember but we got knocked out by blizzards three weeks in a row last Winter. We managed to bring back 2 phenomenal poetry features since then. This Monday, we bring back the third word-slinger who we missed!

POETRY FEATURE: CHANEL DUPREE is a 21 year old spoken word poet artist who has been writing for ten years. Chanel was the only woman on the 2014 LouderARTS poetry slam team that advances to semi-finals at the National Poetry Slam in Oakland, California. Chanel Dupree was asked to perform on final stage. She’s featured at Yale University’s Global Health Conference, United Nations; promoting women’s advocacy and youth employment. Chanel has also been featured on “At the Inkwell” as one of their inspiring up and coming writers. Chanel’s writing style is one of storytelling and redemption. Spilling everything on the page, showing how being human is a beautiful battle.

BONUS RUCKUS: The Return of the “PROMPT & CIRCUMSTANCE dg2CHALLENGE” – this is a new favorite and we’re not going to wait another year to bring it back! On the spot writing challenge where we provide the prompt…. and a writing surface that presents competitors with quite the circumstance. Host NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is quite taken with whimsical ephemera… and recycling! He’s headed to yard sales and recycling centers, mapping the globe for rad items which our intrepid participants will have to write about… and write on! Last time, we had a construction hard hat, coffee pot and straw hat! What’ll it be this time. Gerunder who grabs our attention, best encapsulates their item and manages to read their sharpie writing on those weird curves will win! The prompt had a tie breaker last time, we ran outta items, so our finalists wrote on Nick-knack Davis himself!!!!

HOUSE BAND RUCKUS activate! Thanks to FBW friends for coming out dg1in full force to support the show this past monday! Let’s return the synergy and attend their last event of the year this Saturday’s November to Dismember! Visual artist TBA! YOSH and MIKEY can’t wait to serve you with either food and drinks… or sick dance moves! Fast recovery to EMILEE MORREALE who still dropped off a dope snack, even though she didn’t feel well enough to stick around for the show! Commitment! We’ll hopefully enjoy her shiney shine this Monday! Running out of things to say, except that we’re having the best year evah and need you to continue bringing the best! By the way, this is what art winning looks like! Raise your hands!


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So excited!

POETRY FEATURE: RACHEL CALLEJA and LORIN ELIZABETH are twoaussie1 restless, award- winning Australian spoken word poets, who have spent the last four years founding two successful poetry slams and performing in countless events and festivals across Australia. This Nov/Dec, they are combining forces and heading across the USA on their Finding Crossroads tour to share words, swap rhythms, change tires and recite each other’s poems by heart. LORIN is an imperfect rhyme from Wollongong, celebrating the release of her first EP, Poems. She has spent 2015 living in Brooklyn, NY, performing at events like WOWps in Albuquerque, NM, opening for Candy Royalle’s Butch Priestess International Tour and trying to keep her pothos plant Tiffani alive. RACHEL is a aussie2bare‐souled wanderer from the suburbs of Sydney, a Nimbin World Cup finalist, feature poet for the Swedish Slam Finals and a collector of foreign phrases and footprints. She spent this year living out of a suitcase, using her storytelling skills to teach young travelers about culture and history,in a series of whirlwind trips around Europe. The Finding Crossroads tour is a celebration of spontaneity, of bare feet on rough ground, of changing direction mid‐sentence. Half spoken word, half adventure, Rachel and Lorin both perform with a raw vulnerability and emphasis on storytelling. They tackle topics like feminism, politics, love, travel and food. Their show will be the riveting and confronting experience of two poets giving their absolute all.

BONUS RUCKUS: FBW vs. DG writing challenge! In an effort to fbwsupport synergy at Ralph’s Diner, we’ve invited our good friends from the Federation of Belligerent Writers to infiltrate, I mean, host our Bonus Ruckus this week! To promote their final show of the season Nov 7th’s, November to Dismember, they’re enlisting two of their top masked villains to challenge two of our best open mic writers to….(wait for it)… a writing challenge! One DG participant will defend home court vs. an FBW participant in a short, timed, prompted writing challenge in each round. Winner of each round, go again, and will receive a handsome prize and all sorts of glory. This will be marvelous, I’m sure!

BONUS RUCKUS PART II: HALLOWEEN open mic challenge! NICHOLAS EARL DAVIS is putting down a That’s Entertainment Gift costumeCard down for the open mic-er who comes in costume and delivers a performance that best employs their costume! Special secret judge will decide who does best!

AARON WHITE is the only artist we know who can bring the visual arts on this night! Bring auction dollars! Big thanks to JASPER BLISS for saving us from rice cake hell! Expect EMILEE to be back at the snack game! Costumes are not required but strongly encouraged this Monday! We’ll see if we have our full band in tow this Monday! Who would you rather spend the holidaze with? PLEASE… re-think costumes that culturally appropriate or are flat out racist, if you think it “might” be, then it probably is.



Monday 10/26 DG welcomes indie hip-hoppers MILO & AL SAFARI! Plus! Return of the “PROSE CUDDLE” Nice Challenge! ***RICE CAKE ALERT***

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After a few weeks of some hard hitting poetry from some of the best in the biz, Dirty Gerund is switching gears and looking to jump this Monday!

SPECIAL GUEST FEATURE(S): rory ferreira aka MILO aka scallops milohotel is a 23 year old rapper based in Milwaukee, WI. After a few EPs and mixtapes, a 20-year old milo was picked up by the like-minded Hellfyre Club as the youngest addition to an already impressive roster boasting L.A. rap mainstays such as Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle, and label founder Nocando. His first EP with Hellfyre in early 2013, things that happen at day/things that happen at night reached Number One on Bandcamp. Since then, the young rapper has been able to ride that success with late 2013’s cavalcade (comprised largely of America samples) to achieve a dedicated fanbase. Joining him on tour is AL SAFARI another journeyman rapper from Milwaukee.  check out for a sneak listen peak.

BONUS RUCKUS: Return of the “PROSE CUDDLE” Be Nice CHALLENGE! What can we say. We like this one. You all know about rap cuddlebattles right? Given a finite amount of time and a beat, provided by a DJ, you’re objective is to verbally eviscerate your opponent, compelling the audience to wince in pain at the severity with which your skills skewer. We just don’t have the killer instinct (or emcee bars) needed to produce a proper battle, so we choose to flip it and reverse everything about this game. Contestants will get a minute with a backing band to be AS NICE AS POSSIBLE to your opponent, killing with kindness. Also, who’s got time (and/or talent) to put that to rhymes? Bring your best poetic prose, metaphors and imagery that will make the audience go “awwwwww” like it’s raining sniffling baby seals! Best of the best will get a nice prize!

RICE CAKE ALERT! RICE CAKE ALERT! We love EMILEE’s snacks, but this is a community doggonit! Someone’s gotta come through with a bite 7hillssize snack of art for all. You have until Sunday afternoon to reach EMILEE on her FACEBOOK PAGE (send a message) and volunteer, or it’s the dreaded generic, salt-less rice cake party for all of you’s. Visual artist TBA (my favorite!) Sunday November 1st, join us at SEVEN HILLS SLAM for the last qualifier before winter semi’s and rock out to poetry from DG favorite and current national poetry slam champion ERICH HAYGUN! Don’t sleep! YOSH & MIKEY got what you need in the front diner car every monday (as long as what you need is drinks or burgers)! Until then, floss!


Monday, Oct. 19! RACHEL McKIBBENS returns! Plus IRON POET QUALIFIER!

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POETRY FEATURE: Poet, activist, playwright and essayist RACHEL rachel1McKIBBENS is the author of the poetry collections Into the Dark and Emptying Field (2013) and Pink Elephant (2009). The Rumpus wrote of Pink Elephant, “McKibbens awakens and haunts with selfless honesty.” Her poems, short stories, essays and creative non-fiction have been featured in numerous journals and blogs, including Her Kind, The Los Angeles Review, The Best American Poetry Blog, The Nervous Breakdown, The Rumpus, The London Magazine, The Acentos Review, World Literature Today, Radius, and The American Poetry Journal. McKibbens is a well-known member of the poetry slam community: she is a nine-time National Poetry Slam team member, has appeared on eight NPS final stages, and coached the New York louderARTS poetry slam team to three consecutive final stage appearances, was the 2009 Women of the World Poetry Slam champion and the 2011 National Underground Poetry Slam individual champion. McKibbens appeared on two seasons of Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry Jam and ra chel2was featured in the poetry slam documentary Slam Planet in 2006 at SXSW. In 2011, McKibbens was commissioned by The Getty Center in Los Angeles to write and perform an ekphrastic poem for their multi-media poetry event Dark Blushing. For four years McKibbens taught poetry through the Healing Arts Program at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan and continues to teach poetry and creative writing and give lectures across the country as an advocate for mental illness, gender-equality, and victims of violence and domestic abuse. A poetry fellow for the New York Foundation, she lives with her family in upstate New York, where she teaches poetry and co-curates the monthly reading series Poetry & Pie Night.

BONUS RUCKUS: IRON POET QUALIFIER – “ARNELL vs. SCHLITZMAN” It’s time to find out who gets the next shot at RAINY MAPLE‘s Iron Poet Trophy! Current Miss DG CATHERINE ARNELL has thrown her hat in the ring. Returning for another title shot is the dg1irrepressible MALT SCLITZMAN. 3 poetic concoctions, 3 judges, 3 criteria for points, two worthy competitors, plus one diabolical secret ingredient from our chairman YOSH SHARTIN! New friend, JOSEF MOGEL will be rocking the visual arts! EMILEE? can we have some sort of pie snack to honor our special guest? House band was all together and rocking with RACHEL KANN last week! What a great show! Cool open mic! All around art victories! Things are getting crisp! Join us this Monday!


Monday Oct. 12th! RACHEL KANN from Los Angeles! Plus! The “Return of the FrankenPoem” Challenge

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Since last night’s was soooo amazing! I just couldn’t wait to get into next week, cause it’s gonna be just as amazing!

POETRY FEATURE: TEDx Poet RACHEL KANN is a modern-day mystic: irreverently reverent and exuberantly human. Her most recent work,The Upward Spiral, (a spoken word album with ambient electronica music,) is a collaboration with music producer Jaz 1 on the M87 record label. She’s a kannWrite Club Los Angeles champ and resident writer for Hevria. Her poetry has been featured on Morning Becomes Eclectic on NPR and as The Weather on the podcast phenomenon, Welcome to Night Vale. Her poetry and short story collection, 10 For Everything, is available from Orange Ocean Press. Her writing (poetry and fiction) also appears in journals such as Eclipse, Permafrost, Coe Review, Sou’wester, GW Review, Quiddity, and Lalitamba. You can find her work in anthologies including A Poet’s Haggadah, Word Warriors from Seal upwardspiralPress, His Rib from Penmanship Press, and Knocking at the Door from Birch Bench Press. She has three albums, The Upward Spiral, Ptolemaic Complex and Word to the WHY?S, and collaborates with producers such as Jaz 1, End.User, Tack-Fu, and conductor/composer Gee Gee Gallegos.Rachel was invited to perform her poetry at TEDx UCLA and in Flight 18 (where she was the DJ and Dance Captain as well) at 3LD Technology in New York City. She teaches poetry and fiction workshops through the Writers’ Program at UCLA Extension.

BONUS RUCKUS: “THE RETURN OF THE FRANKENPOEM CHALLENGE!” One of Nick’s favorites and just in time for the spooky season, Nick’s bringing the bare bones (snippets from poems, songs, how to manuals, whatever he can get his diabolical mitts on. He will give them to competitors who’s job it will be to stitch them together into a piece that’s readable and hopefully sensical. Winner gets a frothy prize on us! GUEST gatejVISUAL ARTIST SORANA GATEJ is a Dirty Gerund legend and always bring the work that people want to bid on. Bring cash! (as you can tell from this photo, I dig her work!) NEW DRUMMER TRYOUTS will be held at the VFW hall tomorrow morning at 9am. Bring your own kit and some enthusiasm, and coffee. (just kidding THORSEN, can’t wait to welcome you back this week)! How’s EMILEE gonna top that chowder snack time though? YOSH and MIKEY are dying to find out! And last but not least, if you’re into poetry, movies and VinCo bars, check out RABBIT HEART POETRY FESTIVAL THIS WEEKEND, Saturday & Sunday at Nick’s on Millbury. Tix and times on their site! We’ll be there, sneaking in popcorn and talking through the opening trailers? No trailers? Dang!


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